All costs definition

All costs means the Applicant’s Solicitor Costs, the Applicant’s Former Solicitor Costs, the Applicant’s Reimbursement Payment, the Administration Costs, the Funder Costs and the Funding Commission;

Examples of All costs in a sentence

  • All costs necessary to verify compliance are the responsibility of the contractor.

  • All costs associated with obtaining/possessing such insurance should be factored into the price offered under the Multiple Award Schedule program.

  • All costs associated with obtaining/possessing such security clearances should be factored into the price offered under the Multiple Award Schedule.

  • All costs associated with obtaining/ possessing such certifications, licenses and accreditations should be factored into the price offered under the Multiple Award Schedule program.

  • All costs necessary to verify compliance are the responsibility of the Contractor.

  • All costs and expenses incurred in connection with this Agreement shall be paid by the party incurring such cost or expense.

  • All costs and additional expenses resulting from any withdrawal or replacement for whatever reason of any of the Contractor's personnel shall be at the Contractor's expense.

  • All costs, expenses and charges levied by all banks party to the LC including confirmation charges shall be prepaid/borne by the Tenderer.

  • All costs for conforming to this special provision are incidental to the contract.

  • All costs for labor and material and transportation incurred to repair or replace defective Product during the warranty period shall be borne solely by the Contractor, and the State or Authorized User shall in no event be liable or responsible therefor.

Related to All costs

  • Travel costs ’ means expenses for transportation, lodging, subsistence (meals and incidentals), and related expenses incurred by employees who are on travel status on official business of the recipient for any travel outside the country in which the organization is located. “Travel costs” do not include expenses incurred by employees who are not on official business of the recipient, such as rest and recuperation (R&R) travel offered as part of an employee’s benefits package that are consistent with the recipient’s personnel and travel policies and procedures.

  • Costs means, with respect to the Non-Defaulting Party, (a) brokerage fees, commissions and other similar third party transaction costs and expenses reasonably incurred by such Party either in terminating any arrangement pursuant to which it has hedged its obligations or in entering into new arrangements which replace the Terminated Transaction; and (b) all reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred by the Non-Defaulting Party in connection with the termination of the Transaction.

  • Expenses shall include all direct and indirect costs, fees and expenses of any type or nature whatsoever, including, without limitation, all reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, retainers, court costs, transcript costs, fees of experts, witness fees, travel expenses, fees of private investigators and professional advisors, duplicating costs, printing and binding costs, telephone charges, postage, delivery service fees, fax transmission charges, secretarial services and all other disbursements, obligations or expenses in connection with prosecuting, defending, preparing to prosecute or defend, investigating, being or preparing to be a witness in, settlement or appeal of, or otherwise participating in, a Proceeding (as defined below), including reasonable compensation for time spent by Indemnitee for which he or she is not otherwise compensated by the Company or any third party. Expenses also shall include Expenses incurred in connection with any appeal resulting from any Proceeding (as defined below), including without limitation the principal, premium, security for, and other costs relating to any cost bond, supersedeas bond, or other appeal bond or its equivalent. Expenses, however, shall not include amounts paid in settlement by Indemnitee or the amount of judgments or fines against Indemnitee.

  • Personnel Costs means the costs of researchers, technicians and other supporting staff to the extent employed on the relevant project or activity;

  • Program Costs means all necessary and incidental costs of providing program services.

  • Incidental costs means expenses specified in a warranty incurred by a warranty holder and related to the failure of a vehicle protection product to perform as provided in the warranty. Incidental costs may include, but are not limited to, insurance policy deductibles, rental vehicle charges, the difference between the actual value of a stolen vehicle at the time of theft and the cost of a replacement vehicle, sales taxes, registration fees, transaction fees, and mechanical inspection fees.

  • Direct Costs means those expendi- tures which the Commission actually incurs in searching for and duplicating (and, in the case of commercial use re- questors, reviewing) documents to re- spond to a FOIA request. Direct costs include the salary of the employee per- forming the work (the basic rate of pay for the employee plus 16 percent of that rate to cover benefits) and the cost of operating duplicating equipment. Di- rect costs do not include overhead ex- penses such as the cost of space and heating or lighting the facility in which the records are stored.

  • Overhead costs means the actual costs incurred or the estimated costs to be

  • Related Expenses means any and all costs, liabilities and expenses (including, without limitation, losses, damages, penalties, claims, actions, attorneys’ fees, legal expenses, judgments, suits and disbursements) (a) incurred by Agent or Collateral Agent, or imposed upon or asserted against Agent, Collateral Agent or any Lender, in any attempt by Agent or Collateral Agent and the Lenders to (i) obtain, preserve, perfect or enforce any Loan Document or any security interest evidenced by any Loan Document; (ii) obtain payment, performance or observance of any and all of the Obligations; or (iii) maintain, insure, audit, collect, preserve, repossess or dispose of any of the collateral securing the Obligations or any part thereof, including, without limitation, costs and expenses for appraisals, assessments and audits of any Company or any such collateral; or (b) incidental or related to (a) above, including, without limitation, interest thereupon from the date incurred, imposed or asserted until paid at the Default Rate.

