Retirement Age Sample Clauses

Retirement Age. It is assumed that an employee terminates employment at the end of the school year in which the employee attains age 58 or at the end of the current year, if the individual is already 58 or older.
Retirement Age. The normal and early retirement ages for those employees participating in the State of Florida Retirement System (FRS) shall be as established by the State of Florida. Any reference in this Agreement to retirement shall be as so designated above except for Articles or provisions that define specific requirements.
Retirement Age. 5.01 Normal retirement age as defined under the Queen’s Pension Plan is 65, however, retirement at age 65 is not mandatory. An employee’s effective retirement date is the last day of the month in which an employee elects to retire. The Employer will notify each employee approximately 6 months prior to the employee reaching age 65 to discuss the employee’s options under the pension plan.
Retirement Age. It was assumed that a teacher would terminate employment on September 1, following the teacher reaching the age of fifty-eight (58) and completing ten (10) years of service with the Monroe County Community School Corporation. If a teacher was already fifty-eight (58) or older and had completed ten (10) years of service with the Monroe County Community School Corporation, it was assumed that the teacher would retire at the end of the next school year.
Retirement Age. On the last day of the month after reaching maximum retirement age under the provisions of the Pension (Municipal) Act, every employee will automatically cease to be employed, but the Employer may employ or re-employ an individual over retirement age on a temporary basis.
Retirement Age. 15.01 It is agreed that the first day of retirement shall be the first day of the month following the month an employee retires and resigns their employment. It is understood that once an employee has determined a date of retirement, they are responsible to advise their manager in writing of their intent to retire and specify the retirement date, with a copy to Human Resources. It is preferred the employee provide written notice of retirement no less than three months in advance of the retirement date as a reasonable period to process the retirement.
Retirement Age. 11.4.1 Upon reaching the age of 70, the employee shall receive an evaluation based upon the following:
Retirement Age. A Participant’s Retirement Age under the Plan is (choose only one of (a)-(d)):
Retirement Age. If the Participant terminates Service prior to the Scheduled Vesting Date and, as of such termination date, the Participant has obtained Retirement Age, then the Performance Units shall vest pro rata and the final value shall be based on the actual attainment of the performance conditions set forth in the Goals and Measures, as determined following the close of the Performance Period in accordance with the following schedule: