TIME TEACHERS Sample Clauses

TIME TEACHERS. 16.13 All teachers hired prior to July 1, 1978 who are or who become part-time teachers shall receive the same benefits as full-time teachers except that their salary, sick leave and preparation time shall be determined on a pro rata basis related to full-time teachers. However, any teacher hired prior to July 1, 1978 and who becomes less than half time on or after July 1, 1982, other than as a result of a layoff procedure, will have his/her health insurance and dental insurance benefits maintained at 50% of the contribution by the Board for full-time teachers. All part-time teachers with a hire date of July 1, 1978 or thereafter will have their health insurance and dental insurance benefits prorated in accordance with that portion of a full position that they occupy. The Board shall not initiate any action by which part-time positions are created to eliminate or replace full-time positions.
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TIME TEACHERS. The District shall provide the same health, and dental insurance coverage and benefits for part-time teachers (who are employed as one-half FTE or more, defined as at least 20 hours per week) as for full-time teachers. The District shall contribute an amount equal to one-half of the amount it contributes on behalf of a full-time teacher; provided, however, that the part-time teacher elects coverage and pays the balance of the premiums for such coverage through payroll deduction. The District shall provide each part-time teacher with a $50,000 term life insurance policy and will pay the full premium. Additionally, each part-time teacher who is employed at least 20 hours per week or more shall participate in the District's long-term disability plan and the teacher shall pay the premium.
TIME TEACHERS. Part-time teachers in secondary schools using a seven- period schedule will be allocated at least 0.2 FTE for each full class taught (5 standard periods .per week or 10 standard periods per two weeks or the equivalent when there is an alternate schedule), not to exceed 1.0
TIME TEACHERS. Part-time teachers in secondary schools using a seven-period schedule will be allocated at least
TIME TEACHERS. L30.01 A part-time teacher is a teacher who chooses to have a reduced workload or who is hired into a partial workload assignment.
TIME TEACHERS. ‌ Note: This Article represents many of the restrictions which apply to part-time teachers. Except as otherwise provided, the Agreement applies equally to full-time and part-time teachers. Other restrictions and/or special provisions, but not necessarily the only ones, may be found in Articles L12.00 and L23.00.
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TIME TEACHERS. 40.1 In order to facilitate the staffing process and reduce the number of Teachers declared surplus annually, Teachers are encouraged to apply for reduced teaching loads by 1 April.
TIME TEACHERS. Section 1. Part-time teachers are defined as those who staff positions approximately equal to regular full-time teachers except that by mutual agreement they work less time per day or per week than full- time teachers.
TIME TEACHERS. 20.01 A part-time teacher shall mean any teacher assigned less than a full teaching timetable.
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