Holiday Sample Clauses

Holiday. 6.1 In addition to the usual public and bank holidays, the Executive shall be entitled to 25 days' paid holiday in each complete holiday year worked (and pro rata for part of each holiday year worked) to be taken at such time or times as shall be agreed by the Board.
Holiday. 8.1 In addition to public holidays the Executive is entitled to 25 working days paid holiday in each year from January 1 to December 31 to be taken at such time or times as are agreed with the Board. The Executive shall not without the consent of the Board carry forward any unused part of his holiday entitlement to a subsequent year.
Holiday. 10.1 The Employee is entitled to 25 working dayspaid holiday per calendar year during his Employment (plus bank and public holidays in England), to be taken at a time or times convenient to the Company. The right to paid holiday will accrue pro-rata during each calendar year of the Employment.
Holiday. 6.1 The Executive shall be entitled during the Employment to 30 working days holiday in each calendar year plus bank holidays. Holiday may only be taken at such time or times as the Chief Executive Officer shall approve. The Executive’s holiday entitlement shall be pro rated for the year in which the Employment begins and for the year in which the Employment ends.
Holiday. (a) In the case of a shift that does not commence and end in the same day, the twenty- four (24) hour period commencing from the time at which the shift commenced if more than one-half of the shift falls on a day designated as a holiday in this Agreement.
Holiday. Part of the annual holiday entitlement may be used to reduce the level of activity or to close the company on certain days outside its busiest period.