FOR RENT Sample Clauses

FOR RENT. Should Lessee decide not to renew, Landlord reserves the right to post a sign "FOR RENT".
FOR RENT. Fifth & I Associates, c/o SARES-REGIS Group, 0000 Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 (2) For Notices: Fifth & I Associates, c/o SARES-REGIS Group, 0000 Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxx 000, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx 00000 (3) Copy To: Fifth & I Associates, c/o SARES-REGIS Group, (4) 00000 Xxxxxxx Avenue, Irvine, California 92715
FOR RENT. Signs -------------------------- The Landlord shall have the right during the last sixty (60) days of the term, to place one for rent or for sale sign, not exceeding two feet by two feet in size, on one window of the Premises. The Tenant shall also allow the Landlord, or its agents, during such sixty (60) day period to show the Premises to prospective tenants or purchasers during reasonable business hours by prior appointment provided that there is no interference with the conduct of the Tenant's business.
FOR RENT. Xxxxxx Island. 1600 sq ft home, 2 bath, 2 bedrooms, craft room/ studio. Close to ferry, golf course in rural pastoral setting. NS, refs required. $1100 per month + utils. Xxxxxx Island. 1 bedroom $900 per month inclusive except phone and cable. Available Aug 1. 250-629-3520 North Xxxxxxx Island. Beautiful 6-10 month cabin rental. Indoor plumbing, dishwasher, washing machine. Close to beach. 000-000-0000 REAL ESTATE xxx.xxxxxxxxxx.xx Acreages Homesteads start at start at $165,000 $235,000 True Gulf Island Living on Lasqueti Island • Peaceful & free • Off the grid • Artistic • Eccentric! Waterfront home & guest cottage for sale Gabriola Island $945,000 Call Xxxx @RE/Max 0-000-000-0000 North Xxxxxx Island. House for sale $295,000. 0000 Xxxx Xxx. 2 bedrooms, 2 baths. Close to Marina GETAWAYS Quadra Island. Getaway cabin for 2. Private, Panoramic, Peaceful xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx Quadra Island. Panoramic ocean view, budget B&B. Pets stay free. Email for more info and pictures: Gabriola Island. The Xxxxxx Oceanfront Estate & Farm, offering weekly summer rentals. Great for families. HOUSING On Time & On Budget • Foreshore Applications • Docks • Moorings • Ramps • Pile Driving Xxxx Xxxxxx 250-537-9710 xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx
FOR RENT. Signs. Tenant hereby permits Landlord during the last ---------------- ninety (90) days of the Main Term or of any Option Period, as the case may be (provided that no applicable Renewal Option has been exercised or deemed exercised), to place one (1) "For Rent" or "For Sale" sign, not exceeding four (4) feet by four (4) feet in size, on the parking lot of the Shopping Center. Tenant will also allow Landlord or its agents, upon prior written notice and accompanied by a representative of Tenant designated by Tenant, to show the Premises, exterior and interior, to prospective tenants, purchasers, or mortgagees during reasonable business hours by prior appointment, provided same does not interfere with the conduct of Tenant's business.
FOR RENT. South Xxxxxx Island. 1 bedroom plus loft, 1 bathroom, woodstove & electric heat, sunny location close to beaches. Available June 1, long term. n/s, n/p, references. $850/mo+ utilities. 000-000-0000 Saturna Island. Wilderness at your doorstep. Two separate houses for long term: a 2-bedroom and a 3- bedroom. Gas fireplaces, decks, 5 appliances, 2km to ferry. $800 and $850/mo, plus utilities, n/s, references. 000-000-0000 FOR SALE ‘The Lunch Box’ mobile food stand at Gabriola Ferry Terminal in Nanaimo. Comes with fridge, propane deep fryer & grill; electricity & water included in rent. Call Xxxxx 000-000-0000 after 3pm find our advertisers at ASBESTOS from page 3 newsletter, Earth Negotiations Bulletin: ‘As opponents to listing chrysotile became sparse, the elephant was left with nowhere to hide. Tempers flared as Canada confirmed it would not join any consensus on listing chrysotile. Usual allies questioned why the party (Canada) would allow negotiations to progress even as it knew it could not join the consensus.’ Speaking for the Prime Minister, PMO Communications Director Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx stated, ‘All scientific reviews clearly confirm that chrysotile fibres can be used safely under controlled conditions.’ But even Health Canada’s own advice is at odds with our public position. A 2006 memo from Health Canada (HC) was obtained by public interest researcher Xxx Xxxxx through Access to Information: ‘We cannot say that chrysotile is safe… HC’s preferred position would be to list… [HC acknowledges that] the final decision [regarding Canada’s position at the Rotterdam Convention] will not be made on the basis of health alone, and other key factors will need to be considered.’ Also released through the same Access to Information Request was this 2008 memo: ‘Health Canada’s Expert Panel presented a report to Health Canada that confirmed chrysotile asbestos poses a risk to human health. Health Canada’s current position is that asbestos is a carcinogen which can cause lung cancer and mesothelioma.’ So, we have lost another two years in which Canada will continue as the fifth largest exporter of chrysotile asbestos without warnings. Nevertheless, I sense we are closer than ever to victory. Despite Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx’x campaign swing in Quebec criticizing the Bloc for not doing enough to boost asbestos, despite the fact his Minister for Industry, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, represents the asbestos mining region of Quebec, Conservative MPs are beginning to voice diss...
FOR RENT. South Xxxxxx Island. 1 bedroom plus loft, 1 bathroom, woodstove & electric heat, sunny location close to beaches. Available June 1, long term. n/s, n/p, references. $850/mo+ utilities. 000-000-0000 Saturna Island. Wilderness at your doorstep. Two separate houses for long term: a 2-bedroom and a 3- bedroom. Gas fireplaces, decks, 5 appliances, 2km to ferry. $800 and 250.629.3660 B Solar power for summer ~ Xxx Xxxxxx & Xxxx Xxxxxx $850/mo, plus utilities, n/s, RIPARIAN from previous page references. 000-000-0000 b drying our laundry, there’s more the sun can do for us in the summer. Instead of melting honey or chocolate on the stove, put a jar out in the sun; it won’t take long to melt on a hot day. You can build a solar cooker with cardboard boxes; see instructions on various websites. Turn off your hot water heater and use a solar shower (available in many hardware stores) or just use the water in a hose that has use a kettle now and then to get boiling water, you’ll save lots of energy and money by turning your hot water off for weeks or months at a time. Stores specializing in ecologically friendly or home improvement products sometimes stock solar-powered/wind-up radios, flashlights and other appliances. Don’t forget to ‘unplug’ conventional appliances to cut down on your electrical ‘ghost load’. You can do this easily, with a power bar. 0 esides bringing our gardens to life, and been lying out in the sun. Even if you need to process unfolds. Following this consultative process, staff will bring back a report and recommendations on RAR implementation for the consideration of the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee. This report will include options and recommendations for stream mapping and options and recommendations for implementing the Riparian Areas Regulation. New information about the process will be found at xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx/ltc/ss/edparpl2010.cfm. 0 XXXXX-XXXXX from page 6 especially wish to deny climate change because they see it as a fundamental threat to ‘business as usual’. Fortunately, not all the stories were downers. The couple told encouraging and inspiring stories about political changes in Argentina that benefitted the poor. In Cleveland, Ohio the creation and implementation of the ‘Cleveland Model’ in depressed areas has encouraged residents to begin developing their own businesses. In Britain the UK Uncut organization used solid research to expose corporate greed and turned to peaceful direct action to stop the cutti...

