Project Managers definition

Project Managers means the person at Developer responsible for the project management of Product and identified in Schedule 2;
Project Managers means the Contractor’s Project Manager and the Bank’s Project Manager appointed by each of the Parties in accordance with Section 6. The initial Project Managers and their contact details are described in Schedule 7.
Project Managers means the operator or manager of each Project, with the Project Manager for each Project in existence on the date hereof set forth on Schedule 1.1(d) hereto.

Examples of Project Managers in a sentence

  • The following information is available on our web site on the Project Managers page (Project Tab) to assist you.

  • The Contractor shall notify the Project Manager of such discoveries and carry out the Project Manager's instructions for dealing with them.

  • We undertake, if our tender is accepted, to commence the Works as soon as is reasonably possible after the receipt of the Project Manager's notice to commence, and to complete the whole of the Works comprised in the Contract within the time stated in the Special Conditions of Contract.

  • If the Contractor's forecast is deemed unreasonable, the Project Manager shall adjust the Contract Price based on the Project Manager's own forecast.

  • The Project Managers shall meet on a monthly basis in order to review the status of the project and provide WHO with reports.

More Definitions of Project Managers

Project Managers means the individuals identified in Section 12 of this Agreement who are authorized by TriMet and Subrecipient respectively to send and receive communications regarding this Agreement.
Project Managers have the meaning set forth in Section 3.4.
Project Managers are defined in Section 2.2. ----------------
Project Managers has the meaning set forth in Section 7.7.
Project Managers means the dedicated employees of Airline and Orbitz, or their replacements, who will manage specific projects under this Agreement.
Project Managers means, with respect to each Party, the project manager so designated by such Party in writing delivered to the other Party.
Project Managers means those individuals designated to act on behalf of the applicant and the Commission on matters relating to any subsequent grant agreement.