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Under Clause. 22.01 above, terms, conditions and wages contained herein may be varied, altered, amended or modified by the mutual agreement of the Parties. ARTICLE TWENTY-THREE - NO STRIKE, NO LOCK-OUT Refrigeration - Maintenance/Service Repair…Page…26
Under Clause. 7.7, the Relevant Contracting Party shall be under no obligation to appoint WNS as the provider of such New Services.
Under Clause. 2.1 of the JGAA, the Parties agreed to admit any person who becomes a Relevant Gas Transporter after the date of signature of the JGAA as an additional party to the JGAA.
Under Clause. 18, a new Sub-Clause (i) inserted as follows: Notwithstanding any other term of this Agreement, the Allottee hereby authorizes and permits the Promoter to raise finance/ loan from any institution / company / bank by any mode or manner by way of charge / mortgage / securitization of the Row House/ Bungalow / Project / Building or the land underneath or the receivables, subject to the condition that the Row House/ Bungalow shall be made free from all encumbrances at the time of execution of Sale Deed in favour of the Allottee(s). The allottee shall be informed about the same at the time of agreement.
Under Clause. 39 - Retrenchment Provisions where the funding for the fixed term position is from a source other than funding that is part of the Commonwealth Grants Scheme, Higher Education Contribution Scheme or student fees and that funding is withdrawn or otherwise not continued. Nothing in this Clause shall however prevent the University offering a fixed term staff member, and the staff member accepting, a voluntary separation under Clause 37 of this Agreement. A fixed term staff member may not refuse any reasonable offer of redeployment to an academic role at his/her existing level and within his/her area of competency.

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  • ZIPPER CLAUSE 247. Except as may be amended through the procedure provided below, this Agreement sets forth the full and entire understanding of the parties regarding the matters herein. This Agreement may be modified, but only in writing, upon the mutual consent of the parties.

  • GENDER CLAUSE The word "employee" or "employees" wherever used in the Agreement shall mean respectively an employee or employees in the bargaining unit, and wherever the masculine gender is used in this Agreement, it shall include the feminine gender.

  • WAIVER CLAUSE The parties acknowledge that during the negotiations which resulted in this Agreement, each had the unlimited right and opportunity to make demands and proposals with respect to any subject or matter not removed by law from the area of collective bargaining, and that the understanding and agreements arrived at by the parties after the exercise of that right and opportunity are set forth in this Agreement. Therefore, the Board and the Association, for the life of this agreement, each voluntarily and unqualifiedly waives the right and each agrees that the other shall not be obligated to bargain collectively with respect to any subject or matter not specifically referred to or covered in this Agreement, even though such subjects or matters may not have been within the knowledge or contemplation of either or both of the parties at the time that they negotiated or signed this Agreement except by mutual consent an article, or part of an article, may be renegotiated. It is expressly understood that should the Board of Education create a new job classification, it will negotiate with the Association for wages for said position. It is further understood that the Board shall not change the responsibilities of any position in violation of this contract without prior negotiations with the Association.

  • Break Clause 2.5.1 This agreement creates a single tenancy that starts with a fixed element and then becomes periodic. This would normally guarantee both parties the rights and obligations for the fixed element and a minimum of one period. The following two clauses allow either party to terminate the agreement earlier than that date, but not before the end of the fixed element (the date quoted in 1.6.1 as “to and including (date)”).

  • Penalty Clause a. Non-execution of supply order - For the reasons of failure to supply partially or completely within 30 days, if the Procurement cell has to buy the items from the RC 2 (L-2), RC 3 (L-3) or approved local vendor firm, the rate difference in cost will be recovered from XX xxxxxx i.e. L1 /Billing Agency as appointed by the Rate Contract Holder. The difference amount will be deducted from the forthcoming bills of the supplier pertaining to any product. Repeated failure (Three times) to supply in part or in full may amount to termination of rate contract for the product (s) and forfeiture of Performance Security. Reasons of failure to supply the material will be communicated by the firm to the Procurement cell timely.

  • Xxxxxxx Clause 3.10 The Business Manager of the Union shall have the right to appoint a Xxxxxxx at any shop or job or on any crew where workers are employed under the terms of this Agreement. The Employer shall not make transfer of any Xxxxxxx from the shop or job or crew to which he was appointed to another shop or job or crew without first having notified the Business Manager of the Union of his/her desire to make such transfer and having secured Union's approval of the transfer proposed. Such Xxxxxxx shall see that this Agreement and Working and Safety Rules are observed and he shall be allowed sufficient time and be furnished necessary transportation to perform these duties during regular working hours. Under no circumstances shall the Employer dismiss, or otherwise discriminate against, an employee for making a complaint or giving evidence with respect to an alleged violation of any provision of the Agreement. The Xxxxxxx shall be included in all overtime at his/her headquarters whenever feasible. The Business Manager shall remove from his/her duties any Xxxxxxx at any time he considers the best interest of the Local Union will be served thereby and shall notify the Employer immediately of such removal. Among the duties of the Xxxxxxx are to:

  • EXECUTORY CLAUSE In accordance with Section 41 of the State Finance Law, the State shall have no liability under this contract to the Contractor or to anyone else beyond funds appropriated and available for this contract.

  • Sunset Clause The provisions of this Section expires automatically on the expiration date of this Agreement.

  • Limitation on Negative Pledge Clauses Enter into or suffer to exist or become effective any agreement that prohibits or limits the ability of the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries to create, incur, assume or suffer to exist any Lien upon any of its Property or revenues, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, to secure the Obligations or, in the case of any guarantor, its obligations under the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement, other than (a) this Agreement and the other Loan Documents and (b) any agreements governing any purchase money Liens or Capital Lease Obligations otherwise permitted hereby (in which case, any prohibition or limitation shall only be effective against the assets financed thereby).

  • Variation of these clauses The parties may not modify these clauses except to update any information in Annex B, in which case they will inform the authority where required. This does not preclude the parties from adding additional commercial clauses where required.