Travel Sample Clauses

Travel. No expenses for travel will be reimbursed unless specifically authorized by this Contract. Permitted expenses will be reimbursed at the rate paid by the State and in accordance with the Budget Agency’s Financial Management Circular – Travel Policies and Procedures in effect at the time the expenditure is made. Out-of-state travel requests must be reviewed by the State for availability of funds and for conformance with Circular guidelines.
Travel. The least expensive method of travel will be used, providing that no hardship will be caused to the Board member. Board members will be reimbursed for:
Travel. The System Agency’s travel policy will apply to all travel reimbursement if Grantee does not have a formal Travel Policy. If Grantee has a formal Travel Policy, Grantee will:
Travel. Customer shall be responsible for travel expenses incurred by LightEdge during activation or support of Service as follows:  For Customer locations in the domestic US between 30 and 100 miles from nearest LightEdge office: - Travel time at hourly rates (office-to-office) for any vehicular travel outside a 30 mile radius from nearest LightEdge office.  For Customer locations in the domestic US greater than 100 miles from the nearest LightEdge office: - All provisions of travel to Customer locations within 100 mile radius of nearest LightEdge office; - Airplane, bus or train tickets at LightEdge cost; - Rental car, gas and parking at LightEdge cost; - Per diem allowance of $40/day (food); and - Hotel/lodging at LightEdge cost.  Other Customer locations require signed agreement between LightEdge and Customer.
Travel. Travel expenses are not reimbursable unless specifically authorized by the Customer in writing, and may be reimbursed only in accordance with section 112.061, F.S.
Travel. Employees required to travel in order to perform their duties will be reimbursed for any authorized travel expenses (e.g., mileage and/or per diem), in accordance with the regulations established by the Office of Financial Management and college/district policy.
Travel. No expenses for travel will be reimbursed unless specifically authorized by this Xxxxx.
Travel. The Subrecipient shall obtain written approval from the Grantee for any travel outside the metropolitan area with funds provided under this Agreement.
Travel. Each invoice shall include copies of all costs incurred, such as lodging, meals, per diem, rates and totals. Rail carriers shall provide an electronic copy of its current Rail Carrier Travel Policy. Reimbursement of travel costs shall be in accordance with State of Illinois travel regulations under 9 Illinois Administrative Code part 3000 and appendices. Any proposal or attempt to use an alternative travel reimbursement method must be reviewed and approved by the Department prior to travel. Reimbursement of labor additives will be limited to only the most current direct labor additives, small tools additives, equipment additive rate, if so developed, and public liability/property damage liability insurance rates as audited and approved by a cognizant State agency and the Federal Highway Administration. Indirect overhead or general and administrative expenses, or those expenses which may be classified as such under generally accepted accounting principles, are not eligible for reimbursement on this project. Surcharges will be subject to review and approval by the Department.