Access to Personnel File Sample Clauses

Access to Personnel File. An employee shall have the right, at any time upon reasonable notice, to have access to review personnel file and shall have the right to respond in writing to any comment contained in file. Such response shall become part of the permanent record.
Access to Personnel File. An employee shall have the right during normal business hours of the administration office to have access to have a copy of and review his/her personnel file within forty-eight (48) hours of such request. The employee is entitled to receive a copy of the file if requested. An employee shall have the right to respond in writing to any document contained therein. Such reply shall become part of the permanent record.
Access to Personnel File. A. With reasonable notice, and at a time convenient to management, an employee shall have the opportunity to review and examine pertinent documents such as those related to performance evaluation and conduct in his personnel history file or in any permanent supplementary personnel file. The State shall honor any reasonable request of such employee to review his file and for copies of documents in the file. The State shall have the right to have such review and examination take place in the presence of an appropriate official of the agency or department in question. The employee may file a written response of reasonable length to any memoranda or documents which are derogatory or adverse to him. Such response will be included in the relevant permanent personnel history file or permanent supplementary personnel file and will be attached to and retained with the document in question. If any material, derogatory or adverse to the employee is placed in the file in question, a copy of such material shall be sent to the employee.
Access to Personnel File. The Employer agrees that an employee shall have access to his/her personnel file. Request for access to an employee's personnel file shall be made in writing and scheduled at a mutually convenient time. The file and its contents cannot be removed from the office and a representative of the Employer will be present at all times. The employee shall have access to the grievance and arbitration provisions of this Agreement to dispute any entries in his/her file.
Access to Personnel File. An Employee shall have access to his/her personnel file subject to the following: • three (3) business day's notice or such shorter period as can be accommodated by the personnel office and not more than once per year or during grievance procedure. During the grievance procedure the Employee can request that a union representative assist them with their file. • the appointment shall be made for a time outside of the Employee's and union representative’s shift. • copies of above mentioned may be taken if not previously received by Employee, at the Employee’s expense consistent with County of Renfrew By-laws, as may be amended and including clerical staff time to photocopy if the quantity is excessive.
Access to Personnel File that if the employee personnel file is to be considered during the interview and the employee grants her permission, the employee and her Union Xxxxxxx or Union Representative shall, before the meeting, have access to this file;