Willful Misconduct definition

Willful Misconduct means any act or failure to act with an intentional disregard of any provision of this Agreement, which a party knew or should have known if it was acting as a reasonable person, which would result in injury, damage to life, personal safety, real property, harmful consequences to the other party, but shall not include any error of judgment or mistake made in good faith.
Willful Misconduct means intentional disregard of good and prudent standards of performance or proper conduct under the Contract with knowledge that it is likely to result in any injury to any person or persons or loss or damage of property.
Willful Misconduct means that the Contractor has intentionally concealed the defect in full knowledge of the consequences that may flow from its existence and the defect is one, which the Purchaser could not have discovered on careful examination of the Plant at the time of acceptance or during the Defect Liability Period.

Examples of Willful Misconduct in a sentence

  • The Concessionaire shall not be responsible or be obliged to indemnify the KMC or NMCG for any injury, loss, damage, cost and expense caused by the negligence or Willful Misconduct of the KMC, NMCG, the KMC Related Parties or the NMCG Related Parties or by a breach by the KMC or NMCG of their respective obligations under this Agreement.

More Definitions of Willful Misconduct

Willful Misconduct means opzet;
Willful Misconduct means any act or omission of a party which is willfully intended to harm the interests of the other party, provided however, that willful misconduct does not include ordinary negligence, an error of judgment or mistake of a person.
Willful Misconduct means conduct committed with an intentional or reckless disregard for the safety of others, as by failing to exercise reasonable care to prevent a known danger.
Willful Misconduct means, with respect to any Party or Person an intentional or reckless, disregard by such Party or Person, of Applicable Law, any common duty of care, any provision of this Contract, any other document prepared pursuant to this Contract or of Prudent Utility Practice, and relating to the performance by such Party of its obligations there under, but shall not include any error of judgment or mistake made in good faith.
Willful Misconduct and "willful failure to perform" shall not include action or inaction on the part of the Executive which were taken or not taken in good faith by the Executive;
Willful Misconduct means the intentional doing of a wrongful act, or the wrongful failure to act, without just cause or excuse, where the actor is aware that the actor's conduct will probably result in injury.
Willful Misconduct means an act involving conscious wrongdoing or known prohibited action. A service de- partment finding that injury, disease or death was not due to misconduct will be binding on the Department of Veterans Affairs unless it is patently inconsistent with the facts and the re- quirements of laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.