Access to Personnel Records Sample Clauses

Access to Personnel Records. (a) Upon receiving the permission of the Chief Constable or designate, an employee may review the contents of his or her personnel file provided that such review is in the presence of a person authorized for such a purpose by the Chief Constable.
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Access to Personnel Records. Employees shall have reasonable access to their official personnel and medical files. Employees desiring to review the content of their file(s) may do so by arranging an appointment with the Employee Relations Division. A representative of the Employee Relations Division will remain present during the employee's review of the file(s). Employees may also review their departmental personnel files by arranging an appointment with a representative of the Fire Department.
Access to Personnel Records. Upon written request to the Chief of Police, an employee shall have access to that employee's records during normal office hours of the records custodian. Such access to personnel records shall be within a reasonable time of said request. Such request shall not interfere with the employee's regularly scheduled working hours. Review of the records shall be made in the presence of the Chief or the Chief's designated representative.
Access to Personnel Records. This item is resolved by the Corporation agreeing to write annually to Corporation Department Heads asking them to remind all employees of the Corporation's policy "Employee Personnel File" which deals with an employee's access to their personnel record. The following is item 11 of the Memorandum of Agreement dated 1986 August 12:
Access to Personnel Records. An employee shall be given a copy of any written entry to their official Human Resources Office file which is the result of disciplinary action and shall be allowed to reply thereto. Disciplinary action documents shall be sent to the appropriate Human Resources Department within five (5) work days of the disciplinary action and shall be given priority in filing. In addition, any employee shall be allowed to review all documents held in their respective Human Resources file. Requests for such review shall be in writing and addressed to the appropriate Human Resources Department. Following receipt of such request, arrangements shall be made for the employee to review their file in the presence of a Human Resources Department representative. No material may be removed from the official file by any employee. Upon receipt of written authorization signed by the employee, the appropriate Human Resources Department shall arrange to have the employee's Union Representative inspect or receive copies of all documents related to the disciplinary action present in the employee's official file.
Access to Personnel Records. A Faculty member shall be provided with access to the non-confidential materials in his personnel files in accordance with the Board’s written policy and procedure governing access to personnel files which shall be incorporated herein by reference.
Access to Personnel Records. The Human Resources Department will establish a procedure for access to personnel records that conforms with appropriate local, state, and federal regulations. Unless otherwise specified in the law, employees will have access to review their own personnel records.
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Access to Personnel Records. Employees within the Bargaining Unit shall have access to their personnel records at reasonable times and shall, upon request, be provided with copies of materials contained in such records. Should the employee wish to respond in writing, their reply shall also become part of their personnel record.
Access to Personnel Records. 16.1 Employees in the bargaining unit shall, upon appointment, have access to their personnel records and shall, upon request, be provided with copies of material contained in such records. Only factual information shall be corrected if inaccurate. Access shall be granted to an authorized designate of the MRSA Executive with written approval of the Employee.
Access to Personnel Records. (a) An employee or designate shall have access to all material in their official file at a time mutually convenient to the employee and Library Administration.
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