Check or Money Order Sample Clauses

Check or Money Order. To pay with a check or money order, make payable to Concord Theatricals Corp. in USD and mail with a copy of your quote to: Concord Theatricals Corp. c/o JPM-Chase P.O. Box 22824 New York, NY 10087-2824 Checks sent by standard mail take 3 weeks to be received and processed; to ensure your payment is received on time, please send well in advance of the noted due date. If you are sending your check to us via an expedited shipping method, please mail with a copy of your quote to this address: Overnight Mailing Address: JPMorgan ChaseLockbox Processing Attn: Concord Theatricals Corp. & 22824 0 Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx 0xx xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Checks sent to the Overnight Mailing Address may take up to 7 business days to be received and processed.
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Check or Money Order. Just like a hotel; we collect this information instead of charging a security deposit. Please note that at the owner’s or manager’s discretion a security deposit of $250 - $1500 may be required.* Credit Card type: VISA OR M/C ONLY Credit Card Number: Expiration Date: CVV Code: Name as it appears on your Credit Card: Billing Address (if different from above): City, State, Zip: Do you wish to pay the deposit/rent with this card? Y/N *Note: a 3% charge will be added to amounts paid by credit card, unless this is a “last minute“ rental.*
Check or Money Order 

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  • Borrow Money or Utilize Leverage Subject to the Fundamental Policies in effect from time to time with respect to the Trust, the Trustees shall have the power to borrow money or otherwise obtain credit or utilize leverage to the maximum extent permitted by law or regulation as such may be needed from time to time and to secure the same by mortgaging, pledging or otherwise subjecting as security the assets of the Trust, including the lending of portfolio securities, and to endorse, guarantee, or undertake the performance of any obligation, contract or engagement of any other person, firm, association or corporation.

  • Xxxxxxx Money Dispute Notwithstanding any termination of this Agreement, the Parties agree that in the event of any controversy regarding the release of the Xxxxxxx Money that the matter shall be submitted to mediation as provided in Section XXIII.

  • Project Delivery Order Procedures The TIPS Member having approved and signed an interlocal agreement, or other TIPS Membership document, may make a request of the awarded Vendor under this Agreement when the TIPS Member desires goods or services awarded to the Vendor. Notification may occur via phone, the web, courier, email, fax, or in person. Upon notification of a pending request, the awarded Vendor shall acknowledge the TIPS Member’s request as soon as possible, but must make contact with the TIPS Member within two working days. Status of TIPS Members as Related to This Agreement TIPS Members stand in the place of TIPS as related to this agreement and have the same access to the proposal information and all related documents. TIPS Members have all the same rights under the awarded Agreement as TIPS.

  • Daily Order Confirmation All Agreement purchase orders will be approved daily by TIPS and sent to vendor. The vendor must confirm receipt of orders to the TIPS Member (customer) within 24 business hours. • Vendor custom website for TIPS: If Vendor is hosting a custom TIPS website, then updated pricing must be posted by 1st of each month.

  • Orders “Order” means the accepted order including any supporting material which the parties identify as incorporated either by attachment or reference (“Supporting Material”). Supporting Material may include (as examples) product lists, hardware or software specifications, standard or negotiated service descriptions, data sheets and their supplements, and statements of work (SOWs), published warranties and service level agreements, and may be available to Customer in hard copy or by accessing a designated HP website.

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