PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement is to authorize PDL NPDL to charter space to PFLG in the Trade (as hereinafter defined).
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. 3.1 The purpose of this Agreement is to authorize the Parties to charter and exchange space on one another’s vessels and to rationalize, coordinate and cooperate with respect to the Parties’ transportation services and operations in order to improve efficiency, save costs, and provide premium service to the shipping public in the Trade.
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement pursuant to the Plan, is to advance the interests of PCFC and the Bank by assuring that PCFC and the Bank will have the continued employment and dedication of the Executive and the availability of his advice and counsel in the event that an acquisition or Change in Control of PCFC occurs. This Agreement shall also assure the Executive of equitable treatment during the period of uncertainty that surrounds an acquisition or Change in Control, and allow the Executive to act at all times in the best interests of PCFC and its shareholders.
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. 1.01 Recognizing that stable, effective operations contribute to providing quality security services to clients and that the welfare of the Employer and that of its employees depends on the welfare of the business as a whole and recognizing further that a relationship of goodwill and mutual respect between the Employer and employees can contribute greatly to the maintenance and increase of that welfare, the Parties to this contract join together in the following Agreement.
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement is to advance the interests of the Company by providing the Executive with an assurance of equitable treatment, in terms of compensation and economic security, in the event of an acquisition or other Change in Control of the Company. An assurance of equitable treatment will enable the Executive to maintain productivity and focus during a period of significant uncertainty that is inherent in an acquisition or other Change in Control. Further, the Company believes that agreements of this kind will aid it in attracting and retaining the highly qualified, high performing professionals who are essential to its success.
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. In order to cause the Project to occur and to induce Developer to undertake the Project, to promote community development, industry and job creation and to expand and enhance the tax base within the City, the City intends to provide the TIF Incentives as set forth in this Agreement. The City intends to recover its costs through the Available Tax Increment generated by the Property. The parties intend to enter into this Agreement to record the understandings and undertakings of the parties and to provide a framework within which the Project may proceed.
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. 1. The purpose of this Agreement is to establish the general commitments of the Parties in order to promote the economic development of Akwesasne and the creation and consolidation of jobs for the members of the Community of Akwesasne.
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. The purpose of this Agreement is to promote and maintain harmonious relations between the parties in accordance with the ideals and goals of Article I.2.1, and to provide means acceptable to both parties for the orderly settlement of such differences as may from time to time arise between them.
PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT. Pursuant to this Agreement, the Parties will extend certain arrangements to one another within each area in which they both operate within the State for purposes of interconnection and the exchange of Local Traffic between End User Customers; as such term is defined in section 2.41 of Article II and for providing reciprocal access to poles, ducts, conduits and rights-of-way. This Agreement will be submitted to the State Public Service or Public Utilities Commission, as applicable (the “Commission”) for approval. The Parties agree that their entry into this Agreement is without prejudice to and does not waive any positions they may have taken previously, or may take in the future, in any legislative, regulatory, judicial or other public forum addressing any matters, including matters related to the same types of arrangements and/or matters related to CenturyTel’s rates and cost recovery that may be covered in this Agreement. In addition, each of CenturyTel and Sprint acknowledge and agree that this Agreement shall apply only to and for the specific purposes described in the immediately preceding paragraph. In no event shall any provision of this Agreement be applied to, or be interpreted as applying to, any context, arrangement or transaction other than the specific agreement described herein between CenturyTel and Sprint for the exchange of Local Traffic between End User Customers. Each of CenturyTel and Sprint further acknowledge and agree that neither this Agreement in its entirety, nor any one or more provisions of this Agreement, shall apply to any unbundled network element, operations support system or any other service, facility or benefit not expressly required by this Agreement to be provided by CenturyTel.