Statutory Holiday Sample Clauses

Statutory Holiday. Employees covered by this Subsection (b) who work on any of the Statutory Holidays in Article 20.01 shall receive their regular salary and additionally, time-off with pay at the rate of double time (2x) for each such hour actually worked.
Statutory Holiday. All time worked on such Statutory Holidays as are provided for in this Agreement shall be considered as overtime and shall be paid at two hundred percent (200%) of the employee's regular straight-time rate, or the employee may elect to be paid straight-time rates for the overtime hours and take an equal number of hours as time off. Such time off must be taken according to a schedule acceptable to the employee's Supervisor within thirty (30) days of the end of the pay period in which the overtime was worked.
Statutory Holiday. (a) Employees shall be entitled to a holiday with pay at their regular rate for each of the statutory holidays hereinafter set forth: New Year's Day Victoria Day Thanksgiving Day Family Day Canada Day Remembrance Day Good Friday B.C. Day Christmas Day Easter Monday Labour Day Boxing Day and any day proclaimed by the Federal, Provincial or Municipal government as a holiday and, any special school holiday proclaimed by the Minister of Education. Only employees regularly working within the municipal boundary shall be entitled to a municipal holiday.
Statutory Holiday. The following days shall be considered statutory holidays: New Year's Day Canada Day Remembrance Day Family Day B.C. Day Christmas Day Good Friday Victoria Day Labour Day Thanksgiving Day Boxing Day and all other public holidays proclaimed by the Federal, Provincial or Municipal Governments, provided that all other major retail grocery stores close on any such holiday proclaimed and, further, that in the case of a statutory holiday proclaimed by a Municipality, only those stores of the Employer in that Municipality shall be affected by the requirements of this Article. Any employee who is asked to work on a statutory holiday will be paid for that holiday, and the hours he or she works will be paid at one and a half (1½) times his or her regular hourly rate. Full-time employees shall receive forty (40) hours pay at straight time rates and shall work four (4) days, thirty-two (32) hours, including work on the statutory holiday, in a week in which one (1) statutory holiday occurs; three (3) days, twenty-four (24) hours, including work on the statutory holiday, in a week in which two (2) statutory holidays occur. Time worked in excess of forty (40) hours of actual work by part-time employees during a week in which a statutory holiday or statutory holidays occur shall be paid at the rate of time and one half (1-1/2). All employees shall receive Statutory Holiday pay as follows: Average hours worked in four (4) weeks preceding the week in which the holiday occurs:
Statutory Holiday. A Statutory Holiday will be treated as a normal working day for all Regular Parttime employees. Thus, an employee who works on a Statutory Holiday will be paid at straight time rates for the normal daily hours and at normal overtime rates for any hours worked in excess of normal daily or weekly hours. Similarly, an employee who does not work on a Statutory Holiday will not receive any pay or compensating time off in lieu of the holiday.
Statutory Holiday. For employees participating in Progressive Retirement, payment for Statutory Holidays will be governed as follows: Employees who work the Holiday or are entitled to time and one-half for the actual hours worked plus 1/20th of the wages earned in the four-week period immediately before the week in which the holiday occurs OR regular wages for the actual hours worked plus a holiday with pay at a later date. o An employee not required to work will be paid 1/20th of the wages earned in the four-week period immediately before the week in which the holiday occurs Seniority & Dues • Under this arrangement, Seniority will be protected and Dues will be deducted as per the terms of the USW Constitution. Staff ReductionsReduction in staff will be done in accordance with Article 5.3 of the Collective Agreement unless otherwise mutually agreed. Bereavement Leave • Employees participating in Progressive Retirement are entitled to Bereavement Leave. For clarity, such leave will not be moved to working days. General Provisions Both Parties recognize that the Progressive Retirement program is new to Canpar and that the USW agreement governs multiple worksites with different schedules, hours of work and practices. As such these programs may need to be altered to obtain the desired outcomes. Accordingly, the parties agree that the terms of the program will not form part of the collective agreement and may be modified upon mutual agreement to meet the needs of each work location. In implementing this program, representatives from the Company, USW and local management will meet as required to review issues and assess the programs. Agreed in Toronto on June , 2016 David Neale / Ping Yan Vice-President/Financial Secretary Sr. Vice-President, Operations TC Local 1976 (USW) Canpar Transport L.P.
Statutory Holiday. Eligibility and payment for Statutory Holidays will be as per the provisions of the applicable legislation or any amendment thereof.
Statutory Holiday. It is understood that no more than two (2) days will be open for selection within any one (1) week. Subject to the needs of the business, the approval by the Company of requests for float and/or lieu days will not be unreasonably withheld when such requests are made at least three (3) weeks in advance of the day in question.