Project Work definition

Project Work means the work required to complete the Project.
Project Work has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.03.
Project Work means the work for the Connection Project as set out in Schedule “A” to this Agreement.

Examples of Project Work in a sentence

  • Contractor will develop and implement the activities and achieve the objectives described in the approved Implementation Project Work Plan in collaboration with the Community-based Partnership.

  • Contractors shall not cause, incite, encourage, condone or participate in any lock-out of employees with respect to Project Work during the term of this PLA.

  • Construction Manager’s total reimbursement for Reimbursable Expenses shall not exceed $0, which is Construction Manager’s estimate of the maximum total cost of Reimbursable Expenses on the Birch Grove Primary Parking Lot Project Work.

  • If the legality of this PLA is challenged and any form of injunctive relief is granted by any court, suspending temporarily or permanently the implementation of this PLA, then the Parties agree that all Project Work that would otherwise be covered by this PLA should be continued to be bid and constructed without application of this PLA so that there is no delay or interference with the ongoing planning, bidding, and construction of any Project Work.

  • The Contractors and MTS have the sole and exclusive right and authority to oversee and manage construction operations on Project Work without any limitations unless expressly limited by a specific provision of this PLA.

More Definitions of Project Work

Project Work means construction work performed in the construction of a Covered Project.
Project Work means construction work performed on a qualified project.
Project Work means construction work performed as part of a Covered Project.
Project Work means all administration, labor, equipment and materials whether on or off the real estate depicted on the Site Plan necessary to produce and fully effect the Completion of the Project.
Project Work means all work, research, study and analysis performed by the University Personnel and Company Personnel on behalf of and during the existence of the Project as generally described in the Research Plan, but shall not include any work, research, study or analysis performed by University Personnel or Company Personnel in connection with any other research agreements or any other arrangements, other than the Project, to which the Parties may now or hereafter become a party.
Project Work means and refers to the work to be performed under and pursuant to the terms Exhibit E attached hereto.