Level of Service Sample Clauses

Level of Service. 4.1.1 Each Member and New Market Entrant shall:
Level of Service. The Service levels, if any, initially requested by Recipient (the “Initial Service Levels”) shall be as set forth on Schedule A. Recipient shall provide Provider with an updated Schedule A at least fifteen (15) days prior to the end of each fiscal quarter indicating the anticipated Service needs of Recipient for the next fiscal quarter (each a “Service Request”). Subject to Section 1.8, Service levels may not be increased from the Initial Service Levels, including the enhancement of any Services or addition of any new Services, without the written agreement of the Parties. To the extent any Services are mischaracterized in Schedule A, Provider and Recipient shall negotiate in good faith to amend Schedule A as appropriate.
Level of Service. Complex case management with member focus involves the active coordination of care and services with the member and between providers while navigating the extensive systems and resources required for the member. It includes comprehensive assessment, determination of available benefits, development and implementation of a complex case management plan directed at the member’s chronic health conditions. Complex case management targets members with two (2) or more disease states who need assistance with care coordination, making preventive care appointments or accessing care to address the memberschronic health condition or members who have had an inpatient hospital stay in the last ninety (90) days or members with high dollar claims of over fifty thousand $50,000 thousand dollars (>$50,000) in six (6) months. The focus is on working with the providers to meet the needs of the individual through communication with the member, PMP (if applicable), other providers, and the member’s natural support system. The member’s active involvement will help members gain optimum health or improved functional capability, in the right setting and in a cost-effective manner. At a minimum, the Contractor must provide complex case management services for members discharged from an inpatient psychiatric or substance abuse hospitalization, for no fewer than ninety (90) calendar days following that inpatient hospitalization. The Contractor must also provide complex case management services for any member at risk for inpatient psychiatric, drug overdose, or substance abuse re-hospitalization. Care managers must contact members during an inpatient hospitalization, or as soon as practicable upon receiving notification of a member’s inpatient behavioral health hospitalization. The care manager must work with the hospital discharge planner, behavioral health provider case manager and/or natural supports (i.e. family) to ensure that an outpatient follow-up appointment is scheduled to occur no later than seven (7) calendar days following the inpatient behavioral health hospitalization discharge. The Contractor must ensure that lack of transportation is not a barrier to the member attending the appointment. Complex case management includes all of the services and benefits from disease management and care management. The Contractor shall use community health workers, to physically make contact when members cannot be reached via telephone within a predetermined, State approved timeframe. S...
Level of Service. Xxxxxxxx undertakes to use the same degree of care in rendering services under this Agreement as it respectively utilizes in rendering such services for its own operations and shall not be liable for any failure to provide services other than a failure caused by or attributable to its gross negligence or intentional misconduct or that of any of its affiliates, employees, officers or other agents. Nothing in this Agreement will require Xxxxxxxx to perform or cause to be performed any service in a manner that would constitute a violation of applicable laws.
Level of Service. Within the MSA, the City and County will establish the following Level of Service Standards (LOS): Interstate, Limited Access Parkways C Principal Arterials D Minor Arterials D Major and Minor Collectors D Local Streets D If a LOS standard is to be established below what is stated, both City and County must approve the change. As of the date of this Agreement, C-462 from C-466A to US 301 shall have a Level of Service Standard (LOS) of F. For Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) Facilities and Transportation Regional Incentive Program (TRIP) Funded roadways, the LOS shall be established by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).
Level of Service. In performing its duties, the Department may in its sole discretion determine what action shall be taken to enforce provisions of the law and to collect the Local Tax. In exercising its discretion, the Department shall provide a level of services that are comparable to the level of services it provides in the administration of the State of Oregon transient lodging tax laws and the collection of such taxes owed to the State of Oregon. If the Department deems it necessary to vary substantially from this standard, the Department shall first notify City of the need and obtain City’s consent. The Department shall provide all forms necessary for implementation of the Local Tax, including forms for transient lodging tax returns, exemptions and refunds.
Level of Service. If the Parties determine that the Provider shall provide the requested higher Level of Service, then such higher Level of Service shall be documented in a written agreement signed by the Parties. If the Recipient requests that the Provider perform any Service that would require the use of resources set forth on the Schedules which resources are no longer accessible to the Provider, the Parties shall document any agreement with respect to a replacement resource for such Service in a written agreement signed by the Parties. Each amended section of the Schedules hereto, as agreed to in writing by the Parties, shall be deemed part of this Agreement as of the date of such written agreement and the Level of Service increases set forth in such written agreement shall be deemed a part of the Services provided under this Agreement, in each case subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Level of Service. 20.01 The parties recognize and agree that service delivery and service levels, including the number of volunteers necessary to provide such service delivery, will be established by Town Council. In the event Town Council changes the level of service, or the number of volunteers required, the Association will not be prevented from making a presentation to Council in regard to such change in the delivery of emergency services.
Level of Service. Seller will use reasonable commercial efforts to perform the Transition Services in the manner and at a relative level of service substantially similar to that provided by Seller with respect to the Company during the six month period immediately prior to the Closing Date; provided, however, that, subject to Section 3(b) of this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement will require Seller to favor Buyer or any of its Affiliates, including the Company, after the Closing, over its own business operations or those of its Affiliates.