Travel Sample Clauses

Travel. Overtime compensation referred to in clause 32.06 shall only be applicable on a workday for hours in excess of the employee’s daily scheduled hours of work.
Travel. Customer shall be responsible for travel expenses incurred by LightEdge during activation or support of Service as follows: For Customer locations in the domestic US between 30 and 100 miles from nearest LightEdge office:- Travel time at hourly rates (office-to-office) for any vehicular travel outside a 30 mile radius from nearest LightEdge office. For Customer locations in the domestic US greater than 100 miles from the nearest LightEdge office:- All provisions of travel to Customer locations within 100 mile radius of nearest LightEdge office;- Airplane, bus or train tickets at LightEdge cost;- Rental car, gas and parking at LightEdge cost;- Per diem allowance of $40/day (food); and- Hotel/lodging at LightEdge cost. Other Customer locations require signed agreement between LightEdge and Customer.
Travel. The Employer being a multi-campus institution, all faculty members are obliged to have access to transportation since they may be expected, subject to the following guidelines, to teach at one or more of the University campuses or other locations where classes are scheduled: