The Pool Sample Clauses

The Pool. (i) The Borrower or a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Borrower that is a Guarantor collectively shall at all times own (in fee simple title or through an Eligible Ground Lease, and including the leasehold interest in the Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Tower in Memphis, Tennessee) a pool (the "Pool") of assets that are not mortgaged, pledged, hypothecated, or encumbered in any manner, other than Permitted Liens, with an aggregate Value equal to at least one hundred eighty-two percent (182%) of the Borrower's Indebtedness other than Secured Debt outstanding from time to time, with the following characteristics:
The Pool. The pool shape and design is to be sufficient as to accommodate at least six (6) regulation-size 25-meter swim lanes, and a connected or separate recreation pool. The recreation pool is to be in-area, at-grade concrete pool with zero depth entry to accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) access from the pool deck. The pool must have in- ground lighting.
The Pool. 4.1 It is agreed between the parties hereto that after the execution of this Agreement, the Board of Directors of the Company shall adopt a Stock Option Plan for employees, executives, directors, consultants and service providers of the Company of up to 10% of the issued and outstanding shares of the Company, after the issuance of the Shares, according to terms and conditions to be decided by the Board of Directors of the Company (the "POOL"); provided, however, that any options granted from the Pool shall (i) not have an exercise price that is less than (a) US$ 625 per Share for the persons specified in SCHEDULE 4.1, attached hereto, and (b) for such persons that are not so listed on SCHEDULE 4.1 its fair market value at the time of its related grant; and (ii) vest over a four year period from the date of its related grant.
The Pool. (i) Until the completion and opening of the YMCA Facility, the County shall be responsible for all aspects of the operation of the Pool and shall be entitled to receive and retain all revenues generated by the operation of the Pool; and
The Pool. Fund Manager shall present a quarterly and an annual report (unless alternative arrangements are agreed in writing by both Parties) to the SRIPCB, which shall be provided to the relevant Parties and include income and expenditure received by or incurred from the Pooled Fund. Such reports shall include an item on potential overspend or underspend.
The Pool. A group of one or more customers, joined together by the Supplier for supply management purposes under this Agreement, which are receiving service pursuant to the Company’s firm transportation tariffs.

Related to The Pool

  • Set Up Accounts (a) Bank shall establish and maintain the following accounts ("Accounts"):

  • Trust Funds The Owner hereby gives power to the Agent to deposit all receipts collected for the Owner, less any sums properly deducted or disbursed, in a financial institution whose deposits are insured by an agency of the United States government. The funds shall be held in a trust account separate from the Agent’s personal accounts. The Agent shall not be liable in the event of a bankruptcy or failure of a financial institution. All funds managed under this section must be done so in accordance with applicable law.

  • Individual Accounts An individual account is an account owned by one (1) member (individual, corporation, partnership, trust, or other organization) qualified for credit union membership. If the account owner dies, the interest passes, subject to applicable law, to the account owner’s estate or Payable on Death (POD) beneficiary/payee or trust beneficiary, subject to other provisions of this Agreement governing our protection for honoring transfer and withdrawal requests of an owner or owner’s agent prior to notice of an owner’s death, and to any security interest or pledge granted by the account owner, and subject to our statutory lien rights.

  • Separate Accounts If the Fund has more than one series or portfolio, the Bank will segregate the assets of each series or portfolio to which this Agreement relates into a separate account for each such series or portfolio containing the assets of such series or portfolio (and all investment earnings thereon). Unless the context otherwise requires, any reference in this Agreement to any actions to be taken by the Fund shall be deemed to refer to the Fund acting on behalf of one or more of its series, any reference in this Agreement to any assets of the Fund, including, without limitation, any portfolio securities and cash and earnings thereon, shall be deemed to refer only to assets of the applicable series, any duty or obligation of the Bank hereunder to the Fund shall be deemed to refer to duties and obligations with respect to such individual series and any obligation or liability of the Fund hereunder shall be binding only with respect to such individual series, and shall be discharged only out of the assets of such series.

  • Subaccounts The Separate Account is divided into Subaccounts which invest in shares of mutual funds. Each Subaccount may invest its assets in a separate class or series of a designated mutual fund or funds. The Subaccounts are shown on page 3. Subject to the regulatory requirements then in force, SBL reserves the right to:

  • Individual Account a. If a Participant's benefit is to be distributed over (1) a period not extending beyond the life expectancy of the Participant or the joint life and last survivor expectancy of the Participant and the Participant's designated Beneficiary or (2) a period not extending beyond the life expectancy of the designated Beneficiary, the amount required to be distributed for each calendar year, beginning with distributions for the first distribution calendar year, must at least equal the quotient obtained by dividing the Participant's benefit by the applicable life expectancy.

  • Multiple Accounts Your Bee Card may be associated with multiple Accounts. Each Account has its own policies and rules pertaining to acceptance, online account access and funds loading. We reserve the right to restrict the use of Accounts to certain qualifying locations. When authorizing a Bee Card purchase we will search for funds across all of your eligible accounts in a specific order consistent with our acceptance policies. You agree that we may use value from more than one account to complete a single purchase.

  • Custodial Accounts; Distribution Account (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, the Master Servicer shall have caused each Servicer to establish and maintain one or more Custodial Accounts, as provided in the related Purchase and Servicing Agreement, into which all Scheduled Payments and unscheduled payments with respect to the related Mortgage Loans, net of any deductions or reimbursements permitted under the related Purchase and Servicing Agreement, shall be deposited. On each Distribution Account Deposit Date, the Servicers shall remit to the Securities Administrator for deposit into the Distribution Account, all amounts so required to be deposited into such account in accordance with the terms of the related Purchase and Servicing Agreements.

  • SIMPLE Individual Retirement Custodial Account (Under section 408(p) of the Internal Revenue Code) The participant named above is establishing a savings incentive match plan for employees of small employers individual retirement account (SIMPLE IRA) under sections 408(a) and 408(p) to provide for his or her retirement and for the support of his or her beneficiaries after death. The custodian named above has given the participant the disclosure statement required by Regulations section 1.408-6. The participant and the custodian make the following agreement: