COURSE MATERIAL. Your signature on this Agreement indicates that you have received a 2017-2018 Course Catalog, which includes a description of courses, educational services, and other material facts concerning the school and its program or course of study, which may affect your decision to enroll. The total units of course work required for completion of Pacifica’s degree programs are stated in the 2017-2018 Pacifica Course Catalog. We will provide you with any updates to the catalog and you will be expected to read and understand that update to the catalog. All course material presented in lectures or otherwise is property of Pacifica and/or its instructors. Pacifica and its instructors have the exclusive right to complete control over the use, reproduction, display, and distribution of such material. Your signature on this Agreement acknowledges that you have carefully read and understand this Agreement and the Course Catalog. In the event of extraordinary or emergency circumstances, instructional alternatives may be offered in lieu of the courses and educational services Pacifica has otherwise agreed herein to provide, but only to the extent such alternatives would be permitted under the regulations of the WASC Senior College and University Commission “WSCUC”.
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COURSE MATERIAL. Those elements that constitute an academic course delivered in traditional and non-traditional (online, e.g.) mode, including but not limited to: syllabi, course descriptions, class and lecture notes, quizzes, tests, assignments, laboratories, study guides, and content.
COURSE MATERIAL. The course material will be made available to the participants. The registration fee includes: • Course attendanceTeaching material for the course (syllabus) • Coffee breaks
COURSE MATERIAL. If utilized in the course, Seller shall furnish one set of the following materials (without revision service) used to conduct the Flight Crew Ground Training Course, Flight Attendant Course and Flight Dispatcher Course as applicable:
COURSE MATERIAL. Cisco hereby grants ITC a nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use all educational material, including the web-based instructional courses provided by Cisco as part of the Program (“Curriculum”), lab exercises, instructor guides, simulation tools, and similar material or data made available to ITC by Cisco for use in connection with the Program (“Course Material”) solely for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations during the term of this Agreement and otherwise in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. ITC shall not make any copies, duplicates, or derivative works of Course Material without prior written consent from Cisco. Cisco retains all right, title, ownership and interest in the Course Material and any modifications or improvements, including but نيملعملا بيردت زكرم هبجومب Cisco حنمت .ةيبيردتلا ةرودلا داوم ،ةيميلعتلا داوملا عيمج مادختسلا لقنلل لباق ريغو يرصح ريغ اصيخرت Cisco اهمدقت يتلاو بيولا ىلإ ةدنتسملا ةيبيردتلا تارودلا كلذ يف امب ،)"يساردلا جهنملا" مساب اقً حلا هيلإ راشُي يذلا( جمانربلا نم ءزجك وأ ةلثامملا داوملاو ،ةاكاحملا تاودأو ،ملعملا ةلدأو ،ةيلمعملا نيرامتلاو Cisco ةطساوب ةيلودلا ةراجتلا زكرمل اهريفوت متي يتلا تانايبلا ةرودلا داوم" مساب اًقحلا اهيلإ راشُي يتلاو( جمانربلاب قلعتي اميف مادختسلال اًقفوو ةيقافتلاا هذه ةدم للاخ اهتامازتلاب ءافولا ضرغل طقف )"ةيبيردتلا تانايكلا ىلع بجيو .ةيقافتلاا هذه يف اهيلع صوصنملا طورشلاو دونبلل نود ةيبيردتلا ةرودلا داوم نم ةقتشم لامعأ وأ خسُن يأ ءاشنإ مدع عيمجب وكسيس ظفتحتو .Cisco نم ةقبسم ةيباتك ةقفاوم ىلع لوصحلا يأ بناج ىلإ ةيميلعتلا ةرودلا هذه داوم يف حلاصملاو ةيكلملاو قوقحلا ،رصحلا لا لاثملا ليبس ىلع كلذ يف امب ،اهيلع متت تانيسحت وأ تلايدعت ظفحتلا متيو .ةيميلعتلا ةرودلا داوم نم ةيلحملا تارادصلإاو تامجرتلا .ةيقافتلاا هذه يف ً ةحارص وكسيس اهحنمت لا صيخارت يأ ىلع وأ لصفنم صيخرت يأ يف هيلع صوصنم وه ام ءانثتساب .جمانربلا نم ىرخأ ةينقت وأ جمانرب وأ زاهج يلأ عربت ةيقافتا وأ ةراعتسا وأ ءارش نإف ، )"تاجتنملا" مساب دعب اميف اهيلإ راشملا( اًيراجت ةرفوتم Cisco اًيلآ ةءارقلل ةلباق تارادصإ يأب قلعتي اميف اهتامازتلاو ITC ةكرش قوقح زكرم ىلإ Cisco ةكرش اهرفوت رتويبمك جمارب يأ نم )تانئاكلا زومر( اهنم تايقرت وأ تاثيدحت وأ خسن يأ عضخت نأ بجيو ، نيملعملا بيردت طورشلل تاقولأا عيمج يف )"جمانربلا"( جمانربلاب قلعتي اميف ةمدقم عم هليزنت وأ اهمزح متي نأ ىلع ، جماربلا مادختسا مكحت يتلا ماكحلأاو )أ( )ب( not limited to translations and localized versions of Course Material. All licenses not expressly given by Cisco herein are reserved.
COURSE MATERIAL. A detailed course material developed by the Licensee, covering all required topics, reviewed and approved by the Department must be on file with the Department. This approved course material must be used to teach the students in the class.
COURSE MATERIAL. The Party No. (1) shall supply the Course Material wherever it is applicable, to the students through Party No. (2). It is the duty of Party No. (2) to deliver the same at his/her own risk and cost to the students without delay by obtaining their acknowledgement. In no case, the Party No. (2) should retain the Course materials with them for more than a fortnight. The undistributed Course materials are to be returned to Party No. (1) within a month from the date of their receipt by Party No. (2).
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COURSE MATERIAL. Course notes are given during the course, but it is also important to carry out additional reading or research.
COURSE MATERIAL. 10.1. Course Material provided by Supplier is property of Supplier and constitute Supplier’s own respective intellectual property. Company does not obtain any right of ownership or license to the Course Materials used during the Training Services.
COURSE MATERIAL. You will receive your course materials and your master participant workbook approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the course start date. You will need to make arrangements to duplicate one course participant workbook for each person attending the course so be sure to open the package(s) upon arrival. Check the items you have received (a packing list is included so you have something to reference). If you have questions about the contents, you need to contact us immediately.
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