Rent Sample Clauses

Rent. Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord, without demand, deduction or offset except as otherwise set forth in this Lease, Base Rent, Excess Operating Expenses, Excess Property Taxes and all other Additional Rent for the Term. Tenant shall pay the Monthly Rent, in advance, on the first day of each calendar month during the Term, at Landlord’s address designated in Section 1 above unless Landlord designates otherwise with at least thirty (30) days advance notice in writing to Tenant of such changed designation; provided that Monthly Rent for the first full month shall be paid at the signing of this Lease. If the Commencement Date is not the first day of the month, the Monthly Rent for that partial month shall be apportioned on a per diem basis and shall be paid on or before the Commencement Date. Tenant shall pay Landlord a service and handling charge equal to the lesser of 5% of any Rent not paid within 5 days after the date due or the maximum amount permitted by applicable Laws. In addition, any Rent, including such charge, not paid within 5 days after the due date will bear interest at the Interest Rate from the date due to the date paid. Tenant shall pay before delinquency all taxes levied or assessed upon, measured by, or arising from the conduct of Tenant’s business, use or occupancy of the Premises, Tenant’s leasehold estate or Tenant’s property. Additionally, and notwithstanding anything to the contrary, Tenant shall pay to Landlord all sales, use, transaction privilege, or other excise tax that may at any time be levied or imposed upon, or measured by, any Rent or other amount payable by Tenant or any subtenant or occupant under this Lease.

Rent. Tenant shall pay all Base Rent and Additional Rent (defined below) (collectively, “Rent”) to Landlord or Landlord’s agent, without prior notice or demand or any setoff or deduction, at the place Landlord may designate from time to time. As used herein, “Additional Rent” means all amounts, other than Base Rent, that Tenant is required to pay Landlord hereunder. Monthly payments of Base Rent and monthly payments of Additional Rent for Expenses (defined in Section 4.2.2), Taxes (defined in Section 4.2.3) and parking (collectively, “Monthly Rent”) shall be paid in advance on or before the first day of each calendar month during the Term; provided, however, that the installment of Base Rent for the first full calendar month for which Base Rent is payable hereunder shall be paid upon Tenant’s execution and delivery hereof. Except as otherwise provided herein, all other items of Additional Rent shall be paid within 30 days after Landlord’s request for payment. Rent for any partial calendar month shall be prorated based on the actual number of days in such month. Without limiting Landlord’s other rights or remedies, (a) if any installment of Rent is not received by Landlord or its designee within five (5) business days after its due date, Tenant shall pay Landlord a late charge equal to 5% of the overdue amount; and (b) any Rent that is not paid within 10 days after its due date shall bear interest, from its due date until paid, at the lesser of 12% per annum or the highest rate permitted by Law (defined in Section 5). Tenant’s covenant to pay Rent is independent of every other covenant herein.

Rent. Lessee will pay to Lessor in lawful money of the United States of America which shall be legal tender for the payment of public and private debts, in immediately available funds, at Lessor’s address set forth in Article 26 hereof or at such other place or to such other Person as Lessor from time to time may designate in a Notice, all Base Rent, Percentage Rent and Additional Charges, during the Term, as follows:

Rent. In consideration of this Lease, during the Term, Lessee shall pay to Lessor the amounts set forth in Exhibit C as annual basic rent for the Premises (“Basic Rent”). Lessee shall pay Basic Rent and all other sums payable to Lessor hereunder to Lessor (or, upon Lessor’s request, to any mortgagee(s) or beneficiary(ies) identified by Lessor (whether one or more, the “Mortgagee”) under any mortgages, deeds of trust or similar security instruments creating a lien on the interest of Lessor in the Premises (whether one or more, the “Mortgage”)) by check or wire transfer, in immediately available funds, as directed from time to time by the Lessor, or at such other address or to such other person as Lessor from time to time may designate. Lessor shall give Lessee not less than fifteen (15) days prior written notice of any change in the address to which such payments are to be made. If the party entitled to receive Basic Rent or such party’s address shall change, Lessee may, until receipt of notice of such change from the party entitled to receive Basic Rent or other sums payable hereunder immediately preceding such change, continue to pay Basic Rent and other sums payable hereunder to the party to which, and in the manner in which, the preceding installment of Basic Rent or other sums payable hereunder, as the case may be, was paid. Such Basic Rent shall be paid in equal monthly installments in advance on the first day of each month, except for any Basic Rent due for the rental of the Premises during the Interim Term which shall be payable in advance on or before the date hereof. Any rental payment made in respect of a period which is less than one month shall be prorated by multiplying the then applicable monthly Basic Rent by a fraction the numerator of which is the number of days in such month with respect to which rent is being paid and the denominator of which is the total number of days in such month. Lessee shall perform all its obligations under this Lease at its sole cost and expense, and shall pay all Basic Rent, and other sums payable hereunder when due and payable, without notice or demand.

