The Pool Sample Clauses

The Pool. (i) The Borrower or a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Borrower that is a Guarantor collectively shall at all times own (in fee simple title or through an Eligible Ground Lease, and including the leasehold interest in the Morgan Keegan Tower in Memphis, Tennessee) a pool (the "Pool") of assets that are not mortgaged, pledged, hypothecated, or encumbered in any manner, other than Permitted Liens, with an aggregate Value equal to at least one hundred sixty-seven percent (167%) of the Borrower's Indebtedness other than Secured Debt outstanding from time to time, with the following characteristics:
The Pool would not be created where Actual NOPAT is negative; and
The Pool. A new pool was installed by Purley Pools in August 2004. It is an indoor pool and of an above ground construction. It is 0.75metres deep, 9.5 metres long and 3.5 metres wide (Total area= 33.25m). The pool is lined with a heavy duty butyl liner. The flooring surrounding the pool, shower and toilet areas was renewed in August 2009 with Tact tiles which are non-slip tiles specifically for use in wet areas. The pool is entered via purpose made steps with handrails on both sides. The pool has a plastic footbath which is refilled with water from the pool by each party using the pool. It is emptied after each use and the footbath left to drain by the access steps. When not in use the pool is covered by a purpose made cover suspended on a roller at the end of the pool. Due to the temperature of the water combined with the action of the chemicals, the cover only lasts about two years before starting to break up. The cover was replaced in Jan 2020. The water level in the pool has to be topped up manually using the hose that is placed on the wall next to the boiler room. The water level should be maintained just below the longitudinal hand rail. Generally this requires the water to be topped up about once a week depending on usage. The water will always need to be topped up after a backwash as this is when most water is lost.
The Pool. The pool shape and design is to be sufficient as to accommodate at least six (6) regulation-size 25-meter swim lanes, and a connected or separate recreation pool. The recreation pool is to be in-area, at-grade concrete pool with zero depth entry to accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) access from the pool deck. The pool must have in- ground lighting.
The Pool. The specificities of the playing pool must respect FINA/LEN Water Polo Rules.
The Pool. (i) Until the completion and opening of the YMCA Facility, the County shall be responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Pool and shall be entitled to receive and retain all revenues generated by the operation of the Pool; and
The Pool. As well as the eleven matches that involve 24 individuals, there is also a pool of ten potential householders and six potential homesharers who are fully assessed and waiting a match. Table 10 summarises the characteristics of these 16 individuals. At the end of May there were also six older people under assessment and 15 younger people, many of whom seem to have high potential as participants in homesharing. Table 9: Summary of characteristics of pool householders and homesharers CharacteristicPool Householders N=10Pool Homesharers N=6Age 20s-1 30s40s 50s---1- 2 60s-2 70s1- 80s7- 90s2-Gender Female71 Male35Cultural Background Anglo-Aus9Anglo-Aus5 Italian Aus1African1Past/Current labour market status Professional7FT study2 Ran own or other’s PT work & PT study1 business 3 Pensioner 3