Per person definition

Per person means the method to be utilized for determining the civil penalty to be assessed for a violation that may involve more than one (1) person. The violation number shall remain the same when assessing civil penalties on a per person basis.

Examples of Per person in a sentence

  • Including Owned, Non-owned, and Bodily Injury (Per person) $ ( ) Scheduled Autos Hired Auto coverage.

  • Overtime Wages:$ Per person, per hour$ Per crane/lift, per hour d.

  • Per person; rounded to the nearest ¼ hour; minimum charge of one ¼ hour.

  • These two column shows inception and expiration dates for policiesPRODUCTS-COMP/OP AGG $COMBINED SINGLE LIMIT $(Ea accident) $BODILY INJURY $(Per person) $BODILY INJURY $(Per accident) $ *3 GARAGE LIABILITYANY AUTO EXCESS LIABILITYOCCUR CLAIMS DEDUCTIBLE RETENTION $WORKERS’ COMPENSATION AND EMPLOYERS LIABILITYuses more than one broker, a separate certificate is needed to show those coverages.identified.

  • Per person cost (excluding refundable sales taxes) cannot exceed the established State allowance for refreshments or State per diem for that meal.

  • Per person limits will be placed on goods that are selling out quickly to reduce crowds and lines.

  • Per person costs shall be calculated to include all related costs (e.g., all food purchases, gratuities, delivery fees, and prepared food tax, but excluding refundable sales tax).

  • Injury:$1,000,000Each Occurrence:$1,000,000Fire Damage:$ 100,000Sexual Molestation and Abuse$ 250,000/$1,000,000 (Per person or occurrence/annual aggregate) Building Trades Contractors and Contractors engaged in other projects of construction shall have their general liability Aggregate Limit of Insurance endorsed to apply separately to each job site or project, as provided for by Insurance Services Office form CG-2503 Amendment-Aggregate Limits of Insurance (Per Project).

  • Injury: $1,000,000 Each Occurrence: $1,000,000 Fire Damage: $ 100,000 Sexual Molestation and Abuse $250,000/$1,000,000 (Per person or occurrence/annual aggregate Building Trades Contractors and Contractors engaged in other projects of construction shall have their general liability Aggregate Limit of Insurance endorsed to apply separately to each job site or project, as provided for by Insurance Services Office form CG-2503 Amendment-Aggregate Limits of Insurance (Per Project).

  • Per person fees of $99 per month per maximum capacity of workstations are applied to the Contract.

Related to Per person

  • Other Person means a person who is not a council member or an employee.

  • Older person means an individual who is at least fifty-five (55) years of age and qualified to reside in a Housing For Older Persons Project.

  • Issuer Person is defined in Section 10.02(d).

  • Person means any individual, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, joint venture, association, joint-stock company, trust, unincorporated organization or government or any agency or political subdivision thereof.

  • young person means a person who falls within the definition of qualifying young person in section 142 of the SSCBA.

  • Subject Person has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition of “Consolidated Net Income”.

  • Investment Person means all Portfolio Managers of Loomis Sayles and other Advisory Persons who assist the Portfolio Managers in making and implementing investment decisions for an Investment Company or other client of Loomis Sayles, including, but not limited to, designated Research Analysts and traders of Loomis Sayles. A person is considered an Investment Person only as to those client accounts or types of client accounts as to which he or she is designated by Personal Trading Compliance or the Chief Compliance Officer as such. As to other accounts, he or she is simply an Access Person.

  • Excluded Person means each Defendant, the directors and officers of each Defendant, the subsidiaries or affiliates of each Defendant, the entities in which each Defendant or any of that Defendant’s subsidiaries or affiliates have a controlling interest and the legal representatives, heirs, successors and assigns of each of the foregoing.

