Definition of Technical Support

Technical Support means the technical assistance for attempting resolution of a reported Incident through error correction, patches, hot fixes, workarounds, replacement deliveries, or any other type of Product corrections or modifications.
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Technical Support means telephone, facsimile, Internet and
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Technical Support means Contractor-provided assistance for the services or Solution furnished under the Contract, after initial end-user support confirmstechnical issue that requires additional troubleshooting capabilities; sometimes referenced as Tier II - IV support. <<solicitationTitle>> Solicitation #: <<solicitationNumber>> RFP Document RFP for <<issuingAgencyName>> Page 8 of 128
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Examples of Technical Support in a sentence

For additional information on access, contact the Office of the Federal Register's Technical Support Staff.
The Technical Support Agreement will expire upon the earlier of December 31, 2002 or the date that certain Credit Agreement, dated as of July 28, 1999, by and among Orion Power New York, L.P., Banc of America Securities, LLC, Paribas, the lenders initially signatories thereto, together with those assignees pursuant to Section 9.06 thereof, and Bank of America, N.A., as amended, is repaid in full.
At the Closing, COSI, or its successor will enter into a Technical Support Agreement with Orion (the "Technical Support Agreement").
NYSCS Technical Support should be contacted for any technical support questions by clicking on the links for "Contact Us & Support" then "Technical Support" on the NYSCS website.
Technical Support Document for Suggested Control Measu re for the Control of Emissions of Oxides of Nitrogen from Industrial, Institu tional, and Commercial Boilers, Steam Generators, and Process Heaters.

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Technical Support means Software support provided
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