For Rent Sample Clauses

For Rent. Should Lessee decide not to renew, Landlord reserves the right to post a sign "FOR RENT".
For Rent com Ad Agreement Renewals June 1 and July 1, 2014 for Maplewood, Rosedale Estates I and II, Georgetown and Brighton Village. Apartment Finder Advertising Space Agreements dated February 1, 2014 for Georgetown, Valley View, Robinwood and Rosedale II (South). Advertising Space Agreements dated March 1, 2014 for Maplewood, Brighton Village and Rosedale I (North). Premium Placement Product Agreements dated January 27, 2011 for Rosedale Estates II, Georgetown, Maplewood, and Brighton Village apartments. Internet Advertising Agreement anniversary date June 1, 2015 for Robinwood, Rosedale Estates I, and Valley View apartments. Internet Advertising Agreement (reactivation) dated June 28, 2009 for Valley View and Uptown apartments. No Vacancy (magazine publication): November 1, 2014 Invoice(s) for marketing ads for each suburban property, no contract with vendor.
For Rent. Signs -------------------------- The Landlord shall have the right during the last sixty (60) days of the term, to place one for rent or for sale sign, not exceeding two feet by two feet in size, on one window of the Premises. The Tenant shall also allow the Landlord, or its agents, during such sixty (60) day period to show the Premises to prospective tenants or purchasers during reasonable business hours by prior appointment provided that there is no interference with the conduct of the Tenant's business.
For Rent. Fifth & I Associates, c/o SARES-REGIS Group, 1425 River Park Drive, Suite 530, Sacramento, California 95815 (2) For Notices: Fifth & I Associates, c/o SARES-REGIS Group, 1425 River Park Drive, Suite 530, Sacramento, California 95815 (3) Copy To: Fifth & I Associates, c/o SARES-REGIS Group, (4) 18002 Bardeen Avenue, Irvine, California 92715
For Rent. Signs. Tenant hereby permits Landlord during the last ---------------- ninety (90) days of the Main Term or of any Option Period, as the case may be (provided that no applicable Renewal Option has been exercised or deemed exercised), to place one (1) "For Rent" or "For Sale" sign, not exceeding four (4) feet by four (4) feet in size, on the parking lot of the Shopping Center. Tenant will also allow Landlord or its agents, upon prior written notice and accompanied by a representative of Tenant designated by Tenant, to show the Premises, exterior and interior, to prospective tenants, purchasers, or mortgagees during reasonable business hours by prior appointment, provided same does not interfere with the conduct of Tenant's business.

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  • Base Rent The first month’s Base Rent and the Security Deposit shall be due and payable on delivery of an executed copy of this Lease to Landlord. Tenant shall pay to Landlord in advance, without demand, abatement, deduction or set-off, monthly installments of Base Rent on or before the first day of each calendar month during the Term hereof, in lawful money of the United States of America, at the office of Landlord for payment of Rent set forth above, or to such other person or at such other place as Landlord may from time to time designate in writing. Payments of Base Rent for any fractional calendar month shall be prorated. The obligation of Tenant to pay Base Rent and other sums to Landlord and the obligations of Landlord under this Lease are independent obligations. Tenant shall have no right at any time to abate, reduce, or set-off any Rent (as defined in Section 5) due hereunder except for any abatement as may be expressly provided in this Lease.

  • Rent Tenant will pay Landlord a monthly rent of $ for the Term. Rent will be payable in advance and due on the day of each month during the Term. The first rent payment is payable to Landlord when Tenant signs this Agreement. Rent will be paid to Landlord at Landlord's address provided herein (or to such other places as directed by Landlord) by mail or in person by one of the ☐ ☐ following methods: ☐ Cash ☐Personal check ☐Money order ☐Cashier’s check ☐ Credit card ☐ PayPal Electronic transfer Other: , and will be payable in U.S. Dollars. Proration: ☐ Rent for any period during the Term which is for less than one month will be a pro rata portion of the monthly installment. Bounced Checks: ☐ The Tenant agrees to pay $ for each dishonored bank check.

  • Basic Rent From and after the Commencement Date, Tenant shall pay to Landlord without deduction or offset, Basic Rent for the Premises in the total amount shown (including subsequent adjustments, if any) in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions. Any rental adjustment shown in Item 6 shall be deemed to occur on the specified monthly anniversary of the Commencement Date, whether or not that date occurs at the end of a calendar month. The rent shall be due and payable in advance commencing on the Commencement Date (as prorated for any partial month) and continuing thereafter on the first day of each successive calendar month of the Term. No demand, notice or invoice shall be required for the payment of Basic Rent. An installment of rent in the amount of one (1) full month's Basic Rent at the initial rate specified in Item 6 of the Basic Lease Provisions shall be delivered to Landlord concurrently with Tenant's execution of this Lease and shall be applied against the Basic Rent first due hereunder.

