WORK PERFORMED BY CONTRACTOR. If indicated in the Contract Documents or solicitation, Contractor shall perform the required percentage of Work stated as measured by cost (equipment and labor, but not materials) within Contractor’s own firm. Failure of the Contractor to perform the required percentage of Work constitutes a material breach of the Contract.
WORK PERFORMED BY CONTRACTOR. If indicated in the contract documents, the contractor shall perform the required percentage of work stated in the solicitation as measured by cost (equipment and labor) within his own firm and excluding material costs. Failure of the contractor to perform the required percentage of work within his own firm constitutes a material breach of the contract.
WORK PERFORMED BY CONTRACTOR. CONTRACTOR will be paid the direct costs for labor, materials and equipment used in performing the Work determined as hereinafter provided in Sections 10-4.1.1, "Labor," 10-4.1.2, "Materials," and 10-4.1.3, "


  • Services to be performed by Contractor In consideration of the payments set forth herein and in Exhibit “B,” Contractor shall perform services for County in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications set forth herein and in Exhibit “A.”

  • SERVICES TO BE PERFORMED BY CONSULTANT A. Consultant hereby agrees to render to City, as an independent contractor, certain professional, technical and expert services of a temporary and occasional character as set forth in Exhibit A (“Scope of Work”).

  • Work Performance Xxxxxx agrees that all Services performed hereunder shall be performed on a best effort basis by employees, students, faculty, graduate assistants and staff having an appropriate experience and skill level and in compliance with the statement of work.

  • By Contractor Should the Contractor be liable for any payments to the State hereunder, interest, late payment charges and collection fee charges will be determined and assessed pursuant to Section 18 of the State Finance Law.

  • CONTRACTOR’S PERFORMANCE 2.21.1 Contractor shall make citizen satisfaction a priority in providing services under this Agreement. Contractor shall train its employees to be customer service-oriented and to positively and politely interact with citizens when performing contract services. Contractor’s employees shall be clean, courteous, efficient, and neat in appearance and committed to offering the highest quality of service to the public. If, in the Director’s opinion, Contractor is not interacting in a positive and polite manner with citizens, he or she shall direct Contractor to take all remedial steps to conform to these standards

  • WORK TO BE PERFORMED The Contractor shall do all work and furnish all labor, tools, materials, supplies and equipment for the Clay Street and 6th Street Arterial Preservation Project (“Work”) in accordance with, and as described in the Project Plans and specifications stamped and as amended through addendums ("Contract Plans") including all related drawings, plans and other documents made available by the City which are by this reference incorporated herein and made part hereof (the “Contract Documents”). To the extent applicable or reasonably necessary to interpret the Work, the most recent publication of the Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction of the Washington State Department of Transportation (see xxxx:// is incorporated into the Contract Documents. All changes in the work shall be performed in accord with the Contract Documents, unless determined otherwise by the City. The Contractor, as set forth in the Contractor’s bid proposal attached hereto as Exhibit A (the "Bid Proposal"), shall assume and be responsible for the cost and expense of all Work provided in the and Contract Documents, except those items agreed in writing to be furnished by the City of Xxxxxx. The Mayor or designee shall administer and be the primary contact for Contractor. Prior to commencement of work, Contractor shall contact the Mayor or designee to review the Work, schedule, and time of completion. Contractor shall receive written authorization from the City to proceed with the Work. Upon notice from the Mayor or designee, Contractor shall promptly commence Work, complete the same in a timely manner, and cure any failure in performance under this Agreement. All Work shall be performed in conformance with the Contract Documents, City and State standards and Bid Proposal. Contractor acknowledges review of the Contract Documents and accepts the same. In the event of a conflict between the Contract Documents, City and State standards or Bid Proposal, they shall be interpreted and given precedence in the order listed herein.

  • Performance by Contractor Where Pur- chaser’s employees, agents, contractors, Subcontractors, or their employees or agents perform Purchaser’s Opera- tions in connection with fire responsibilities, Purchaser’s obligations shall be the same as if performance was by Purchaser.

  • Contract Work A. Unless mutually agreed, the County will not contract out or subcontract any work now performed by employees covered by this Agreement when such would result in layoff of any bargaining unit employee(s) and the County is unable to find suitable or comparable alternate employment for the employee(s). However, this provision shall not apply to contracting out or sub-contracting work when such was anticipated and considered as a part of the budgeting process and when the Association Representative has been notified of the specific plan and its probable impact at least thirty (30) days prior to adoption of the annual executive budget or formal Board consideration of budget modifications.

  • Contractor If COUNTY elects to renegotiate this Agreement due to reduced or terminated 20 funding, CONTRACTOR shall not be obligated to accept the renegotiated terms.

  • THE WORK The Work comprises the completed construction required by the Contract Documents and includes all labor necessary to produce such construction, and all materials and equipment incorporated or to be incorporated in such construction.