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  • Base Rent The first month’s Base Rent and the Security Deposit shall be due and payable on delivery of an executed copy of this Lease to Landlord. Tenant shall pay to Landlord in advance, without demand, abatement, deduction or set-off, monthly installments of Base Rent on or before the first day of each calendar month during the Term hereof, in lawful money of the United States of America, at the office of Landlord for payment of Rent set forth above, or to such other person or at such other place as Landlord may from time to time designate in writing. Payments of Base Rent for any fractional calendar month shall be prorated. The obligation of Tenant to pay Base Rent and other sums to Landlord and the obligations of Landlord under this Lease are independent obligations. Tenant shall have no right at any time to xxxxx, reduce, or set-off any Rent (as defined in Section 5) due hereunder except for any abatement as may be expressly provided in this Lease.

  • Rent Tenant shall pay to Landlord as rent for the initial term of this Lease, $ to be paid in twelve monthly installments of $ on the first of each month in one check. Rent is payable without demand or notice. Rents paid after the 5th of the month will be considered LATE and will incur a late charge of $20.00. Accounts that become 30 days past due will be reported to the Credit Bureau as delinquent. All unpaid charges will be reported to a Collection Agency on behalf of each tenant in arrears. Tenant agrees to pay a $25.00 insufficient funds charge for any returned checks plus late fees. Any increase of rent shall take effect on the 1st day of the new rental period following not less than 60 days actual notice before lease expiration. Actual notice shall be written notice which is hand-delivered or mailed to the Tenant's last known address.

  • Basic Rent From and after the Commencement Date, Tenant shall pay to Landlord without deduction or offset, Basic Rent for the Premises in the total amount shown (including subsequent adjustments, if any) in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions. Any rental adjustment shown in Item 6 shall be deemed to occur on the specified monthly anniversary of the Commencement Date, whether or not that date occurs at the end of a calendar month. The rent shall be due and payable in advance commencing on the Commencement Date (as prorated for any partial month) and continuing thereafter on the first day of each successive calendar month of the Term. No demand, notice or invoice shall be required for the payment of Basic Rent. An installment of rent in the amount of one (1) full month's Basic Rent at the initial rate specified in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions shall be delivered to Landlord concurrently with Tenant's execution of this Lease and shall be applied against the Basic Rent first due hereunder.

  • Fixed Rent Fixed Rent shall be payable by Tenant in advance on the Commencement Date and on or before the first day of each calendar month thereafter; provided, that Tenant shall pay, upon the execution and delivery of this Lease by Tenant, $32,070.50 to be applied against the first full monthly installment of Fixed Rent; and provided further, that if the Commencement Date is not the first day of a month, then Fixed Rent for the month in which the Commencement Date occurs shall be prorated and paid on the Commencement Date. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained above, provided Tenant is not in default beyond applicable notice, grace and cure periods under the terms of this Lease at any time during the Abatement Period, then Tenant shall not be required to pay Fixed Rent accruing during the Abatement Period. If during the initial term of this Lease an Event of Default shall occur and Landlord terminates the Lease as a result thereof then this Section 2.01 shall be deemed null and void and the unamortized portion of such abated rent hereunder shall immediately be paid by Tenant to Landlord.

  • The Rent Rent: £0.00 (zero pounds) per calendar month subject to any further provisions within this Tenancy Agreement Payable: each month in advance First Payment: Payment of £0.00 shall be made to the Landlord’s Agent in cleared funds by the 29th day of January 2022 which is 72 hours prior to the commencement of the Tenancy* Subsequent payments: Payable monthly in advance on the 31st day of each month, by one standing order, to be received on or before the 31st day or each month, payable to Choose an item. Please see Tenancy Terms and Conditions for bank account details.

  • Annual Rent LESSEE covenants and agrees to pay as rent to LESSOR the sum of ($ ) per annum, on or before the Anniversary Date each year; provided, however, that the payment of rent for the first year of this lease shall be due at the time of approval by the Board of Education. The obligation of LESSEE to pay rent under this Lease Agreement is unconditional, and the rent shall not be subject to set off for any reason or cause. LESSOR and LESSEE agree that in the event of termination or cancellation, any rental payment made during the term of this Lease Agreement is not refundable, and LESSEE waives any right or claim it may have to refund of rent paid. Rents shall be readjusted periodically pursuant to the rent adjustment clause contained in Paragraph 3 of this lease. In the event LESSEE is delinquent in the payment of rent, LESSEE shall pay a late charge equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the amount of rent past due for more than 30 days and thereafter shall pay interest on any rent past due at an annual rate (the “Default Rate”) equal to the maximum rate then allowed by law or, if there is no maximum rate, then a rate equal to five percent per annum above the discount rate, excluding any surcharge thereon, on ninety-day commercial paper in effect at the Federal Reserve Bank in the Federal Reserve district in which LESSOR is located, calculated according to the actuarial method.

