Contract Price Sample Clauses

Contract Price. 3.1 For full and complete performance, OWNER agrees to pay CONTRACTOR the sum of $233,500.00 payable in accordance with the terms hereof and to the satisfaction of the OWNER.
Contract Price. 5.1.1 In consideration of the performance of the Supplier’s obligations under the Contract by the Supplier, the Authority shall pay the Contract Price in accordance with Clause 5.2 (Payment and VAT).
Contract Price. The Contractor shall supply the Contractor Deliverables to the Authority at the Contract Price. The Contract Price shall be a Firm Price unless otherwise stated in Schedule 3 (Contract Data Sheet). Subject to clause G2 the Contract Price shall be inclusive of any UK custom and excise or other duty payable. The Contractor shall not make any claim for drawback of UK import duty on any part of the Contract Deliverables supplied which may be for shipment Overseas. D Intellectual Property
Contract Price. The contract price of the VESSEL delivered to the BUYER at the SHIPYARD shall be United States Dollars Ninety One Million Five Hundred Thousand (US$ 91,500,000) (hereinafter called the “CONTRACT PRICE”) which shall be paid plus any increases or less any decreases due to adjustment or modifications, if any, as set forth in this CONTRACT. The above CONTRACT PRICE shall include payment for services in the inspection, tests, survey and classification of the VESSEL which will be rendered by the CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY and shall not include the cost of the BUYER’s supplies as stipulated in Article XII. The CONTRACT PRICE also includes all costs and expenses for supplying all necessary drawings as stipulated in the SPECIFICATIONS except those to be furnished by the BUYER for the VESSEL in accordance with the SPECIFICATIONS. (End of Article)
Contract Price. 10.1 In consideration of the performance by the Contractor of the Contractor’s obligations under the Contract by the Contractor, the Authority shall pay the Contract Price in accordance with clause 11 below.
Contract Price. See Table 1 below. Table 1 Delivery Period Term Type (On/Off-Peak) Contract Price ($/MWH) Hourly Quantity (MW/HOUR) Total Quantity (MWHs) 3A 4A 5A 1B 3B 4B The On-Peak Term(s) specified above includes the Hour Ending (“HE”) 0700 through HE 2200 Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) Monday through Friday excluding NERC Holidays. No adjustment shall be made for Daylight Savings Time. The Off-Peak Terms(s) specified above shall be all hours of all calendar days in Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) during the Term that are not On Peak hours.
Contract Price. The Owner shall pay the Contractor for the performance of the Work, subject to additions and deductions provided for herein, in current funds, a lump sum price of Seventy and 0/100 Dollars ($170,000.00) for the Services, One Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy and 0/100 Dollars ($1,870.00) for payment of the performance bond for the Project, and Owner’s contingency of Seventeen Thousand and 0/100 Dollars ($17,000.00).