The Challenge Sample Clauses

The Challenge. The parties to this agreement share a fundamental and abiding commitment to the education of the adults who need basic skills. We recognize and greatly appreciate the extraordinary commitment of teachers, administrators, and other employees in the system. They work to create a system in which the staff can learn, grow, thrive, and be healthy. We believe that the Minneapolis Public School system as a whole must do more to meet the needs and expectations of all students and of the community. In particular, the community of educators finds the gaps in learning between students of color and white students unacceptable and dropout rates are too high. In addition, there are new graduation standards to understand; and methods to meet those standards throughout the education system must be developed and implemented. Adult Education recognizes these issues and provides for all students to succeed. This agreement is dedicated to doing better. Change requires intensive, carefully planned, and skillfully executed implementation. To achieve real educational improvement, the parties and the community will have to work together collaboratively to achieve an atmosphere of trust, innovation, and mission-driven purpose. For, after all: In the spirit of true learning community, the Minneapolis Public Schools exists to ensure that all students learn, and to support their growth into knowledgeable, skilled and confident citizens capable of succeeding in their work, personal and family life into the 21st century. We invite the rest of the community to join them in this effort. Working together, success is assured. The challenge is great. Some students arrive in school hungry, with serious emotional, mental, and physical health problems, lacking a stable home environment, or who may be victims of violence, require counseling and additional support. Many are working to help support themselves and their families which limits their study time. Teachers want and need continual professional development but also need the system to recognize and support their efforts to educate people from a sometimes dysfunctional environment. However great the challenges may be of educating each student to his or her full potential, we are determined to tackle them. This agreement is designed to facilitate whatever change and experiments may be needed. We invite the rest of the community to join them in this effort. Working together, success is possible. We recognize that the relationship between the...
The Challenge. The access agreement comes at a propitious moment in the development of Higher Education at the Institute. With the recent allocation of additional student numbers from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) the Institute has been able to increase substantially its portfolio of courses. Taken together with the Institute’s commitment to widening participation, data drawn from the HEFCE widening participation allocation indicating for example that 89% of our full time students are drawn from a disadvantaged background, and the region’s historically low participation rate in higher education (HEFCE 2005/03), the agreement provides perhaps a unique opportunity for the Institute to provide enhanced opportunities for its local population. Currently N E Lincolnshire is one of the most socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged regions in the country. The area is characterised by: • A high rate of social deprivation1 • A low rate of achievement of Level 2 qualifications2 • A significant shortage of economically active people holding NVQ4 Level qualifications, or above3 • A net outward migration of economically active people4 1 The area has some of the most deprived wards in the UK in terms of the index of local deprivation, for example, 3 wards out of 15 are in the lowest 10% in the country.
The Challenge. In order to participate in the Challenge, you represent to R3 that, as of the date hereof, you do not possess a Corda Enterprise license with respect to your CorDapp’s idea. If and when shortlisted for the relevant phase of the Challenge (to occur not prior to July 31, 2019) and according to any deadline and requirements that R3 may provide in its sole discretion from time to time, you will be asked to present a CorDapp’s idea to an audience to be comprised of R3 and certain members and partners of R3 which R3 may discretionarily select. The CorDapp should be designed to solve a unique business problem in the insurance industry. Following an initial selection and a number of competitive rounds as determined by R3 and explained in the “Participant Rules” document made available to you on R3’s Challenge website, you may be offered by R3, in R3’s sole discretion, to receive assistance in developing and testing your CorDapp including through the provision of certain mentorship services (the “Mentorship Services”) to be provided by R3 or is members or partners (each, a “Mentor”). Certain finalists selected by R3 in the course of the Challenge will have the opportunity to demonstrate their CorDapp at CordaCon, R3’s flagship conference. If you will be selected by R3 as the final winner following CordaCon, you will also receive a free Corda Enterprise license for your own use and without sub-licensing rights and the opportunity, as directed by R3, to receive certain assistance from the R3 team to further develop your CorDapp prior to moving into production.
The Challenge. The SEC did not have a robust and integrated approach to identify and monitor operational risks and controls for an effective Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) Section 2 program. Services Provided Results Delivered We assisted the SEC develop and implement a comprehensive approach to assess and monitor operational risks and controls and align the process with its Enterprise Risk Management program. We also updated risk and control matrices, performed testing of key controls, developed corrective action plans to remediate deficiencies, and performed continuous monitoring. We established an operational risk management program office and delivered a comprehensive risk management framework and governance structure. This increased the SEC’s ability to identify, document, assess, and monitor operational risks and controls agency-wide in an integrated and efficient manner. Submarine Force, US Pacific Fleet (SUBPAC) The Challenge Commander, SUBPAC required assistance to effectively implement FIAR-compliant document retention practices after its supply and logistics division migrated its documentation to a new document repository. Services Provided Results Delivered We enhanced standard practices for validating and archiving electronic financial records; updated supply policy and standard operating procedures, provided unit training, and remediated control deficiencies. We also implemented process improvements and performance metrics. We aided 41 subordinate submarine commands and seven subordinate shore commands in meeting financial audit readiness requirements. We substantially reduced manpower requirements for all Pacific Submarine Force activities, streamlined document retention practices, and enhanced the command’s auditability. Surface Force, US Pacific Fleet (SURFPAC) The Challenge With the Navy’s transition to the SABRS accounting, the Commander, SURFPAC required new processes to track petroleum-oil-lubricant (POL) consumption rates for the US Pacific Fleet.
