Customer Services Sample Clauses

Customer Services. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): All aspects of the CRM process, including planning, scheduling, and control activities involved with service delivery. The service components facilitate agencies’ requirements for managing and coordinating customer interactions across multiple communication channels and business lines. Customer Preferences: Customizing customer preferences relative to interface requirements and information delivery mechanisms (e.g., personalization, subscriptions, alerts and notifications).
Customer Services. Provide services and systems dedicated to customer service, including billing, remittance, credit, collections, customer relations, call centers, energy conservation support and metering.
Customer Services. A. Operator will handle all customer related services in connection with the Delta Connection Flights in a professional, businesslike and courteous manner. In order to insure a high level of customer satisfaction for the Delta Connection Flights, Operator will (i) establish and maintain customer handling procedures and policies that are substantially similar to those utilized by Delta (“Customer Service Policies”) and (ii) establish, maintain and enforce employee conduct, appearance and training standards and policies that are substantially similar to those used by Delta. All uniforms worn by SKYW employees on the Delta Connection Flights and by any SKYW employees providing support services in connection with such flights shall be subject to the approval of Delta and shall, unless otherwise agreed by Delta, at all times be consistent with Delta’s existing uniform standards.
Customer Services. General Customer Services is an identifiable function that operates to enhance the relationship between the recipient and the CMHSP. This includes orienting new recipients to the services and benefits available including how to access them, helping recipients with all problems and questions regarding benefits, handling customer/recipient complaints and grievances in an effective and efficient manner, and tracking and reporting patterns of problem areas for the organization. This requires a system that will be available to assist at the time the customer/recipient has a need for help, and is able to help on the first contact in most situations.
Customer Services. For any service related issue including requirement of documents can be addressed to FIHFC through the following channels: -
Customer Services. If the Member has a question about these vision benefits, providers, services, or concerns re- xxxxxxx the quality of care or access to care that the Member has experienced, the Member may contact: Blue Shield of California P. X. Xxx 000000 Xxxxx, XX 00000-0000 The Member may also contact Blue Shield Customer Service.
Customer Services. You may contact us by visiting our offices Visiting hours 10 AM – 5.30 PM; Monday – Friday Contact person Customer Service Desk / Branch Manager Loan account statement 7 working days Photocopy of title documents 30 working days Return of original documents on 30 working days closure/Transfer of loan
Customer Services. 6.1. The Introduced Client can contact Customer Services if it has any queries about the Modulr Products. Information may be requested from the Introduced Client, including but not limited to, its Authorised Users or Transaction information so that it can verify the identity of an Authorised User and/or the Modulr Products provided to such Introduced Client.
Customer Services a) Borrower can visit the Service Branch during visiting hours of 10:00 am – 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday (Except Public Holidays).
Customer Services. Provides billing, mailing, remittance processing, call center and customer communication services for electric and gas customers. Costs of a general nature are allocated using the Margin Revenue Ratio.