Wellness Center Sample Clauses

Wellness Center. Retired faculty are accorded full use of the Wellness Center. Retired faculty are always welcome on campus for faculty meetings, Homecoming activities, graduation exercises, and similar events and functions; however, arrangements for attendance must be at the initiative of the individual faculty member. In applying for benefits and privileges, retired faculty should be prepared to present appropriate identification. All rights, benefits, and privileges accorded retired faculty cease upon the member's death unless certain insurance provisions allow for continuation by the spouse. APPENDIX 2.A
Wellness Center. The Community operates a fitness/wellness center for use by the Resident. The Community also makes available to the Resident on-site, physical therapy services when approved by a Community Physician as medically necessary and appropriate, and likely to result in significant improvement in the Resident’s condition in a reasonable period of time.
Wellness Center. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that Tenant, at Tenant's sole cost and expense, may desire to designate a portion of the Premises consisting of no more than twenty-six thousand (26,000) RSF for the operation of a corporate sponsored wellness center (the "Wellness Center"), subject to receipt of all applicable governmental approvals and compliance with all applicable Laws, including without limitation "OSHPAD" (defined below), to the extent applicable to the Wellness Center, and the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and codified at 45 C.F.R. parts 160 and 164 to the extent applicable to the Wellness Center. The Wellness Center shall be for the exclusive use of Tenant, Tenant’s employees (including Tenant's employees who work at locations other than the Project), Transferees and Incubator Transferees (collectively, the "Wellness Center Users") and otherwise Tenant shall not make the Wellness Center available to other tenants or occupants of the Building (or their employees) or to members of the general public. Tenant or Tenant's third party operator of the Wellness Center (either to be known as the "Wellness Center Provider") shall use commercially reasonable efforts to notify all Wellness Center Users that Landlord is not responsible for, nor affiliated with, the operation of the Wellness Center. Landlord shall have no responsibility with respect to the quality, care or services provided by the Wellness Center, or for any acts or omissions of any Wellness Center Provider in connection with the operation of the Wellness Center, except to the extent caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Landlord or the Landlord Parties. Furthermore, Tenant, for Tenant and for all Wellness Center Users and Wellness Center Providers, hereby agrees that the Landlord Parties shall not be liable for, and are hereby released from any responsibility for any loss, cost, damage, expense or liability, either to person or property, arising from the use of the Wellness Center by any Wellness Center Users, except to the extent caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Landlord or the Landlord Parties. If Tenant elects to operate the Wellness Center, then Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with Tenant to obtain all governmental approvals required for operation of the Wellness Center, to the extent Landlord's cooperation is required as owner of the Building. Without limiting the provisions in Sect...
Wellness Center. The Employer will provide, within the limits of available Federal funding and other program considerations, a health service program staffed by a full-time registered nurse and a part-time physician that shall be limited to: (1) emergency diagnosis and first treatment of on-the-job injury or illness; (2) in-service examinations of employees as the Employer determines to be necessary; (3) referral for private medical treatment; and (4) related preventive health programs.
Wellness Center. Create a wellness center for students in the current Center for Technology Building.
Wellness Center. Employees, spouses and unmarried dependent children, as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) for personal income tax reporting and Wellness Center regulations, shall have free usage of the Wellness Center facilities for the duration of this Agreement as long as the center is in operation.
Wellness Center. Landlord provides a fitness center (known as the Wellness Center) for its employees, located on the Terrace Level of Building 3. Employees of Tenant shall be eligible to use the Wellness Center on the same terms and conditions as employees of Landlord (participant charge is currently $12 per month); provided that Tenant shall have the discretion to determine the cost (if any) Tenant assesses its employees for such use. Use of the Wellness Center is subject to Landlord’s security procedures and subject to the reasonable requirements established from time to time for use of the Wellness Center and applied uniformly to all users.
Wellness Center. The Wellness Center educates USF students on the health risks, both physical and psychological, associated with alcohol or drugs consumption. Staff will suggest university or community resources to assist the student if deemed necessary.

Related to Wellness Center

  • Wellness A. To support the statewide goal for a healthy and productive workforce, employees are encouraged to participate in a Well-Being Assessment survey. Employees will be granted work time and may use a state computer to complete the survey.

  • Hospital Any institution legally licensed as a medical or surgical facility in the country in which it is located, that is a) primarily engaged in providing diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for clinical and surgical diagnosis, treatment and care of injured and sick persons by or under the supervision of a staff of physicians; and b) not a place of rest, a place for the aged, a nursing or convalescent home or institution, or a long-term care facility. HOSPITAL SERVICES: Hospital staff, nurses, scrub nurses, standard private or semi-private room and board, and other medically necessary treatments or services ordered by a physician for the insured who is admitted to a hospital. These services also include local calls, TV, and newspapers. Private nurse and standard private room upgrade to a suite or junior suite are not included in hospital services.

  • Wellness Program Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent a department or agency from recommending experimental “fitness” type programs and reward programs involving wellness promotion activities. Any such activities shall be funded from the department’s separate appropriation, after review by the Benefits Advisory Committee and approval by the Secretary of Administration, or designee.

  • Child Care The Employer may make available the use of facilities for child care centers. Use of facilities shall include a rental/lease agreement. Any child care facilities and/or vendors utilized under this Article must be certified in accordance with state laws and regulations.

  • Pharmacy Services The Contractor shall establish a network of pharmacies. The Contractor or its PBM must provide at least two (2) pharmacy providers within thirty (30) miles or thirty (30) minutes from a member’s residence in each county, as well as at least two (2) durable medical equipment providers in each county or contiguous county.

  • Medical Care Leave Employees may be allowed to use weekly indemnity credits in order to engage in personal preventative medical health and dental care. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld provided adequate notice is given in advance. On request, employees will be required to provide proof of attendance for the preventative medical or dental care concerned.