Right to Examine Sample Clauses

Right to Examine. Lender and its accountants shall have the right to examine the records, books, management and other papers of Guarantor which reflect upon Guarantor’s financial condition, at the Property or at any office (or such other location) regularly maintained by any Guarantor where the books and records are located. Lender and its accountants shall have the right to make copies and extracts from the foregoing records and other papers. In addition, Lender and its accountants shall have the right to examine and audit the books and records of Guarantor pertaining to the income, expenses and operation of the Property during reasonable business hours at any office of Guarantor where the books and records are located.
Right to Examine. Members shall have the right to examine all of their personnel files during normal business hours, after notice in writing, in the presence of the President or a person authorized by the President. Material in the files which is to be held confidential according to the provisions of this Agreement will be removed from the files prior to their inspection by the Member. However, an inventory of this confidential material, certified by the President, will be provided to the Member. Such inventory shall identify all confidential documents by authorship (if appropriate), date and general subject matter only.
Right to Examine. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Palm hereby grants to Licensee a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, fully-paid license to examine the Palm Source Code and Palm Source Code Documentation, for the sole purpose of assisting Licensee in developing Licensee Products (and Licensee Software to the extent such Licensee Software is incorporated in the Licensee Products) within the scope of this Agreement and to reproduce no more than three (3) copies of such Palm Source Code and Palm Source Code Documentation.
Right to Examine. LICENSOR and GLOBAL, at all times during and after termination or expiration of this Agreement, shall have the right, through any authorized representative of its choice, on five (5) business days advance notice to LICENSEE, to examine and copy all of LICENSEE's books and records relating to the manufacture and sale of the Licensed Products no more than once during a twelve (12) month period, provided that within the preceding twelve (12) month period no underpayments of Royalties are discovered. LICENSOR and GLOBAL shall have the right to examine the books and records of all companies with common ownership which transact business with LICENSEE. "COMMON OWNERSHIP" shall mean that one or more of the principals, partners or shareholders is a principal, partner or shareholder of LICENSEE. All such examinations shall be at LICENSEE's principal place of business and during normal business hours. LICENSEE shall keep all books of account and records available for at least three (3) years after the close of each fiscal year to which they relate. LICENSEE shall maintain its books and records only at its principal office premises and shall not remove this information unless it has given LICENSOR and GLOBAL thirty (30) days written notice of the new location (which must be in the United States). If an examination discloses that LICENSEE has understated Net Sales or underpaid any Royalty for any report period, without prejudice to any of LICENSOR's rights, LICENSEE shall pay GLOBAL on behalf of LICENSOR the amount, if any, by which the actual Royalties exceed Royalties paid within ten (10) days of receipt of notice by LICENSOR and GLOBAL to such effect, together with the applicable late charge as provided. Further, if LICENSEE underpays Royalties by more than three percent (3%) or US $10,000 (whichever is greater) for any calendar year, LICENSEE shall pay all costs, fees and expenses incurred by LICENSOR and GLOBAL in conducting such examination, in addition to any late charges and interest provided for in this Agreement and reasonable attorneys' fees. If LICENSEE underpays Royalties by more than five percent (5%) or US $25,000 (whichever is greater) for any calendar year, LICENSOR may terminate this Agreement at LICENSOR's sole discretion.
Right to Examine. Mediaco shall have, upon reasonable prior notice and during normal working hours, the right to conduct examinations of, and to make copies of, the books and records of Emmis relating to the Leased Employees or the Services, no matter where such books and records are located. Such right may be exercised through any agent or employee of Mediaco or any representative designated by Mediaco. All examinations conducted by or on behalf of Mediaco will be at its sole expense.
Right to Examine. The Union shall have the right to examine the time sheets and other records pertaining to the computation of compensation of any employee pertaining to a specific grievance, at reasonable times and with the employee's consent.
Right to Examine. Employees shall have the right to examine their personnel files, subject to reasonable regulation.
Right to Examine. The Plan has the right to examine a Member when and as often as it may reasonably require during the pendency of a claim under the Agreement. Any physical examination required by the Plan will be performed at the expense of the Plan.
Right to Examine. At any time during the Term and within nine (9) months after the expiration of the Term, upon (5) days prior written notice and during normal business hours at Landlord's office or such other place as Landlord shall reasonably designate, Tenant shall be entitled to inspect and examine those books and records of Landlord relating to the determination of any item of Additional Rent paid in any calendar year of the Term. If Landlord and Tenant agree that the examination discloses that an item of Additional Rent billed to Tenant was incorrect the appropriate party shall pay the other party the deficiency or overpayment, as applicable. All costs and expenses of the examination shall be paid for by the Tenant.