The Producer Sample Clauses

The Producer. (a) agrees that nothing in sections 114(1)(a), 117(1)(c), 133 and 134 of the PPSA will apply to this Agreement;
The Producer has the obligation to present to the Company the necessary legal documents i.e. the Official Government Gazette (OGG), Articles of Incorporation, certificate of non-bankruptcy etc, as these are being cited in the Annex F of the present, accordingly every time to the legal statute of the company. Furthermore the Producer has the obligation to fill in and submit along with the rest of the above mentioned legal documents the inventory data form (as attached in the present in the Annex E).
The Producer. (a) must not use the footage filmed if to do so would be in breach of any legislative requirements or in breach of any code of conduct or other industry standard applicable to the footage filmed;
The Producer a. Agrees to offer VSCs and/or GAP Contracts under the Program to its retail vehicle/loan customers (“Purchasers”) on all eligible vehicles during the term of this Agreement.
The Producer. A. Agrees to offer Guaranteed Asset Protection Contracts or Certificates of Insurance (hereinafter called “GAP”) to its new and pre-owned retail vehicle customers (hereinafter called “Purchasers”) on all eligible vehicles during the term of this Agreement.
The Producer. S production of the PLAY shall be rehearsed for a period of not less than three (3) weeks.
The Producer. Person, group or enterprise responsible for the production and public viewings of Dramatic Cinema.
The Producer has the obligation to proceed to the necessary actions after signing the present in order to be attributed the Producer Registration Number, which is allocated by the Ministry of Environment and Energy within the prescribed procedure each time. Specifically the Producer shall submit to the H.R.A. an Application for granting the Producer Registration Number fully completed and signed electronically. The subscription of the Producer in the Registry is a condition necessary for the legitimacy of the activity of the Producer and his participation in public renders. The Producer has the obligation to submit every year new application in the H.R.A. in order to maintain his Producer Registry Number that has been attributed and update his data in the Producer Registry as well submit into the Scheme, in order to maintain the adhesion agreement, certificate of registration into the National Producers’ Registry (NPR), pursuant to the MD 1811504/2016 in issue.
The Producer at its election, may compute any payment of vacation pay on the employee's personal income tax earnings year, or the employee's anniversary year, or the studio's established fiscal vacation year. The Producer will notify the Union accordingly.
The Producer has the obligation to pay to the Scheme the contribution that it is proportional to the Products he sells according to the terms of clause 2 and Annex D of the present. The Producer is under the obligation to pay to the Scheme the contribution for all the products he has put in the Greek market according to the specific provisions of clause 2 and the Annex D of the present.