Rent. Tenant shall timely pay to Landlord Rent (as defined in the Basic Lease Information), including the amounts set forth in Exhibit C hereto, without notice, demand, deduction or set-off (except as otherwise expressly provided herein), by good and sufficient check drawn on a national banking association at Landlord’s address provided for in this Lease or as otherwise specified by Landlord and shall be accompanied by all applicable state and local sales or use taxes. The obligations of Tenant to pay Base Rent (as defined in the Basic Lease Information) and other sums to Landlord and the obligations of Landlord under this Lease are independent obligations. Base Rent, adjusted as herein provided, shall be payable monthly in advance. The first (1st) monthly installment of Base Rent shall be payable contemporaneously with the execution of this Lease; thereafter, Base Rent shall be payable on the first (1st) day of each month beginning on the first (1st) day of the second (2nd) full calendar month of the Term. The monthly Base Rent for any partial month at the beginning of the Term shall equal the product of 1/365 (or in the event of a leap year, 1/366) of the annual Base Rent in effect during the partial month and the number of days in the partial month, and shall be due on the Commencement Date. Payments of Base Rent for any fractional calendar month at the end of the Term shall be similarly prorated. Tenant shall pay Additional Rent, Taxes and Insurance (each as defined in Exhibit C) at the same time and in the same manner as Base Rent.

Rent. All amounts payable by Tenant to or on behalf of Landlord under this Lease, whether or not expressly denominated Fixed Rent, Tenant’s Tax Payment, Tenant’s Operating Payment, Additional Rent or Rent, shall constitute rent for the purposes of Section 502(b)(6) of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Rent. Tenant shall pay, in lawful money of the United States of America which shall be legal tender for the payment of public and private debts, without offset, abatement, demand or deduction (unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement), Minimum Rent and Additional Rent to Landlord and Additional Charges to the party to whom such Additional Charges are payable, during the Term. All payments to Landlord shall be made by wire transfer of immediately available federal funds or by other means acceptable to Landlord in its sole discretion. Rent for any partial calendar month shall be prorated on a per diem basis.

Rent. The term “Rent” shall mean collectively Base Monthly Rent and all Additional Rent.

Rent. To the extent collected by Seller prior to Closing, the “minimum” or “base” rent paid by tenants under the Assignable Leases for the calendar month in which the Closing occurs shall be prorated between Purchaser and Seller on the basis of the number of days of such month the Property will have been owned by Purchaser and Seller, respectively. There shall be no proration of any rent which is delinquent as of the Closing Date. Rent collected on or after the Closing Date shall be applied to such period as the tenant may direct, or if there is no such direction, first to the month of Closing, then to any delinquency existing for the period thereafter and then to any delinquency for the period prior to Closing. Purchaser shall cause any rent applicable to the period prior to Closing to be remitted to Seller if, as, and when collected. At Closing, Seller shall deliver to Purchaser a schedule of all delinquent rent. In the event any delinquent rent is omitted from such schedule, Seller shall not be deemed to have waived its rights to such rent. Purchaser shall include the amount of delinquent rent in the first bills thereafter submitted to the tenants in question after the Closing, and shall continue to do so for three (3) months thereafter. Purchaser shall promptly deliver to Seller a copy of each such bill submitted to tenants. After such three (3) month period following Closing, Seller may pursue remedies directly against delinquent tenants, but may not sue to evict or otherwise dispossess such tenants.

Rent. All payments required to be made hereunder to Landlord shall be deemed to be rent, whether or not described as such.