Airline Tickets Sample Clauses

Airline Tickets. The pilot shall be entitled to one set of round-trip business class tickets to position himself and his dependents from his permanent residence to the FDA at the beginning of his assignment and from the FDA to his next base at the conclusion of his assignment. For each year a pilot completes in the FDA location as an active pilot after the end of his two year commitment, the Company shall provide one set of coach class round-trip tickets for the pilot and his dependents living with him at the FDA back to the location of his permanent residence (or a destination of similar cost).
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Airline Tickets. You can redeem Points for select flights. You can search for the flights you want to book at the Travel Rewards section on xxxxxxx.
Airline Tickets. Vendors should purchase non-refundable airline tickets, and purchase them a minimum of seven (7) days in advance of the travel departure date.
Airline Tickets. If your Philippines package includes international or domestic airline tickets, Scandinavia Divers, Inc. acts as an may wish to visit, then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to procure them. If failure to obtain any such documents results in fines, surcharges or any other financial penalty being imposed upon us, then you agree to reimburse us accordingly. You must ascertain by consulting your own doctor, if necessary the specific precautions deemed prudent for the country or destination you intend to visit and to ensure that the appropriate medication, inoculations or other precautions are taken.
Airline Tickets. Employer shall provide Employee airline tickets each month beginning in August 1997 having a cost no greater than $1,666.67 per month, subject to the last sentence of this paragraph. Employer will pay Employee such additional amount as necessary to defray income tax, if any, attributable to provision of these tickets. These airline tickets are limited to use by Employee and his wife and will be provided for as long as Employee's wife maintains her primary residence in New Jersey and Employee and his wife are not legally separated, but no longer than 18 months beginning in August 1997. The entitlement to such airline tickets is cumulative from month-to- month.
Airline Tickets. Once full payment is received; JTS Vacations, LLC airline tickets will be issued and are fully non-refundable. Should airline tickets require to be issued earlier than the final payment due date, you may be required to pay a larger non-refundable deposit and/or complete full payment.
Airline Tickets. The Company, in accordance with its policies, will grant annually to the Executive, his spouse and each one of his children, a round-trip airline ticket for them to travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and back to Mexico City.
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Airline Tickets. Each time the Seller obtains a ticket for --------------- air travel from the Purchaser, which ticket the Purchaser receives at no charge (each a "Free Airline Ticket"): (x) the Seller shall not be charged a fee for such Free Airline Ticket; and (y) the Quarterly Payment due shall be reduced by an amount equal to sixty percent (60%) of the full value of each Free Airline Ticket (including all taxes and applicable charges), if any, received by the Seller during that same quarter (the "Quarterly Ticket Deduction").
Airline Tickets. Executive shall be furnished, at the Company's expense, four (4) economy class round trip tickets from Houston, Texas to the United
Airline Tickets. Once full payment is received; Excellence’s Travel airline tickets will be issued and are fully non-refundable and non-transferable. Should airline tickets require to be issued earlier than the final payment due date, you may be required to pay a larger non-refundable deposit and/or complete full payments.
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