The Funding Sample Clauses

The Funding. The total amount of Funding is $xxxxx (excluding GST) over the Term, to be paid as set out below. Payment 1 90% ($xxxx) on signing of this agreement and provision of a tax invoice for this amount Payment 2 10% ($xxxx) on provision of a Completion Report at the end of the project and provision of a tax invoice for this amount.
The Funding. As soon as practicable following its final determination of the total number of Placement Shares available for sale to the Subscribers made in anticipation of the closing of the transactions contemplated hereby, the Company shall notify the Subscriber of the number of Placement Shares, to be purchased by the Subscriber pursuant to Section 1(a) and the amount of the Commitment Fee to be paid pursuant to Section 1(e). Contemporaneously with the execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Subscriber has executed and delivered to the Company the Escrow Agreement in the form attached as Annex A to this Agreement. The Subscriber agrees to deliver payment for the Placement Shares, net of the Commitment Fee, to the Company's escrow agent for deposit in an escrow account within three (3) business days following receipt of notice from the Company that all of the material conditions to the closing of the Acquisition have been satisfied or, if permitted, duly waived. The name of the escrow agent and instructions for payment of the aggregate Subscription Price shall be included in the Company's notice. The delivery of, and the release from escrow of the payment for, the Placement Shares shall take place at the executive offices of the Company at One Pacific Plaza, 7777 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, California, at 9:00 a.m., California time, prior to, but substantially simultaneously with, the closing of the Acquisition, such time and date to be not more than five (5) business days after the foregoing notification and to be specified therein (such time and date being referred to as the "Funding Time," the date of the Funding being referred to as the "Funding Date" and the consummation of the Private Placement being referred to as the "Funding").
The Funding. The total amount of Funding is $xxxxx (excluding GST) over the Term, to be paid as set out below.
The Funding. Within two (2) business days of the Effective Date, the Reorganized Debtors shall cause to be transferred to or at the direction of the Environmental Trustee cash in the amount of $23,142,065.00 (the “Funding”).
The Funding. If the Company wishes to borrow under the Note Agreement up to the Maximum Loan Amount, the Company will give the Investor a written request for such loan, including in such request the amount of funds it wishes to borrow and a reasonably detailed description of the Company's proposed use of such funds. The Investor shall notify the Company in writing within 10 business days of such request whether or not the Investor, in its absolute discretion, approves such use of funds. If the Investor does not approve such use of funds, then the Investor shall have no obligation to make such loan and the rights and obligations of the parties under this Agreement shall be unaffected by such request of the Company. If the Investor does approve such use of funds, then the consummation of such loan (the "Funding") shall take place on the twentieth business day following such notice from the Investor, subject to all of the conditions to the Funding having been complied with or waived by the Investor. On the terms and subject to the conditions contained herein and in the Note Agreement, at the Funding, the Company shall issue and deliver to the Investor a Promissory Note with a face amount equal to the amount of the loan being made (the "Loan Amount"), duly executed by the Company, dated the date of the Funding and registered in the name of the Investor, against delivery by the Investor of the Loan Amount in immediately available funds by wire transfer to a bank account designated by the Company to the Investor in writing not less than two Business Days prior to the Funding Date.
The Funding. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, the Holder agrees to fund the note on each such date requested by the Company (a "Funding Date) upon fulfillment of the conditions precedent set forth in Article 5 hereof.
The Funding. 1.1 The Board shall pay the Funding to the GLA.
The Funding. Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust and University College London are required to undertake the following on receipt of the funding for IAPT Clinical Assurance; as above.
The Funding and repaid or prepaid may not be reborrowed. Amounts prepaid on the Special Loan shall be applied to the outstanding principal amount thereof in inverse order of maturity.