Relevant Experience Sample Clauses

Relevant Experience. Any professional or industrial experience directly related to the subject taught.
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Relevant Experience. Xx. Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx, is an extremely organized and adept project manager with experience in implementing high priority projects within budget. He possesses outstanding communications, problem solving and negotiation skills. He is particularly capable of instituting effective working relationships with team members and clients. His technical skills include extensive knowledge and experience in design and construction project management for public and private sector projects including water, wastewater, drainage, and street improvements. The following is representative of Mr. Kshatriya’s experience: Xxxxxxx Valley Water Company - Xx. Xxxxxxxxx provided complete investigation of the existing water facility, prepared report, designed the water extension and pump station facility, prepared drawings for bidding and construction. Project was completed in time and under budget. Significant items were; Acquiring permit from the county, Review of the requirement of well and construction of the well, Installation of booster pump station, Water line extension and Construction management of the project.
Relevant Experience. When years of experience are required to fill a job opening, this experience must be pertinent to the job, meaning that it must be experience that has prepared the candidate to do the work in the job applied for.
Relevant Experience. (TAB 2) Provide a summary of Proposer’s experience with projects of similar scope. Behind “Tab 2”, to be attached to the SOQ, include detailed information for a maximum of ten previously completed projects by the firm or its sub-consultants that are similar in nature to this specific project, including, but not limited to, contracts with the City, currently in progress or having been performed in the past five (5) years comparable to this project as follows:  List only projects involving current staff comprising your proposed team;  List projects in date order with newest project listed first; and  List projects in North Carolina first, followed by projects located in other states. Information should include a description of the project, scope of work, location of project and total project cost; client name and telephone number; and dates of project work. As part of the selection process the City may contact the Proposer’s references.
Relevant Experience. Relevant experience will be determined in units of one (1) year (the “evaluation year”), and such determination will be used to place a new employee on the salary scale at the time of initial appointment or on a subsequent reappointment, and in relation to movement on the salary steps of the Pay Plan pursuant to Article 36.04. The initial reference points for determining relevant experience will be the employee’s most recent appointment date and the most recent anniversary thereof (“anniversary date”). The anniversary date shall be moved forward by amounts of time equal to periods of service for which the employee does not receive credit i.e., those months in which the employee does not earn salary from the Employer for more than ten (10) days. The purpose of determining relevant experience is to recognize the career development of each employee in the employee group. The following will apply relative to such determinations.
Relevant Experience. Relevant company experience should be provided including:  overview of products and services provided by the company;  past experience in similar types of work and evidence of capacity, and also outline the company’s experience in the sectors relevant to the Principal more generally; and  number of years in business as a provider of products/services similar to those sought in this Invitation to Tender.
Relevant Experience. Provide a summary of projects for which the consultant has performed similar services. This list shall include the name, contact person, address, and phone number of each party for whom the service was provided, as well as a brief description of the service performed, the dollar amount of the contract, and the date the project was completed.
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Relevant Experience. Xxxxxx Street Residences | M o u n t a i n V i e w , C A This project consisted of three three-story buildings of 7 residential units (total of approximately 16,000 square feet) over a post-tensioned slab podium garage. Santa Xxxx Nutritionals | Sa n ta Cr u z , CA Review of tenant improvement consisting of converting existing 17,560 square feet warehouse area into a nutriceutical gummy production factory area. Xxxxxx Building | M i l l V a l l e y , C A Review of conversion of a single family residence into a mixed use building consisting of office occupancy and residence. Santa Xxxx Bicycles | Sa n ta Cr u z , CA Review of tenant improvement of existing shell building for new bicycle manufacturing facility (approximately 60,000 square feet). 300 Xxxxxxx | Sa n ta Cr u z , CA Review of a new single family residence (approximately 5,721 square feet) utilizing rammed earth wall construction. 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxx | W o o d s id e , CA Review of a new single family residence (approximately 5,000 square feet) utilizing Japanese style construction method in a high fire hazard zone, with a new underground 17 car garage/parking structure (approximately 8,400 square feet). 000 Xxxx Xxxxxx | Sa n xx X x x x , CA Review of a new single family residence (approximately 2,600 square feet) utilizing straw bale wall construction. Xxxxxx LICENSES and CERTIFICATIONS Professional Civil Engineer, State of California | 61664 ICC Certified Building Plans Examiner | 8103984 ICC Certified Commercial Building Inspector | 8103984 Transportation Worker Identification Credential EDUCATION Master of Engineering, Civil Engineering UC Berkeley Bachelor of Science – Architectural Engineering Cal Poly |San Luis Obispo, CA MEMBERSHIP Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC) Toastmasters International American Society of Civil Engineers Tan PE Plan Review Engineer Xx. Xxx has over four years of experience providing multidisciplinary building plan review. As plan review engineer, he reviews for building safety and quality through the use of building standards codes (including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, energy and green-building codes). Xx. Xxx most recently worked for the County of Sacramento providing structural plan review to the County. R EL E V A N T EX P ER I EN XX Xxxxx Arcade Apartments | C x x x xx o f Sa c r a m e n to , CA Xx. Xxx provided structural plan review for a 148-unit apartment complex reviewing for building safety and quality through the use of bui...
Relevant Experience. The term “relevant experience” means full-time, prior public or private school employment in the same certificated field in which the District has employed or reemployed the unit member to serve and simultaneous possession of a valid credential for that certificated field issued either by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing or the equivalent agency in the state or country of prior employment. Either public or private experience will be acceptable, provided the teacher taught full time. (8/22/91 - effective August 16, 1991)
Relevant Experience. MGT is proposing on three of the five service categories in Category Two: Financial and Performance Audits. Below, we provide summaries of relevant project experience, each directly relevant to one or more of the requested services including but not limited to:
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