Access to Personnel Files Sample Clauses

Access to Personnel Files. All employees shall be allowed access to their personnel files during normal working hours for inspection and/or copies of documents which will be provided by the Employer. Such inspection shall be made subject to prior arrangement with the Employer.
Access to Personnel Files. An employee who makes a written request to the Department Chairperson to examine his/her personnel files shall be granted the opportunity to do so within a reasonable period which shall be five (5) days except where circumstances as to the location and/or work schedule of the employee make that time period impractical. The University shall honor the employee's request for a copy of documents in the file. The University shall have the right to have such review and examination take place in the presence of a designated representative of the University or department in question. The employee may file a written response of reasonable length to any documents in his/her personnel file. Such response will be included in his/her permanent personnel file and will be attached and retained with the document in question.
Access to Personnel Files. An employee, on advance request shall have the right to access and review her or his personnel file, in the work place, and shall have the right to respond in writing to any document contained therein. Such reply shall become part of the personnel record.
Access to Personnel Files. The official personnel file for each adjunct employee shall be maintained in the Human Resources Office. An adjunct employee shall have the right to examine his/her personnel file in the Human Resources Office in accordance with College policy and the Illinois Personnel Records Review Act. Such request shall be made in writing and shall be honored without undue delay if made during normal business hours. A designee of the College administration may be present during such review. Nothing which had been officially placed in the personnel file shall be permanently removed from the file without the mutual consent of the College President or designee and the adjunct employee. An adjunct employee may reproduce material from his/her files at the cost established by College policy. No material from an adjunct employee’s personnel file shall be made available to personnel or agencies not employed by or affiliated with the College without the adjunct employee’s consent, except as required by law, court order or records subpoena or as necessary pursuant to the regular operations of the College. However, this shall not preclude the College from responding as required with regard to verification of employment.
Access to Personnel Files. CSEA shall have the right to review an employee’s personnel file and any other records dealing with the bargaining unit member when accompanied by the individual or upon presentation of a written authorization signed by him/her. Reasonable notice shall be given to the Personnel Office.
Access to Personnel Files. Any employee and/or the Union, with the employee’s written consent, shall have the right to review the contents of the employee’s personnel file to determine any matter affecting such employee; however, the foregoing shall not apply to any pre-employment materials. Material deemed to be derogatory toward an individual’s performance or conduct shall not be placed in the personnel file without being shown to the individual involved. Notice to review such files shall be given by the employee or the Union in writing to the Hospital and the files shall be made available by the Hospital within four (4) working days after receipt of such notice. The Union agrees not to utilize this right in an abusive or excessive manner.
Access to Personnel Files. Union represented employees shall be provided a copy of all performance related memoranda (including Performance Evaluations) placed in their official personnel file. The District will continue the practice of providing copies of derogatory material, with the exclusion of personnel transaction forms, reference checks, background investigation reports, and medical reports, to employees within twenty-four (24) hours from its placement in the personnel file. An employee shall be permitted at any time during regular office hours to schedule an appointment to inspect his/her personnel file provided twenty- four (24) hours advance notice is given to the Human Resources Department. He/she may also authorize in writing a Union representative to also schedule an appointment to inspect his/her personnel file provided the same twenty-four (24) hours advance notice is given. Such reviews shall be made in the Human Resources Department subject to the presence of a member of the Human Resources Department staff or its designee. Material in personnel files shall be regarded as confidential and disclosed only in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Access to Personnel Files. Employees shall have the right to inspect their personnel files. The employee may respond to any item in the personnel file in writing. Such response by the employee shall become part of the permanent record. Access to personnel files shall be limited to authorized management personnel, the employee and a Union representative if so designated in writing by the employee. Upon previous notification and at the employee’s expense, the Employer shall make copies of such files for the employee. However, in the event of disciplinary action involving a suspension or discharge, the Employer upon request will furnish at no cost a copy of any material contained in the affected employee’s personnel file.
Access to Personnel Files. Individual teachers have the right to review the contents of any and all files kept on them, including those retained through electronic means, and to obtain copies of anything therein in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act 2001, S.O. 2001, Section 4, as amended from time to time. Requests for viewing contents of files shall be handled through the Human Resource Services Office. A request to view one's file shall be made a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours prior to actual viewing. An OECTA Release Officer may have the same access to a file if the teacher gives informed consent via a form provided by the Board.
Access to Personnel Files. The University shall identify the location(s) where a Postdoctoral Scholar or her/his designated representative, may obtain access to the Postdoctoral Scholar personnel file(s). The University shall designate a contact who will identify the location and process for accessing the file.