The Challenge. ‌ When Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager is installing software in the background it prevents the Microsoft Configuration Manager Client from installing other software. For mandatory (background) installation this is handled through a queue. Application installations that the end user initiates are not queued and the user is presented with a (not so user friendly) error: During one of our recent migrations this error was the one issue users complained about. In this particular migration laptops were deployed in advance, put on stock and swapped on the day of migration. Because of this approach users were sometimes presented with laptop configurations that were one or two months old. When these machines were reconnected to the network the Microsoft Configuration Manager Client immediately started updating the machine to the latest software and patch level. However the users that were freshly migrated also needed to install their personal software and were presented with the error above when the system underneath was still updating. Although the users accepted the fact that their system was updating they all had a single question: “when should we retry?”. Unfortunately there was no single answer to that question. Until now…
The Challenge. ACADEMY TRUST, a charitable company incorporated in England and Wales with registered company number [INSERT] whose registered address is at Xxxxxxxxx College, Loushers lane, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx, XX0 0XX (the “Multi Academy Trust”) and
The Challenge. The Total Makeover Challenge (herein referred to as TMC) is a 4 month self-improvement program that educates and encourages women to reach their highest potential in personal health, fitness and self-confidence. Their journey includes weight loss coaching, fitness training, personal growth seminars to find one’s personal mission statement, and workshops on how to walk, talk and present oneself with confidence. Each year this challenge changes women’s lives by giving them an opportunity to find themselves again after losing themselves through raising families, working in unsatisfying careers to just make ends meet or dealing with personal tragedies. This program gives them the energy, support and confidence to take their lives back. It also gives them a sense of “pay it forward” as each year many of the women come back to share and help with the next Challenge. The Website The Total Makeover Challenge website (xxxxx:// will support all activities relating to the Total Makeover Challenge. The Total Makeover Challenge website will feature all challengers with profile pages that will show their progress through photos, videos and blogging. The website will also feature all the sponsors of the events with each sponsor having links to their websites to promote their own businesses. All Total Makeover Events will be posted, and photos/videos will be displayed throughout the challenge period. The Sponsor Sponsors will have an opportunity to advertise their logo and link to their website in a variety of locations on the Total Makeover Challenge Website. Locations will be dependent on the type of sponsorship purchased or services traded placing sponsors at a Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus, Diamond or Title Sponsor level. All Sponsors will be featured on the homepage of the city they are participating in. This is the page that the public will visit first to view the Challenge information, view the competing challengers and read about any updates. All Sponsors will be featured on a sponsor page divided by sponsorship level. Other areas, depending on level of sponsorship, include the registration page and public voting site. The registration page is the page all challengers visit to fill out their application telling us why they need a TOTAL MAKEOVER. The public voting page is hosted by the publication sponsor online contest platform and is the page voter's visit to vote daily for their favorite challenger. This is the highest level o...
The Challenge. In essence, a successful National Anti-Doping Panel and panel administration service requires: Impartial, consistent and timely decision making by carefully selected panel members, overseen by a respected President. A service provider with irreproachable ethical standards which has the trust and confidence of Panel members, athletes and governing bodies to deliver effective, fair and impartial hearings. An independent Secretariat which provides value for money services to the highest customer care standards to all parties involved in a case. A deep understanding of the demands of sport and the issues arising from WADA. Extensive knowledge and experience of the WADA Code, the UK Anti-Doping Rules and of the NADP Procedural Rules. High standards of Corporate Governance and Contract Management.
The Challenge. Computing is entering a new era that brings revolutionary changes at many levels, including infrastructure, hardware, middleware, and end-user software. Rapidly advancing ICT trends such as service orientation, smart mobile devices, cloud computing, sensor networks, user-generated content and the Semantic Web transform the Internet into a global platform of knowledge and services. A major challenge in this context is to set up an initiative that coordinates and supports ongoing research and development efforts in the area of Software and Services, specifically those that utilize semantic technologies, towards the realization of this vision of the future Internet of Services. Since rapid advancement from various fields of ICT necessitates high-level coordination in order to optimally combine research and development results into eventual cross-domain solutions, the Service Web 3.0 project was challenged to provide: vision and leadership through coordinated research activities, professional forums and channels of dissemination, and community networking infrastructure and support to these means.
The Challenge