Obligations Sample Clauses

Obligations. During the Employment Term, Executive will perform his duties faithfully and to the best of his ability and will devote his full business efforts and time to the Company. For the duration of the Employment Term, Executive agrees not to actively engage in any other employment, occupation or consulting activity for any direct or indirect remuneration without the prior approval of the Board.
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Obligations. The obligations of the Parties shall be to hold and maintain the Confidential Information in the strictest of confidence at all times and to their agents, employees, representatives, affiliates, and any other individual or entity that is on a “need to know” basis. If any such Confidential Information shall reach a third (3rd) party, or become public, all liability will be on the Party that is responsible. Neither Party shall, without the written approval of the other Party, publish, copy, or use the Confidential Information for their sole benefit. If requested, either Party shall be bound to return any and all materials to the Requesting Party within days. This Section shall not apply to the 1st Party if this Agreement is Unilateral as marked in Section II.
Obligations. Upon TFC, all obligations that are still executory on both sides are discharged except that any right based on prior breach or performance survives, and the indemnification provisions and the section of this contract titled Trade Secrets and Confidentiality, if any, shall remain in force. At the time of TFC or as soon afterwards as is practical, the Contractor shall give the City all Work, including partly completed Work. In case of TFC, the Contractor shall follow the City’s instructions as to which subcontracts to terminate. (c)
Obligations. Each Party shall use commercially reasonable efforts to retain the other Party’s Confidential Information in confidence and not disclose the same to any third party nor use the same, except as authorized by the disclosing Party in writing or as expressly permitted in this Section 8.6. Each Party further agrees to take the same care with the other Party’s Confidential Information as it does with its own, but in no event less than a reasonable degree of care.
Obligations. The Contractor shall not be obligated to repair damage caused by fire or other casualty (except that caused by the Contractor or those under Contractor’s control), or willful or grossly negligent operation or handling of the Product by the Authorized User. Right to Refuse/Discontinue Maintenance/Support An Authorized User shall not be required to purchase Maintenance/support for use of Product. There shall be no automatic renewal of Maintenance/support. Maintenance/Support Agreement Contract Price Survival An Authorized User’s Maintenance/support agreement, entered into during the term of this Contract, may continue beyond the end of the Contract based on the following limitations:  Maintenance/support period must start prior to the expiration of the Contract;  Authorized User has pre-paid for the entire Maintenance/support term;  Maintenance period cannot last longer than a 36 month period past the expiration of the Contract. Legacy Maintenance/Support Contractor may offer Legacy Maintenance/support services on End of Life, or obsoleted Product, that is not being offered under this Contract, provided that the equipment fits within the scope of this Contract as set forth in Section 2, Contract Scope. Legacy Maintenance/support options shall be included in Appendix E - Pricing Pages. A description of each type of Legacy Maintenance/support option shall be provided in Appendix E - Pricing Pages. Maintenance/Support Responsibility As a part of Maintenance/support responsibilities, the Contractor shall represent the Authorized User in regards to other involved equipment and service providers to identify and correct the malfunction. Malfunctions that cannot be immediately diagnosed and pinpointed to a certain piece of Product will require the participation of the Contractor until the responsibility for the problem has been established. See Appendix B. 57, Cooperation with Third Parties. Maintenance/Support Service Sheets Upon Authorized User’s request, the Contractor shall furnish the Authorized User with a Maintenance/support Service Sheet for all Maintenance/support requests. At a minimum, the Maintenance/support Service Sheet should include the following data for each request for service:  Date and time notified by Authorized User  Date and time of arrival of Contractor  Description of malfunction reported by Authorized User  Diagnosis of failure and work performed by Contractor  Date and time failure was corrected  Charges for the service, if appli...
Obligations. Both parties agree to confer with each other on a yearly basis regarding changes in curricula involved in this articulation agreement.
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