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Utility Charges charges or fees in respect of consumption of the Utilities used at the AENP Xxxx Braai Facility as provided by SANParks, the Relevant Authority or any other supplier; 2.1.99 “Variable PPP Fee” - that portion of the PPP Fee that is a percentage of the Gross Revenue of the Private Party, which percentage is detailed in Clause 19 and Schedule 6; 2.1.100 “VAT” - value added tax, as defined in the VAT Act or any similar tax which is imposed in place of or in addition to such tax; and 2.1.101 “VAT Act” - Value Added Tax Act, No. 89 of 1991, as amended form time to time.
Utility Charges means the charges for the usage of electricity, water, sewerage, data, voice communication and other analogous utilities at the Advertisement Area.
Utility Charges means all charges of any type imposed by a Utility, including, without limitation, those charges, surcharges and riders for or related to (i) the distribution of Gas from the Delivery Point to the applicable Facility; (ii) the establishment and maintenance of the Utility’s Gas transportation program; (iii) Supply Services; (iv) public purpose programs; and (v) equipment rental, deposits and special services or arrangements between you and the Utility.

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  • Moved: Cr Kron Nicholas Seconded: Cr Nikki CohenThat Murray River Council (Council) resolve to adopt the Ordinary Rates, Utility Charges and related matters provisionally adopted by Council at its Extraordinary Meeting held on 09 May 2023 (EM), (thereafter placed on public display for comment for 28 days without having received any submissions), without any changes, in keeping with the relevant provisions of the Act, as follows:1.

  • In addition, you will pay us the Customer Charge indicated on the Service Application, and you will pay directly, or reimburse us if we have paid, all Utility Charges and Taxes.

  • The Utility Charges shall be paid as per actual plus taxes for the space occupied by the licensee from time to time within 7 days from the date of submission of invoices.

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Utility Charges means the charges payable in respect of the provision of Utility Services for the connection, disconnection, consumption or usage of the Utility Services provided by the Utility Providers to the Building (including the Unit and the Building Common Areas,) which charges shall be determined by the Utility Provider from time to time;
Utility Charges. Defined in Section 9.A hereof.
Utility Charges means the actual charges for the usage of electricity & water.
Utility Charges means the actual charges for usage of electricity and water as per Clause 14.3.1 of the draft Concession Agreement.
Utility Charges means water, sewer, electricity, gas and other utility charges, if any, applicable to the Real Property or the Leased Real Property;
Utility Charges means water, sewer, electricity, gas and other utility charges, if any, applicable to the Real Property;
Utility Charges means the rates for electric service and other charges authorized by the Commission ;