The County Sample Clauses

The County. Notwithstanding Section 7.10 herein, each of Borrower and Lender acknowledges and agrees, for the benefit of the County and as a condition of participation in the Program, that: (i) the County undertakes no obligation under or in respect of any Transaction Document or the Program Guide, and no implied covenants or obligations of the County shall be read into either, (ii) regardless of any default by Borrower, the County has no obligation to make Assessment Payments to Lender, or any other payments in respect of the Loan, including, without limitation, any fees, expenses and other charges described in any Transaction Document, (iii) none of any Loan, Assessment Payment, Lien or other obligation arising from any Transaction Document, the Act or the Ordinance shall be backed by (A) any credit of the County, (B) any credit of the Commonwealth or its political subdivisions, including, without limitation, the County, or (C) any taxes or governmental funds, (iv) none of any Loan, Assessment Payment, Lien or other obligation arising from any Transaction Document, the Act or the Ordinance shall constitute an indebtedness within the meaning of any constitutional or statutory debt limitation or restriction, (v) the County has not made any representations, financial or otherwise, in respect of Borrower, the Property or the Project, (vi) the County makes no representation or warranty as to, and assumes no responsibility with respect to, the accuracy or completeness of the Lien, or any assignment or amendment thereof, (vii) the County assumes no responsibility or liability in respect of the Project, or the planning, construction or operation thereof, (viii) each of Borrower and Lender shall, upon request, provide the County with any information related to the Project or the Loan that is reasonably necessary to confirm that the Project or Loan meets all requirements of the Act, the Ordinance and the Program Guide, (ix) each of Borrower and Lender shall comply with all applicable requirements of the Act, the Ordinance and the Program Guide, and (x) Lender shall reimburse the County, within ten (10) days upon written demand, for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the County in connection with any Transaction Document, including, without limitation, the preparation and Recording of the Lien or any assignment or amendment thereof.
The County. The County acknowledges and represents has a good and lawful right to enter into this Agreement.
The County. 5.1.1 Delivery and Installation of Radios Pursuant to a mutually agreed upon schedule, the County shall deliver the Radios described in Attachment 1 to Recipient and shall install the Base Station Radio and antenna system. Recipient shall connect the base Station Radio to Recipient’s console. County shall not be responsible for any additional Radio installations and shall not be obligated to install a Radio if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the communications facility provided by Recipient is unsuitable for such installation.
The County. Except as set forth on Exhibit E attached and made a part of this document, the County makes the following representations, warranties, and covenants, as the basis for the undertakings on the part of BVA LFG contained in this Lease Agreement:
The County. In addition to any other covenants, indemnities, warranties and representations made by the County herein, the County hereby represents and warrants to the Association that, pursuant the County’s Real Estate Policy No. 16-5, the County has the capacity, and, prior to the Closing Date, all requisite actions will have been taken and approvals obtained by the County to fully authorize and empower the County, to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby.
The County. The County shall be solely responsible for the property taxes for the CCC facility/property and any other taxes related to the County’s ownership of the CCC.
The County. The County’s failure to perform any obligation under this lease if the failure is not remedied within thirty days after receipt of a written notice from the Lessee to the County specifying the nature of the breach in reasonably sufficient detail. If the required cure of the noticed failure cannot reasonably be completed within thirty days, a default will not be deemed to occur if the County has attempted to cure the failure within the thirty-day period and has diligently and continuously attempted to complete the cure as soon as reasonably possible.
The County a. The County shall, after notification of analytical equipment acquisition by USCB, issue an annual purchase order for $90,000 to USCB for the Monitoring services outlined in Attachment 1. Payments will be made bi-annually in the amount of $45,000, beginning immediately after analytical equipment acquisition but no more than two months before transfer of monitoring services. In the event the amount from the previous year’s has not been fully expended by USCB, the subsequent year’s disbursement by the County shall be credited that amount. Under no circumstances shall the total fiscal year disbursement exceed $100,000 unless the Agreement is modified per Paragraph 4.b below.
The County. Upon the occurrence of a default by the Lessee, the County may reenter and repossess the Premises and remove all persons and property from the Premises, after giving the Lessee written Notice of Default and in accordance with due process of law.