Annex 1 Sample Clauses

Annex 1. The Plan Frequency Assignment Plan for FM Sound Broadcasting Stations in Region 1 and Part of Region 3 in the band 87.5 - 108 MHz.
Annex 1. 40 discloses all Patents claiming or covering the manufacture, use, sale, offer for sale or import of Products in the Field that are owned or otherwise Controlled by UBI. UBI is the sole owner of all such Patents listed in Annex 1.40 other than the In-Licensed UBI Background Patents. UBI has the right to grant Siemens a sublicense in the Field under UBI’s licenses to the In-Licensed UBI Background Patents. Either (a) UBI’s license rights under In-Licensed UBI Background Patents are perpetual; or (b) in the event of termination of the LifeScan Agreements, any sublicense granted to Siemens under In-Licensed UBI Background Patents in the Field that is in effect immediately prior to such termination shall survive such termination as a direct license from LifeScan to Siemens in accordance with the terms and conditions of the LifeScan Agreements;
Annex 1. Recipient’s Institution full name and place of business (VAT number if applicable): Recipient principal scientist’s name, full address, telephone number and e-mail: Address to send the material to: Recipient authorized official’s name, full address, telephone number and e-mail: Provider’s principal scientist making available the Material (if known): Description of the Material: Aims of the intended experiments:
Annex 1. Attached to this Agreement as ANNEX 1 is a statement of (i) the proposed list of assets to be owned by the Company following the acquisition by the Company and its affiliates of assets from the estate of Fulcrum Direct Inc.; and (ii) the proposed initial equity structure of the Company. The Company or xXXxX*s Inc. may modify this Annex 1 at any time prior to the consummation of the Acquisition provided that such modification does not materially affect the economic interests of the Optionee.
Annex 1. 4 (b) contains a true and correct copy of the Partnership Agreement to be effective on or before the Closing Date;
Annex 1. Official locations of delivery of electric energy between Prenos and Distribution operator, then Prenos and direct consumers connected to the transmission network: code Metering location Voltage level Separation point Configuration of metering device* 1 TS Pljevlja 1 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 223+224 2 TS Ribarevine 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 112+113 3 TS H.Novi 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 172+173 4 TS Tivat 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 321+322 5 TS Budva 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 151+152 6 TS Bar 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 341+342 7 TS Ulcinj 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 331+332 8 TS Cetinje 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 311+312 9 TS Xxxxxxxxxxx 00 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 261 10 TS Berane 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 211+212 11 TS Xxxxxxxx 00 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 141 12 XX Xxxxxx 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 182+183-189 13 TS Podgorica 3 10kv Prenos - Distribucija 231+232 14 TS Podgorica 4 10 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 241+242 15 TS Andrijevica 35 xx Xxxxxx - Xxxxxxxxxxxx 000 00 TS Vilusi 35 xx Xxxxxx - Distribucija 251 17 KAP(TS Podgorica2) 110 xx Xxxxxx – Direct consumer 372+373 Steel company (TS 18 Nikšic) 110 xx Xxxxxx – Direct consumer 184+185+189 135+136+142+14 ŽICG (TS Xxxxxxxxx 0, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxx, 00 Mojkovac 25 xx Xxxxxx – Direct consumer 3+271+272+343+ 344 * - In the xxxxxx configuration of metering device a combination of metering devices is given which enables encompassing all extracts, that is records of complete energy delivered to a concrete consumer. Unique number of metering device corresponds to a code under which ti is registered in the system for automatic reading. Annex 2 A list of voltage levels and categories of consumers per voltage levels in accordance with tables with prices for electric energy brought based on determined regulatory income, announced at the internet page of the Regulatory Agency for energy. Voltage level Category of consumers Direct consumer KAP 110 kV Direct consumer ŽNK Direct consumer ŽCG 35 kV Distribution consumers 10 kV Distribution consumers Distribution consumers I level Distributive consumers II level with measuring of electric energy Distributive consumers II level 0.4 kV Distributive consumers Households two-tariff metering Distributive consumers Households one-tariff metering Distributive consumers Public lightening two-tariff metering Distributive consumers Public lightening two-tariff metering Annex 3 A list of categories of consumers at 0,4 kV voltage level for which capacity is not measured Vol...
Annex 1. The Pledged Interests identified in Annex 1 constitute all of the membership interests or other ownership interests of any class or character of the Borrower beneficially owned by the Pledgor on the date hereof (whether or not registered in the name of the Pledgor), and constitute one hundred percent (100%) of the membership or other ownership interests of the Borrower. Annex 1 correctly identifies, as at the date hereof, the registered owner of such Pledged Interests and the respective percentage of membership interests comprising such Pledged Interests.
Annex 1. (a) Part 1 of Annex 1 to the APA is hereby amended by adding the following line item at the end of the list of Current Liabilities: “- Greenhat Liability Amount
Annex 1. ‌ The means to prove nationality are found in annex 1 of the Community agreements. The only proofs in the Community agreements that are not in the Algerian agreements are: - xxxxxx’x registration books and skippers’ service cards; - citizenship certificates and other official documents that mention or indicate citizenship.201 198 Council Decision 2002. 199 Ibid.