Check or Money Order Sample Clauses

Check or Money Order make payable to the FMCSA in U.S. dollars)First-Class MailFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration P. O. Box 6200-33Portland, OR 97228-6200
Check or Money Order made payable to the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy for your application for a pharmacist license. Licenses are issued biennially.
Check or Money Order. Checks and money orders (in US dollars from US banks) should be made payable to Northwestern University. The student's name and student ID number (Northwestern ID card) number must also be included. The cancelled check will serve as your receipt (To request a receipt displaying the University seal, contact the Office of Student Accounts). Postdated checks will not be honored.Please allow five business days for payments by mail.
Check or Money Order. Just like a hotel; we collect this information instead of charging a security deposit. Please note that at the owner’s or manager’s discretion a security deposit of $250 - $1500 may be required.* Credit Card type: VISA OR M/C ONLY Credit Card Number: Expiration Date: CVV Code: Name as it appears on your Credit Card: Billing Address (if different from above): City, State, Zip: Do you wish to pay the deposit/rent with this card? Y/N *Note: a 3% charge will be added to amounts paid by credit card, unless this is a “last minuterental.*
Check or Money Order 

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  • Orders All orders you submit for transactions in Fund Shares shall reflect orders received from your customers or shall be for your account for your own bona fide investment, and you will date and time-stamp your customer orders and forward them promptly each day and in any event prior to the time required by the applicable Fund prospectus (the “Prospectus,” which for purposes of this agreement includes the Statement of Additional Information incorporated therein). As agent for your customers, you shall not withhold placing customers’ orders for any Shares so as to profit yourself or your customer as a result of such withholding. You are hereby authorized to: (i) place your orders directly with the relevant investment company (the “Company”) for the purchase of Shares and (ii) tender Shares directly to the Company for redemption, in each case subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Prospectus and any operating procedures and policies established by us or the Fund (directly or through its Transfer Agent) from time to time. All purchase orders you submit are subject to acceptance or rejection, and we reserve the right to suspend or limit the sale of Shares. You are not authorized to make any representations concerning Shares of any Fund except such representations as are contained in the Prospectus and in such supplemental written information that the Fund or the Distributor (acting on behalf of the Fund) may provide to you with respect to a Fund. All orders that are accepted for the purchase of Shares shall be executed at the next determined public offering price per share (i.e., the net asset value per share plus the applicable sales load, if any) and all orders for the redemption of Shares shall be executed at the next determined net asset value per share and subject to any applicable redemption fee or contingent deferred sales load, in each case as described in the Prospectus.