Dependent Children Sample Clauses

Dependent Children. City contributions for dependent children will end the month during which the dependent child turns age 23. The dependent child may continue on the plan until age 26, in accordance with plan provisions; however, the City will not pay any contributions toward the dependent child’s medical premium past age 23. The following examples illustrate the impact to the City contribution when a dependent child turns age 23:
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Dependent Children. In the event an employee is killed during the performance of his/her job duties, the State shall pay the tuition of his/her dependent children who are accepted as students through the normal admission process to attend the University of Maine, the Maine Community College System or the Maine Maritime Academy. Each dependent child shall be eligible for the benefit for five (5) years from his/her first admission date to either system or until the requirements for degree have been met, whichever comes first.
Dependent Children. “Dependent children” includes the employee’s natural children, stepchildren, legally adopted children, xxxxxx children and the dependent children of a registered domestic partner. The following dependent children are covered:
Dependent Children. The College will provide benefits for eligible children to the age specified by Federal or State law for the College’s medical program. The College will provide dental benefits for children up to the age of 26 years old.
Dependent Children natural, step, common law or adopted children under the age of 25 prior to September 1st in the year of application will be eligible to apply for fall and winter reimbursement. Dependent children: natural, step, common law or adopted children under the age of 25 prior to May 1st in the given year of application will be eligible to apply for spring/summer reimbursement to be paid in combination with the fall applications.
Dependent Children. In addition to the eligibility defined in 29.02, the following shall apply:
Dependent Children. Dependent children shall be provided health care coverage through the qualified policy of a Poland Schools employee until attaining the age of twenty-six (26).
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Dependent Children. After employee completes four (4) months of service: Fifty percent (50%) tuition remission. For employees hired prior to January 1, 1997, one hundred percent (100%) tuition remission after employee completes sixteen (16) months of service. For employees hired on or after January 1, 1997, ninety percent (90%) tuition remission after employee has completed sixteen (16) months of service. The two (2) summer terms will count as one (1) semester for the purpose of this Article. The University may refuse to allow an employee who is delinquent in making tuition payments to continue under the Tuition Remission Program. The University reserves the right to refuse to allow an employee to attend a class under the Tuition Remission Program where such attendance would conflict with work schedules. Further, no employee will receive pay while attending class during scheduled work hours. Employees may make the required tuition remission co-payment through payroll deductions; to be paid in full by the end of the semester for which the co-payment is due. Other limitations and special conditions relating to the University’s plan description, as set forth in the University’s Application for Tuition Remission, shall also be applicable under this Article.
Dependent Children. A dependent child includes any unmarried dependent under age twenty-one (21) or under age twenty-five (25) if the child is a full-time student. A physically or mentally disabled child is covered regardless of age, provided the child is dependent on the employee for support.
Dependent Children. Effective January 1, 1992, dependent children are covered through the end of the calendar year in which they reach age 26. They will be covered through the end of the calendar year in which they reach age 24-ONLY IF A FULL-TIME STUDENT.
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