For Inspection Sample Clauses

For Inspection. Departmental Charges will be levied @1.0% of the value of the contract or supply order placed against the DGS&D rate contract.
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For Inspection. Lessor and Lessor's agents and representatives shall have the right to enter into or upon the leased premises, or any part thereof at all reasonable hours for the purpose of examining the same.
For Inspection. The Vendor shall be entitled to make such
For Inspection. The Vendor shall be entitled to make such variations and modifications as he may consider necessary or as may be required by the ....................

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  • DOCUMENTS FOR INSPECTION sufficient copies of all documents required to be available for inspection as provided in the Base Prospectus or Drawdown Prospectus (as the case may be) or, in relation to any Notes, the Conditions; and

  • Records Inspection Payor shall keep, and shall require its Permitted Sellers to keep, complete, true and accurate books of accounts and records for the purpose of determining the basis and accuracy of payments to be made under this Agreement. Such records shall be kept in accordance with GAAP, showing Net Sales on country-by-country and Licensed Product-by-Licensed Product basis, and Payor’s or its Permitted Sellers’ usual internal practices and procedures (which shall be commercially reasonable), consistently applied. Such books and records shall be kept for at least [*] ([*]) years following the end of the Calendar Quarter to which they pertain. Such records will be open for inspection by Payee during such [*] ([*]) year period by independent accountants reasonably acceptable to Payor, solely for the purpose of verifying the basis and accuracy of amounts in the payment statements hereunder. Such inspections shall be made no more than [*] each Calendar Year, at reasonable time and on reasonable notice and shall be limited to information related to Licensed Products. Results of any such inspection shall be deemed to be Confidential Information of Payor. If any errors in favor of Payor are discovered in the course of such inspection, then within thirty (30) days of written request by Payee, Payor shall pay Payee those amounts that Payee would have received [*] Confidential treatment requested; certain information omitted and filed separately with the SEC. in the absence of such errors, plus interest pursuant to and in accordance with Section 6.1(c). Inspections conducted under this Section 6.5 shall be at the expense of Payee, unless a variation or error in favor of Payor exceeding [*] percent ([*]%) of the amount due for the period covered by the inspection is established in the course of such inspection, whereupon all reasonable, documented costs relating to the inspection for such period will be paid promptly by Payor. In the event of overpayment to Payee, any amount of such overpayment shall be fully creditable against amounts payable for the immediately succeeding Calendar Quarter.

  • Final Inspection Contractor shall complete the list of items identified on the pre-final Punchlist prior to requesting a final inspection. Unless otherwise specified, or otherwise agreed in writing by the parties as documented on the Certificate of Substantial Completion, Contractor shall complete and/or correct all Work within thirty (30) days of the Substantial Completion date. Upon completion of the pre-final Punchlist work, Contractor shall give written notice to ODR and A/E that the Work will be ready for final inspection on a specific date. Contractor shall accompany this notice with a copy of the updated pre-final Punchlist indicating resolution of all items. On the date specified or as soon thereafter as is practicable, ODR, A/E and Contractor will inspect the Work. A/E will submit to Contractor a final Punchlist of open items that the inspection team requires corrected or completed before final acceptance of the Work.

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