  • Net Rent It is the intent of the Landlord and Tenant that this Lease shall yield, net to Landlord, the Base Rent specified and all Additional Rent and charges in each month during the term of the Lease, and that all costs, expenses and obligations of every kind relating to the Leased Premises shall be paid by the Tenant, unless expressly assumed by the Landlord.

  • Additional Rent In addition to Base Rent, Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord as additional rent (“Additional Rent”): (i) Tenant’s Share of “Operating Expenses” (as defined in Section 5), and (ii) any and all other amounts Tenant assumes or agrees to pay under the provisions of this Lease, including, without limitation, any and all other sums that may become due by reason of any default of Tenant or failure to comply with the agreements, terms, covenants and conditions of this Lease to be performed by Tenant, after any applicable notice and cure period.

  • Additional Rental Lessee shall pay and discharge, as additional rental (“Additional Rental”), all sums of money required to be paid by Lessee under this Lease which are not specifically referred to as Rental. Lessee shall pay and discharge any Additional Rental when the same shall become due, provided that amounts which are billed to Lessor or any third party, but not to Lessee, shall be paid within fifteen (15) days after Lessor’s delivery or presentation of an invoice to Lessee and demand for payment thereof or, if earlier, when the same are due, provided, if the invoice for such amount has been delivered to Lessor, Lessor has forwarded the same to Lessee upon receipt. In no event shall Lessee be required to pay to Lessor any item of Additional Rental that Lessee is obligated to pay and has paid to any third party pursuant to any provision of this Lease.

  • Monthly Rent Commencing on the Commencement Date, Base Rent shall be paid monthly in advance on or before the first day of each calendar month in accordance with the schedule set forth in Section 1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Base Rent and Additional Rent during the first twelve (12) months of the Term are hereby abated. The Base Rent shall not be adjusted or modified if the actual rentable square footage of the Premises varies from the rentable square footage set forth in Section 1. If the first anniversary of the Commencement Date shall be on any day other than the first day of a calendar month, Base Rent for the partial month shall be prorated based on the number of days in that month. Unless otherwise provided herein, commencing on the Commencement Date, Additional Rent shall be paid monthly in advance on or before the first day of each calendar month. If the first anniversary of the Commencement Date shall be on any day other than the first day of a calendar month, Additional Rent for the partial month shall be prorated based on the number of days in that month. Rent shall be paid to Landlord, without notice or demand, and without deduction or offset, in lawful money of the United States of America, at Landlord’s Address as set forth in Section 1 or to such other address as Landlord may from time to time designate in writing. Tenant acknowledges that the late payment of Rent or other sums due hereunder shall cause Landlord to incur costs not contemplated by this Lease, the exact amount of which shall be extremely difficult to ascertain. Such costs include, but are not limited to, processing and accounting charges, and late charges which may be imposed on Landlord by the terms of any mortgage or trust deed covering the Property. Accordingly, if any installment of Rent or any other sums due from Tenant shall not be received by Landlord when due, Tenant shall pay to Landlord a late charge equal to five percent (5%) of such overdue amount; provided, however, that Tenant shall not be required to pay a late charge for the first (1st) late payment in any consecutive twelve (12) month period to the extent Tenant pays the amount due within five (5) days after receipt of written notice from Landlord that Tenant failed to make such payment when due. In addition, any amount due to Landlord, if not paid within sixty (60) days when due shall bear interest from the date due until paid at the lesser of: (i) the Prime Rate (as hereinafter defined) plus five percent (5%) per annum, or (ii) the highest rate permitted by law (the “Default Rate”). The term “Prime Rate” shall mean the Prime Rate as published in The Wall Street Journal from time to time. The parties agree that such late charges represent a fair and reasonable estimate of the costs Landlord shall incur by reason of late payment by Xxxxxx. The acceptance of such late charges by Landlord shall in no event constitute a waiver of Tenant’s default with respect to the overdue amount or prevent Landlord from exercising any of the other rights and remedies granted hereunder. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Lease, Tenant shall pay the installment of Base Rent for the thirteenth (13th) full calendar month of the Term due hereunder upon execution of this Lease.