Monthly Fee definition

Monthly Fee has the meaning set forth in the Fee Schedule.

Examples of Monthly Fee in a sentence

  • If you make immediate use of your Card for Purchases of £1,200 and then repay the Account balance in 12 equal monthly instalments over the period of one year, the Total Amount Payable would be£1,483.50 including a Monthly Fee of £15 and also assuming that there is no change to the interest rate or any Monthly Fee (ifapplicable) and that you do not break the terms of the agreement.

  • Monthly Fee Assistance You may also be eligible to receive help to pay the monthly cost to lease the ignition interlock device for up to one year.

  • Each Fee Application Recipient will have until 4:00 p.m. (prevailing Eastern Time) on the date that is 14 days after service of a Monthly Fee Statement to object to the requested fees and expenses in accordance with Paragraph 27.Cbelow.

  • Any Fee Applicant that fails to file a Monthly Fee Statement for a particular month or months may subsequently submit a Monthly Fee Statement that includes a request for compensation earned or expenses incurred during the previous months.

  • Upon the expiration of such 14-day period, the Special Master is authorized and directed to pay the Fee Applicant an amount (the “Actual MonthlyPayment”) equal to 80 percent of the fees and 100 percent of the expensesCCaassee11:2:222-c-cvv-0-099660088-P-PKKCC DDooccuummeennt t1115-1 FFileiledd0111/1/203/2/232 PPaaggee1188oof f2233 requested in the applicable Monthly Fee Statement (the “Maximum Monthly Payment”) that are not subject to an objection pursuant to Paragraph 27.C below.

More Definitions of Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee means the total consideration, including but not limited to, equipment or locker rental, credit check, finance, medical and dietary evaluation, class and training fees, and all other similar fees or charges and interest, but excluding any initiation fee, to be paid by a buyer, divided by the total number of months of health spa service use allowed by the buyer's contract, including months or time periods called "free" or "bonus" months or time periods and such months or time periods which are described in any other terms suggesting that they are provided free of charge, which months or time periods are given or contemplated when the contract is initially executed.
Monthly Fee means the amount of the recurring license fee paid by Licensee under the Agreement that is allocable to one (1) month (but excluding implementation, configuration, professional, or other services or nonrecurring fees).
Monthly Fee has the meaning set forth in the Fee Letter.
Monthly Fee has the meaning in Section 10.2.
Monthly Fee has the meaning set forth in Schedule 11.1 attached hereto and hereby incorporated herein by reference.
Monthly Fee has the meaning stated in Section 4.3(a).
Monthly Fee means that monthly fee (including the second person monthly fee if there are two of you) payable in consideration for services and features as set forth under Section 3.2 of the Agreement.