THE SUBJECT Sample Clauses

THE SUBJECT. 1.1. The Bank shall accept the Client for bank servicing provided on a paid basis, according to the Bank’s current rates (further – the Rates). The Bank's current rates, according to which the Client shall pay the banking services, are posted on the Internet-resource of the Bank at the address: xxx.xxxxxxxxx.xx., as well as in a place available for viewing by the Client in the facilities of the Bank. The Bank opens for the Client a current bank account (further – the Account) on the basis of the Application for accession signed by the Client, upon submission by the Client of the documents required for opening of the Account in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the internal documents of the Bank.
THE SUBJECT. MATTER The subject matter of this AGREEMENT is as follows: I – restricting, in favor of BNDES, the RESTRICTED REVENUE, that assures the compliance with obligations assumed by XXX CELULAR under the CREDIT FACILITY, and the assignment of the RESTRICTED REVENUE, in favor of BNDES, in the event payments BNDES declares the acceleration of payments or in the event of a default in complying with financial obligations under the CREDIT FACILITY agreement, assign such revenues to BNDES up to the limit sufficient to settle the remaining debt balance or pay the defaulted amount; and II – regulating all terms and conditions based on which the TRUSTEE BANK shall act as an agent bank responsible for centralizing and managing the RESTRICTED REVENUE. Exhibit I to the Credit Facility Agreement by means of Credit Facility #05.2.0642.1
THE SUBJECT. XXXXXX Xxx xxxx xxxxx xxỏa thuận tại Hợp đồng này. SJCS sẽ mở mxx xxx xxxxx xxx xx xxứng khoán cung cấp xxx xxxx xx xxx xx và thanh toán giao dịch chứng khoán cho Khách hàng. Bên cạnh đó SJCS sẽ thay mặt Khách hàng thực hiện các lệnh mua, bán chứng khoán của Khách hàng trên thị trường giao dịch theo các quy định hoặc cơ chế hoạt động của từng thị trường. Under the terms and conditions of this Agreement, SJCS agrees to open a Security Account in the name of Client, providing securities depository and settlement service. Besides SJCS shall receive, transmit and execute the Client‟s order in the Exchange in accordance with its rules and regulations. ĐIỀU 3: XXX XXXX XX XXX XX XXỨNG KHOÁN
THE SUBJECT. Companies Closing Date Balance Sheet and the Subject Companies Final Balance Sheet will be prepared using the same accounting policies as used in the determination of the Subject Companies Year End Balance Sheet (except that all balances reflected on the Subject Companies Final Balance Sheet will be as of the Closing Date).

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  • The Subject Shares The Stockholder is the beneficial owner of and has good and valid title to, the Subject Shares, free and clear of any Liens. The Stockholder does not own, of record or beneficially, any shares of capital stock of Monroe other than the Subject Shares. The Stockholder has the sole right to vote the Subject Shares, and none of the Subject Shares are subject to any voting trust or other agreement, arrangement or restriction with respect to the voting of the Subject Shares, except as contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Privilege of Stock Ownership The holder of this option shall not have any of the rights of a shareholder with respect to the Option Shares until such individual shall have exercised the option and paid the Option Price.

  • COMMON ATTRIBUTE 28 Each standard shall enable or support one or more of the reliability principles, thereby ensuring that each standard serves a purpose in support of the reliability of the regional bulk power system. Each standard shall also be consistent with all of the reliability principles, thereby ensuring that no standard undermines reliability through an unintended consequence. COMMON ATTRIBUTE 29 While reliability standards are intended to promote reliability, they must at the same time accommodate competitive electricity markets. Reliability is a necessity for electricity markets, and robust electricity markets can support reliability. Recognizing that bulk power system reliability and electricity markets are inseparable and mutually interdependent, all regional reliability standards shall be consistent with NERC’s market interface principles. Consideration of the market interface principles is intended to ensure that standards are written such that they achieve their reliability objective without causing undue restrictions or adverse impacts on competitive electricity markets.

  • Joint Ownership Where several Parties have jointly carried out work generating joint Results and where their respective share of the work cannot be ascertained, they shall have joint ownership of such results. They shall establish an agreement regarding the allocation and terms of exercising that joint ownership, in particular the use, the application for protective rights, division of related cost and the dissemination. Each of the joint owners shall be entitled to use their jointly owned Results for non-commercial research activities and educational purposes on a royalty-free basis. However, where no joint ownership agreement has yet been concluded, each of the joint owners shall be entitled to grant non-exclusive licenses to third parties, without any right to sub-license, subject to the following conditions: at least 45 calendar days prior notice must be given to the other joint owner(s); and fair and reasonable compensation must be provided to the other joint owner(s).

  • Ownership/No Claims Each Loan Party owns, or is licensed to use, all patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property (including intellectual property in software, mask works, inventions, designs, trade names, service marks, technology, trade secrets, proprietary information and data, domain names, know-how and processes) necessary for the conduct of such Loan Party’s business as currently conducted (“Intellectual Property”), except for those the failure to own or license which, individually or in the aggregate, could not reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect. As of the Effective Date and the Closing Date, no material claim has been asserted and is pending by any person, challenging or questioning the validity of any Loan Party’s Intellectual Property or the validity or enforceability of any such Intellectual Property, nor does any Loan Party know of any valid basis for any such claim. The use of any Intellectual Property by each Loan Party, and the conduct of each Loan Party’s business as currently conducted, does not infringe or otherwise violate the rights of any third party in respect of Intellectual Property, except for such claims and infringements that, individually or in the aggregate, could not reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect.

  • Ownership and Return The Receiving Party acknowledges that the Disclosing Party (or any third party entrusting its own information to the Disclosing Party) claims ownership of its Confidential Information in the possession of the Receiving Party. Upon the expiration or termination of this Agreement, and at the request of the Disclosing Party, the Receiving Party shall return to the Disclosing Party all originals, copies, and summaries of documents, materials, and other tangible manifestations of Confidential Information in the possession or control of the Receiving Party, except that the Receiving Party may retain one copy of the Confidential Information in the possession of its legal counsel solely for the purpose of monitoring its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Recapture Income Any gain allocated to the Partners upon the sale or other taxable disposition of any Partnership asset shall, to the extent possible after taking into account other required allocations of gain pursuant to Exhibit C, be characterized as Recapture Income in the same proportions and to the same extent as such Partners have been allocated any deductions directly or indirectly giving rise to the treatment of such gains as Recapture Income.

  • Ownership Rights Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as (a) establishing or granting to Registry Operator any property ownership rights or interests of Registry Operator in the TLD or the letters, words, symbols or other characters making up the TLD string, or (b) affecting any existing intellectual property or ownership rights of Registry Operator.

  • Dividend Reinvestment Plan Any and all expenses incident to any dividend reinvestment plan.

  • Privileges of Stock Ownership Optionee shall have no rights as a shareholder with respect to the Bancorp’s stock subject to this option until the date of issuance of stock certificates to Optionee. Except as provided in the Plan, no adjustment will be made for dividends or other rights for which the record date is prior to the date such stock certificates are issued.