  • Incurred shall have meanings correlative to the foregoing); provided, however, that a change in GAAP that results in an obligation (including, without limitation, preferred stock, temporary equity, mezzanine equity or similar classification) of such Person that exists at such time, and is not theretofore classified as Indebtedness, becoming Indebtedness shall not be deemed an Incurrence of such Indebtedness; provided further, however, that any Indebtedness or other obligations of a Person existing at the time such Person becomes a Subsidiary (whether by merger, consolidation, acquisition or otherwise) shall be deemed to be Incurred by such Subsidiary at the time it becomes a Subsidiary; and provided further, however, that solely for purposes of determining compliance with Section 4.05, amortization of debt discount shall not be deemed to be the Incurrence of Indebtedness, provided that in the case of Indebtedness sold at a discount, the amount of such Indebtedness Incurred shall at all times be the aggregate principal amount at stated maturity.

  • Production Costs means those costs and expenditures incurred in carrying out Production Operations as classified and defined in Section 2 of the Accounting Procedure and allowed to be recovered in terms of Section 3 thereof.

  • Total Costs means the sum of all direct and indirect costs associated with the purchase of the goods incurred by CPUT, including but not limited to the invoice price, goods life, service costs, distribution costs, transaction costs, inventory costs, purchasing administration costs and other costs incurred with the use of the goods provided by the Bidder.

  • Actual Costs means any costs, direct losses and expenses (including any loss of revenue) reasonably incurred or reasonably expected to be incurred by the Train Operator including those attributable to limb (f) of a Category 3 Disruption and any increase in Variable Costs but net of:

  • Initial Costs means all costs incurred by the Authority relating to the establishment and initial operation of the Authority, such as the hiring of an Executive Director and any administrative staff, any required accounting, administrative, technical and legal services in support of the Authority’s initial activities or in support of the negotiation, preparation and approval of one or more Administrative Services Provider Agreements and Program Agreement 1. Administrative and operational costs incurred after the approval of Program Agreement 1 shall not be considered Initial Costs.

  • Sales Costs means any costs or expenses (including legal or other advisor costs and expenses), fees (including investment banking fees (but excluding any such fees payable to CCMP Investors or their Affiliates)), commissions or discounts payable directly by the CCMP Investors in connection with, arising out of or relating to any sale or other disposition of the Class B Common Stock (including in connection with the negotiation, preparation and execution of any transaction documentation with respect to such sale or other disposition).

  • Legal Costs of a person means legal costs incurred by that person in defending an action for a Liability of that person.

  • Operational Costs means costs and expenses incurred by the Managers on behalf of the Owners to operate and maintain the Vessel including Communication Expenses and EDP Expenses;

  • Tax Costs which shall mean any and all real estate taxes and other similar charges on real property or improvements, assessments, water and sewer charges, and all other charges assessed, reassessed or levied upon the Project and appurtenances thereto and the parking or other facilities thereof, or the real property thereunder (collectively the "Real Property") or attributable thereto or on the rents, issues, profits or income received or derived therefrom which are assessed, reassessed or levied by the United States, the State of California or any local government authority or agency or any political subdivision thereof, and shall include Landlord's reasonable legal fees, costs and disbursements incurred in connection with proceedings for reduction of Tax Costs or any part thereof; provided, however, if at any time after the date of this Lease the methods of taxation now prevailing shall be altered so that in lieu of or as a supplement to or a substitute for the whole or any part of any Tax Costs, there shall be assessed, reassessed or levied (a) a tax, assessment, reassessment, levy, imposition or charge wholly or partially as a net income, capital or franchise levy or otherwise on the rents, issues, profits or income derived therefrom, or (b) a tax, assessment, reassessment, levy (including but not limited to any municipal, state or federal levy), imposition or charge measured by or based in whole or in part upon the Real Property and imposed upon Landlord, then except to the extent such items are payable by Tenant under Article 6 below, such taxes, assessments, reassessments or levies or the part thereof so measured or based, shall be deemed to be included in the term "Direct Costs." In no event shall Tax Costs included in Direct Costs for any year subsequent to the Base Year be less than the amount of Tax Costs included in Direct Costs for the Base Year. In addition, when calculating Tax Costs for the Base Year, special assessments shall only be deemed included in Tax Costs for the Base Year to the extent that such special assessments are included in Tax Costs for the applicable subsequent calendar year during the Term.

