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Utilities and Services means electricity, gas, water, foul water and surface drainage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, telephone, television, internet and other electronic communications and all other utilities serving or consumed at the Property.
Utilities and Services. The Lessor will furnish water and removal of garbage in accordance with regulations of the city. Lessee will use utilities supplied by the Lessor only for ordinary household uses and for no other use including washing car on the premises. The hot water tank thermostats are set at 120 . If Lessee sets thermostats at anything other than 120 the Lessee assumes such risk. The Lessor requires that any attempt to alter the thermostat setting be done by a qualified electrician. Lessee shall pay for all utilities and services including utility deposits where demanded by utility companies and shall keep said utility bills paid current. Any damage caused to leasehold premises by failure of Lessee to pay utility bills shall be at the expense of the Lessee. Lessee shall properly use and operate all electrical, gas, heating, plumbing, and other fixtures and appliances supplied by the Lessor. Lessee agrees to pay for any and all damages caused by flooding, freezing, and broken pipes because of failure of Lessee to provide heat to leasehold premises during the winter months, and shall be repaired by the Lessor at Lessee’s expense without deduction for depreciation. Lessee shall properly dispose from his/her residence all rubbish, garbage, and other organic or flammable waste at reasonable and regular intervals, and assume all costs of refuse removal, extermination and fumigation for infestation caused by Lessee. Lessee shall keep all parts of the leasehold premises which he occupies and uses in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.
Utilities and Services means any utility and/or service that is essential for a building to be habitable and/or perform a service necessary to comply with all the City of Moline codes. This includes, but is not limited to, electrical, gas, water, sewer, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, and snow removal.

Examples of Utilities and Services in a sentence

  • Refer to "Guidelines for Bid Conditions for Temporary Job Utilities and Services", prepared jointly by AGC and ASC, for industry recommendations.

  • Public Utilities and Services: This property is served by a full range of urban services.

  • Maintenance of Temporary Utilities and Services: Contractor shall maintain temporary utilities and services in good operating condition until removal.

  • Termination and Removal of Temporary Utilities and Services: Unless the University requires that it be maintained longer, remove each temporary facility when the need has ended, or when replaced by authorized use of a permanent facility, or no later than Completion.

  • Utilities and Services are seen only in the vicinity of towns, villages and roadside establishments the project road alignment traverses through either open area or agricultural land with small stretches of forest area.

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Utilities and Services. Water: City of Clearwater Sewer: City of Clearwater Electricity: Florida Power Corporation Telephone: General Telephone Company Police: City of Clearwater Fire: City of Clearwater The cost of utilities and services are similar to competing areas within the Tampa Bay area. Street Improvements: NE Coachman Road, in front of the subject site, is a two lane road with masonry sidewalks and no curbs. Telephone and electric service in the area is wood pole mounted. U.S. Highway 19 to the east of the site is a six lane road with center turn lanes. The intersection of NE Coachman Road and U.S. Highway 19 is signaled with a traffic light. Traffic counts taken in the location of the subject for 1993 estimate travel on NE Coachman Road at 13,862 cars daily and travel on U.S. Highway 19 at 71,862 cars daily. Travel is by both local and transient traffic. The visibility of the site is adequate. Ingress/Egress: Access to the site is provided only by NE Coachman Road, to the north. Access to NE Coachman Road is available from U.S. Highway 19 to the east and Old Coachman Road or Belcher Road to the west. Ingress and egress for the site is adequate and is easily made from all traffic directions. Ingress and egress for the site may be slightly more difficult during peak traffic hours.
Utilities and Services. Lessee shall be responsible for the following: A. monthly utility costs B. janitorial services
Utilities and Services means all utilities and services that service the Residence from time to time including but not limited to gas, water, power, cooling and heating services, telephone and sewerage.
Utilities and Services. The above rate includes utility charges for the following: DIESEL GAS ELECTRICITY WATER TOILET SUPPLIES JANITORIAL SERVICES & SUPPLIES TRASH REMOVAL SEPTIC SERVICE EXISTING TELECOMMUNICATIONS The above rate excludes utility charges. RESTORATION: Restoration beyond ordinary wear and tear. (check only one) The above sum includes Government restoration of land/facilities. Restoration shall be performed to the extent reasonably practical. Restoration work includes: . The above sum excludes restoration of land/facilities. Reasonable costs incurred by the owner (beyond ordinary wear and tear) in restoring land/facilities to their prior condition shall be submitted, in writing, to the Contracting Officer.
Utilities and Services means all services and utilities as required from time to time for the effective operation of the WRT System and to permit the parties to comply with their respective rights and obligations as provided in this Agreement.
Utilities and Services means electricity, gas, water and sewer utilities, and police, fire protection, and emergency medical services.
Utilities and Services section (Item 2) has two sets of blank spaces used to assign which party shall pay for which utilities and services. Assign the ones the Buyer/Tenant shall pay for in the first set of spaces then the ones the Seller/Landlord shall pay for on the second set of lines. Step 4 – Read through Item 3 then in “Option Term” (Item 4) the period of time in which a Buyer/Tenant may elect to purchase the property will need definition. Enter the first calendar date the option to purchase the property may be utilized by the Buyer/Tenant on the first blank line Then, on the second, enter the last calendar date the Buyer/Tenant may proceed to purchase the property. Step 5 – Read through Item 5 then proceed to Item 6. Step 6 – The “Option Consideration” paragraph (Item 6) will define a condition on part of the purchase price. Here, enter the non-refundable fee a Buyer/Tenant pays the Seller/Landlord for the option to purchase. This fee will be kept by the Seller/Landlord if the Buyer/Tenant does not purchase the property or it will be applied as a credit toward the property’s purchase price should the Buyer/Tenant decide to buy the property. Step 7 – The “Purchase Price” paragraph (Item 7) will further define payment information should the Buyer/Tenant purchase the property. First, enter the total price of the property on the first two blank lines. Then enter the amount of money (taken from the monthly rent payment) the Seller/Landlord shall apply as credit for the Buyer/Tenant when purchasing the property. Step 8 – Read through Items 8-16 then, enter the county holding jurisdiction over the property and its purchase in the paragraph labeled “Governing Law and Venue.” Step 9The end of the agreement will require all parties involved with this lease to provide their signatures and their printed names. This shall bind them to their roles as defined in the agreement.