Automobile Insurance Sample Clauses

Automobile Insurance. Developer shall maintain or cause to be maintained automobile insurance on any automobiles owned by Developer, maintained in full force and effect in an amount of not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) per accident.
Automobile Insurance. The Consultant shall maintain minimum automobile coverage of (a) One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) for property damage, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) for injury to one person/any one occurrence and One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for injury to more than one person/any one occurrence or (b) combined single limit of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence.
Automobile Insurance. Permittee agrees and represents that he or she has adequate vehicle insurance as required by state law for the vehicles identified on the Permit and that it is a valid and existing policy of insurance that will not be cancelled during the period covered by the Permit. Upon request of Weyerhaeuser, Permittee shall cause his/her insurance company or agent to provide evidence of such insurance to Weyerhaeuser. Such insurance coverage shall be primary and shall be exhausted first notwithstanding any other valid insurance carried by Weyerhaeuser or others covering the same risk, including without limitation insurance procured by Weyerhaeuser for activities under this Permit. The limits in or scope of Permittee’s policy shall not limit Permittee’s liability to Weyerhaeuser or others.
Automobile Insurance. Manager, at its expense which is not reimbursable, shall carry and maintain business auto liability insurance covering owned, non-owned and hired vehicles with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per accident.
Automobile Insurance. Automobile Liability Insurance in an amount of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit for bodily injuries and property damage, including all owned, hired and non-owned vehicles.
Automobile Insurance. If a County, in conducting activities under this Agreement, uses motor vehicles, the County shall insure that the SBWIB, Inc., its officers and employees are held harmless against claims arising from the ownership, maintenance or use of said motor vehicles. In addition, County shall provide insurance through a commercial insurance company authorized to do business in the State of California. The coverage shall be $1,000,000 combined single limit liability, or other equivalent coverage approved by the SBWIB, Inc. Attorney.
Automobile Insurance. Lessee shall, at all times during the Term and at its own expense, maintain in full force and effect, policies of automobile liability insurance under the terms of this Lease and Lessor shall be indemnified and protected against any and all claims for injuries or damages, suffered or alleged to have been suffered by an person or persons by vehicles owned, non-owned, or hired for use during the Term by or on behalf of Lessee with limits of liability reasonably and generally held with respect to reasonably similar properties located in the City of Las Vegas, Nevada.