  • Cleanup costs means expenses (including but not limited to legal and professional fees) incurred in testing for, monitoring, cleaning up, removing, containing, treating, neutralizing, detoxifying or assessing the effects of Pollutants.

  • Reimbursable Costs means expenses incurred by the employee in the course of engaging in the planned learning activity and include registration, tuition and examination fees as well as textbooks/discs and applicable taxes. They may also include reasonable, incremental meal, accommodation and travel expenses.

  • O&M Costs means, for any period, all actual cash operation and maintenance costs incurred and paid by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries in such period, including (a) payments made by the Borrower under or in respect of any energy services agreement, any agreement for the sale of energy, capacity or ancillary services, including a Heat Rate Call Option Agreement, (b) fuel costs, additives or chemicals and transportation costs related thereto, (c) taxes (other than those based upon the Borrower’s income), (d) costs of maintaining insurance, (e) costs of consumables, (f) payments under any lease, (g) payments pursuant to any operating and maintenance agreement, long term service agreement or any parts or turbine services agreement, (h) legal fees and consulting fees and expenses paid by the Borrower in connection with the management, maintenance or operation of the Project, (i) amounts paid to LS Power Equity Advisors, LLC or its Affiliates as cost reimbursement in respect of asset management services relating to the Project in an amount not to exceed the Asset Management Payment Limit, (j) payments for restoration or repair of the Project with Permitted Reinvestment Proceeds, (k) fees paid in connection with obtaining, transferring, maintaining or amending any Permits, (l) cash collateral provided in respect of any project agreement, (k) letter of credit fees or expenses payable in respect of any project agreement, (m) reasonable general and administrative expenses, including all expenditures incurred to prevent the occurrence of any default under any Loan Document or any Default or Event of Default hereunder, and/or to keep the Collateral free and clear of all Liens (other than Permitted Liens). O&M Costs shall not include (i) distributions of any kind to the Borrower or its Affiliates (other than amounts paid to LS Power Equity Advisors, LLC or its Affiliates as cost reimbursement in respect of asset management services relating to the Project in an amount not to exceed the Asset Management Payment Limit, payment of the Tax Distribution Amount and Affiliate Credit Support Reimbursement Amounts), (ii) non-cash charges, including depreciation or obsolescence charges or reserves therefore, amortization of intangibles or other bookkeeping entries of a similar nature, and (iii) Debt Service.

  • Environmental Costs any and all costs or expenses (including attorney’s and consultant’s fees, investigation and laboratory fees, response costs, court costs and litigation expenses, fines, penalties, damages, settlement payments, judgments and awards), of whatever kind or nature, known or unknown, contingent or otherwise, arising out of, or in any way relating to, any actual or alleged violation of, noncompliance with or liability under any Environmental Laws. Environmental Costs include any and all of the foregoing, without regard to whether they arise out of or are related to any past, pending or threatened proceeding of any kind.

  • Marketing Costs means, as to each Franchise Product in the Co-Promotion Territory, the costs, excluding Allocable Overhead, of marketing, promotion, advertising, professional education, product related public relations, relationships with opinion leaders and professional societies, market research, healthcare economics studies and other similar activities directly related to such Franchise Product and approved by the Joint Commercialization Committee. Such costs will include both internal costs (e.g., salaries, benefits, supplies and materials, etc.) as well as outside services and expenses (e.g., consultants, agency fees, meeting costs, etc.). Marketing Costs shall also include activities related to obtaining reimbursement from payers and costs of sales and marketing data. Marketing Costs will specifically exclude the costs of activities which promote (i) either Party’s business as a whole without being product specific (such as corporate image advertising), or (ii) non-Franchise Products.

  • Costs and fees means all reasonable pre-award expenses of the arbitration, including the arbitrators' fees, administrative fees, travel expenses, out-of-pocket expenses such as copying and telephone, court costs, witness fees, and attorneys' fees; and

  • Environmental Costs and Liabilities means any and all losses, liabilities, obligations, damages, fines, penalties, judgments, actions, claims, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, fees, disbursements and expenses of legal counsel, experts, engineers and consultants and the costs of investigation and feasibility studies and remedial activities) arising from or under any Environmental Law or order or contract with any Governmental Authority or any other Person.

  • Costs and Expenses means any actual, provable, reasonable, customary and direct out-of-pocket costs and expenses incurred by such Fund. Costs and Expenses shall not include, and in no event shall BNY Mellon be liable under this Agreement for, any lift-out expenses or platform development costs for the successor service provider or any wind-down costs of the Fund or any Fund Affiliate, including, without limitation, non-cancelable payments or termination charges regarding hosting and/or any other subcontracted services. The Fund must provide BNY Mellon with written evidence of the Costs and Expenses before BNY Mellon is obligated to pay them. The Fund also has a duty to mitigate, and must exercise its duty to mitigate, such Costs and Expenses.