Attachments Sample Clauses

Attachments. The exhibits, schedules and annexes attached to this Agreement are incorporated herein and shall be considered a part of this Agreement for the purposes stated herein, except that in the event of any conflict between any of the provisions of such exhibits and the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail.
Attachments. The attachments set forth herein shall be an integral part of this Agreement.
Attachments. All exhibits, amendments, riders and addenda attached to this Lease are hereby incorporated into and made a part of this Lease.
Attachments. Attach any agreed evidence required with this report to demonstrate project progress. Attach copies of any published reports and promotional material, relating to the project. Certification You must ensure an authorised person completes the report and can certify the following: The information in this report is accurate, complete and not misleading and that I understand the giving of false or misleading information is a serious offence under the Criminal Code 1995 (Cth). The activities undertaken and the expenditure incurred is in accordance with the grant agreement. I am aware of the grantee’s obligations under their grant agreement. I am aware that the grant agreement empowers the Commonwealth to terminate the grant agreement and to request repayment of funds paid to the grantee where the grantee is in breach of the grant agreement. Appendix 2 Accelerating Commercialisation - annual report requirements You will need to provide the following information in your annual progress report. This report replaces the progress report for the September quarter. Unless otherwise stated please report for the last quarter only. The Commonwealth reserves the right to amend or adjust the requirements. You must complete and submit your report on the portal. You can enter the required information in stages and submit when it is complete. Project progress Complete the following table, updating for all milestones shown in the Activity Schedule of your grant agreement. Milestone Agreed end date Actual/ anticipated end date Current % complete Progress comments – work undertaken and impact of any delay Where applicable, describe any project activities completed during the reporting period that are not captured in the table above. Is the overall project proceeding in line with your grant agreement? If no, identify any changes or anticipated issues. Comment on any impacts on project timing and outcomes and how you expect to manage these. Are there any planned events relating to the project that you are required to notify us about in accordance with your agreement? If yes, provide details of the event including date, time, purpose of the event and key stakeholders expected to attend. If you have any conditions of funding in your grant agreement, are you are compliant with those conditions? If no, provide details. Project outcomes Outline the project outcomes achieved to date. How are you progressing towards commercialisation of your product/process or service? Have there been any...
Attachments. The Contractor may attach any plans, schematics, drawings, details, or other information to assist the Subcontractor with the aforementioned Services. Any attachment made shall be made part of this entire Agreement.
Attachments. If the provisions of any schedule or rider to this Agreement are inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of such schedule or rider shall prevail. The Schedules attached are hereby incorporated as integral parts of this Agreement.
Attachments. This Master Agreement consists of 53 pages including the following attachments which are incorporated herein and shall apply to each SOW Agreement executed pursuant to this Master Agreement: Attachment AScope of Work Attachment BPayment Provisions Attachment C – “Standard State Provisions for Contracts and Grants” a preprinted form (12/15/17) Attachment D – Information Technology Professional Services Terms and Conditions (3/10/17) Attachment D1 – Form Statement of Work RFP (SOW-RFP) Attachment D2 – Form Statement of Work (SOW) Agreement Attachment D3 – Form SOW Amendment Attachment E – AHS Business Associate Agreement dated 7/7/17 (For reference, current version to be included in SOW process as applicable.) Attachment FAgency of Human ServicesCustomary Contract Provisions dated 5/16/18 (For reference, current version to be included in SOW process as applicable.) All references to the “Agreement” in Attachment C shall be deemed to refer to this Master Agreement and all SOW Agreements entered into hereunder.