  • Fixed Rent Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord, on the Rent Commencement Date, and thereafter monthly, in advance, on the first day of each and every calendar month during the Original Lease Term, a sum equal to one-twelfth (1/12th) of the Annual Fixed Rent specified in Section 1.1 hereof. Until notice of some other designation is given, fixed rent and all other charges for which provision is herein made shall be paid by remittance to or for the order of Boston Properties Limited Partnership, as agent of Landlord. All remittances received by BOSTON PROPERTIES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, as agent as aforesaid, or by any subsequently designated recipient, shall be treated as a payment to Landlord. Annual Fixed Rent for any partial month shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord at such rate on a pro rata basis, and, if the Rent Commencement Date shall be other than the first day of a calendar month, the first payment of Annual Fixed Rent which Tenant shall make to Landlord shall be a payment equal to a proportionate part of such monthly Annual Fixed Rent for the partial month from the Rent Commencement Date to the first day of the succeeding calendar month. Additional Rent payable by Tenant on a monthly basis, as elsewhere provided in this Lease, likewise shall be prorated, and the first payment on account thereof shall be determined in similar fashion and shall commence on the Rent Commencement Date and other provisions of this Lease calling for monthly payments shall be read as incorporating this undertaking by Tenant. Notwithstanding that the payment of Annual Fixed Rent payable by Tenant to Landlord shall not commence until the Rent Commencement Date, Tenant shall be subject to, and shall comply with, all other provisions of this Lease as and at the times provided in this Lease. The Annual Fixed Rent and all other charges for which provision is made in this Lease shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord without setoff, deduction or abatement.

  • The Rent Rent: £0.00 (zero pounds) per calendar month subject to any further provisions within this Tenancy Agreement Payable: each month in advance First Payment: Payment of £0.00 shall be made to the Landlord’s Agent in cleared funds by the 29th day of January 2022 which is 72 hours prior to the commencement of the Tenancy* Subsequent payments: Payable monthly in advance on the 31st day of each month, by one standing order, to be received on or before the 31st day or each month, payable to Choose an item. Please see Tenancy Terms and Conditions for bank account details.

  • Annual Rent LESSEE covenants and agrees to pay as rent to LESSOR the sum of ($ ) for the first year of this lease which shall be due at the time of approval by the Board of Education. Subsequent payment of annual rent shall be due on or before the anniversary date of this Lease Agreement. The obligation of LESSEE to pay rent under this Lease Agreement is unconditional, and the rent shall not be subject to set off for any reason or cause. LESSOR and LESSEE agree that in the event of termination or cancellation, any rental payment made during the term of this Lease Agreement is not refundable, and LESSEE waives any right or claim it may have to refund of rent paid. Rents shall be adjusted annually pursuant to the rent adjustment clause contained in Paragraph 3 of this Lease Agreement. In the event LESSEE is delinquent in the payment of rent, LESSEE shall pay a late charge equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the amount of rent past due for more than 30 days and thereafter shall pay interest on any rent past due at an annual rate (the "Default Rate") equal to the maximum rate then allowed by law or, if there is no maximum rate, then a rate equal to five percent per annum above the discount rate, excluding any surcharge thereon, on ninety-day commercial paper in effect at the Federal Reserve Bank in the Federal Reserve district in which LESSOR is located, calculated according to the actuarial method.

  • Net Rent It is the intent of the Landlord and Tenant that this Lease shall yield, net to Landlord, the Base Rent specified and all Additional Rent and charges in each month during the term of the Lease, and that all costs, expenses and obligations of every kind relating to the Leased Premises shall be paid by the Tenant, unless expressly assumed by the Landlord.

  • Additional Rent In addition to Base Rent, Tenant agrees to pay to Landlord as additional rent (“Additional Rent”): (i) Tenant’s Share of “Operating Expenses” (as defined in Section 5), and (ii) any and all other amounts Tenant assumes or agrees to pay under the provisions of this Lease, including, without limitation, any and all other sums that may become due by reason of any default of Tenant or failure to comply with the agreements, terms, covenants and conditions of this Lease to be performed by Tenant, after any applicable notice and cure period.

  • Additional Rental Lessee shall pay and discharge, as additional rental (“Additional Rental”), all sums of money required to be paid by Lessee under this Lease which are not specifically referred to as Rental. Lessee shall pay and discharge any Additional Rental when the same shall become due, provided that amounts which are billed to Lessor or any third party, but not to Lessee, shall be paid within fifteen (15) days after Lessor’s delivery or presentation of an invoice to Lessee and demand for payment thereof or, if earlier, when the same are due, provided, if the invoice for such amount has been delivered to Lessor, Lessor has forwarded the same to Lessee upon receipt. In no event shall Lessee be required to pay to Lessor any item of Additional Rental that Lessee is obligated to pay and has paid to any third party pursuant to any provision of this Lease.

  • Monthly Rent (a) On or before the first day of each calendar month during the term hereof, Tenant shall pay to Landlord, as monthly rent for the Premises, the Monthly Rent specified in Paragraph 2. In the event the term of this Lease commences on a day other than the first day of a calendar month, or terminates on a day other than the last day of a calendar month, then the Monthly Rent payable for such partial month shall be approximately prorated on the basis of a thirty (30) day month. Monthly Rent and the additional rent specified in Paragraph 7 (in accordance with the procedure specified therein) shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord, in advance, without deduction or offset except as expressly provided in Sections in lawful money of the United States of America at the office of Dinesh Maniar, 110 Kimball Way, South San Francisco, California 94080, or to such other person or at such other place as Landlord may from time to time designate in writing.