The Guest definition

The Guest means the person/s attending the Event or using Accommodation.
The Guest. (if an individual) means all natural persons he has booked in;
The Guest. (if a corporate) means the entity on behalf of which the signatory hereto duly signs this agreement;

Examples of The Guest in a sentence

  • The Guest should carry a copy of the response, indicating the response reference number on their person.

  • The Guest is obliged to take all reasonable measures to assist Motel One in resolving the disruption and keeping damage to a minimum.

  • The Guest is also obliged to inform Motel One in good time of the possibility that unusually extensive damage could be incurred.

  • The Guest is obliged to report any damage immediately, obvious damage in all cases before leaving the parking facility.

  • The Guest is entitled to occupy the guest room of the Hotel from 3.p.m. on the day of registration until 11 a.m. on the day of departure.2. The Hotel may, notwithstanding the provision prescribed in the preceding paragraph, permit the Guest to occupy the room beyond the checkout time prescribed in the same paragraph.

  • The Guest is entitled to cancel the Accommodation Contract by notifying the Hotel.

  • The Guest and the Customer are severally liable for all amounts which one or both of them may owe the Catering Establishment on any account.

  • The Guest agrees to submit to any personal search or search of luggage and goods where such search is reasonably required by us or any supplier in the interests of security or safety or by any third party acting with appropriate authority.

  • The Guest must leave the Catering Establishment at the first request.

  • Some electrochromic manufacturers have demonstrated automated control in building applications, but, on the whole, this is a burgeoning area of development.

More Definitions of The Guest

The Guest means the person signing the booking form.

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