  • Permitted Holder means, at any time, each of (i) the Sponsors, (ii) the Management Group, (iii) any person that has no material assets other than the Equity Interests of the Company and, directly or indirectly, holds or acquires 100% of the total voting power of the Equity Interests of the Company, and of which no other person or group (within the meaning of Section 13(d)(3) or Section 14(d)(2) of the Exchange Act, or any successor provision), other than any of the other Permitted Holders specified in clauses (i) and (ii) above and (iv) below, holds more than 50% of the total voting power of the Equity Interests thereof and (iv) any group (within the meaning of Section 13(d)(3) or Section 14(d)(2) of the Exchange Act, or any successor provision) the members of which include any of the Permitted Holders specified in clauses (i) and (ii) above and that, directly or indirectly, hold or acquire beneficial ownership of the Equity Interests of the Company (a “Permitted Holder Group”), so long as (1) each member of the Permitted Holder Group has voting rights proportional to the percentage of ownership interests held or acquired by such member and (2) no person or other “group” (other than the Permitted Holders specified in clauses (i) and (ii) above) beneficially owns more than 50% on a fully diluted basis of the Equity Interests held by the Permitted Holder Group.

  • Controlling Person With respect to any Person, any other Person who “controls” such Person within the meaning of the Securities Act.

  • juridical person means any legal entity duly constituted or otherwise organised under applicable law, whether for profit or otherwise, and whether privately-owned or governmentally-owned, including any corporation, trust, partnership, joint venture, sole proprietorship or association;

  • Controlling Interest means: (1) an ownership interest or participating interest in a business entity by virtue of units, percentage, shares, stock, or otherwise that exceeds 10 percent; (2) membership on the board of directors or other governing body of a business entity of which the board or other governing body is composed of not more than 10 members; or (3) service as an officer of a business entity that has four or fewer officers, or service as one of the four officers most highly compensated by a business entity that has more than four officers.

  • Support Person means a person, who accompanies an Accused Student, a Reporting Party or a victim to a hearing for the limited purpose of providing support and guidance. A support person may not directly address the Hearing Body, question witnesses, or otherwise actively participate in the hearing process.

  • relevant person means, in relation to premises in respect of which there is in force a premises licence -

  • Control Person means any individual or company that holds or is one of a combination of individuals or companies that holds a sufficient number of any of the securities of the Corporation so as to affect materially the control of the Corporation, or that holds more than 20% of the outstanding voting shares of the Corporation except where there is evidence showing that the holder of those securities does not materially affect the control of the Corporation;

  • Ultimate controlling person means that person which is not controlled by any other person.

  • means a Person in whose name a Note is registered.

  • in any Person means any loan or advance to such Person, any purchase or other acquisition of any Equity Interests or Debt or the assets comprising a division or business unit or a substantial part or all of the business of such Person, any capital contribution to such Person or any other direct or indirect investment in such Person, including, without limitation, any acquisition by way of a merger or consolidation and any arrangement pursuant to which the investor incurs Debt of the types referred to in clause (i) or (j) of the definition of "Debt" in respect of such Person.

  • Reasonable person means a reasonable person under similar circumstances and with similar identities to the victim.

  • Constituent Person has the meaning set forth in Section 5.04(b).

  • Entity means any corporation (including any non-profit corporation), general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, joint venture, estate, trust, company (including any company limited by shares, limited liability company or joint stock company), firm, society or other enterprise, association, organization or entity.

  • Supervised Person means any partner, officer, director (or other person occupying a similar status or performing similar functions), or employee of GSAM or other person who provides investment advice on behalf of GSAM and is subject to the supervision and control of GSAM.

  • natural person means any natural person having the nationality of either Contracting Party in accordance with its laws.

  • Elderly person means any person 65 years of age or older who is not subject to the provisions of ORS 441.640 to 441.665.

  • Permitted Person means the UPS Managers Stock Trust, the UPS Stock Trust, the UPS Savings Plan, the UPS Qualified Stock Ownership Plan (QSOP), the Annie E. Casey Foundation, any retiree or present or former employee of the Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries or their respective present or former spouse, relatives (by consanguinity or law), estate or heirs (or their respective spouse’s estate or heirs) or any other Person that has Beneficial Ownership of the common stock of the Borrower on the date of this Agreement, or any Person that is created for the benefit of any of the foregoing after the date of this Agreement.

  • Acquired Person means, with respect to any specified Person, any other Person which merges with or into or becomes a Subsidiary of such specified Person.