Section II Sample Clauses

Section II. A.3 of the Agreement is hereby amended in its entirety to read as follows: “Grantee shall be notionally credited with cash per Restricted Stock Unit equal to the amount of each cash dividend paid by the Company (if any) to holders of Common Stock generally with a record date occurring on or after the Date of Grant and prior to the time when the Restricted Stock Units are settled in accordance with Section II.A.2 hereof. Any amounts notionally credited pursuant to the immediately preceding sentence shall be subject to the same applicable terms and conditions (including vesting, payment or forfeitability) as apply to the Restricted Stock Units based on which the dividend equivalents were notionally credited, and such amounts shall be paid in Common Stock at the same time as the Restricted Stock Units to which they relate. The number of shares so paid in Common Stock shall be rounded down to the nearest whole number and shall be determined by dividing the amounts so notionally credited by the Market Value per Share on the payment date. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section II.A.3, Grantee shall not be entitled to the cash notionally credited at any time to the Restricted Stock Units (or the Common Stock representing the same, as the case may be) either legally or beneficially unless and until Grantee becomes entitled to receive the actual Common Stock in respect of this Award pursuant to Section II.A.2 of this Agreement.”
Section II. Redemption and Repurchase of the Trust's Shares...5 2.01
Section II. 2 3 The Sheriff's Office may, consistent with Resolution No. 46, adopted May 5, 1980, within 4 the sole discretion of the Sheriff and consistent with the law of the State of Tennessee and the 5 United States, provide qualified legal counsel selected by the Sheriff at no expense to the employee 6 in criminal charges brought against the employee for acts committed in the scope of duty. 7
Section II. B. to the Agreement shall be deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following:
Section II. I understand that the information requested is to assist NCSBT in accurately coordinating benefits with Medicare and in meeting its mandatory reporting obligations under Medicare law. Printed name of Injured Party Printed name of parent or guardian, if Injured Party is a minor Signature of Injured Party (if a minor, signature of parent or guardian) Date *NOTE: In Attachment B, the words “you” and “your” refer to the Injured Party. If you have completed Sections I and II above, stop here. If you are refusing to provide the information requested in Sections I and II, proceed to Section III. Section III Printed name of Injured Party Printed name of parent or guardian, if Injured Party is a minor For the reason(s) listed below, I have not provided the information requested. I understand that if the Injured Party is a Medicare beneficiary and I do not provide the requested information, myself and/or the Injured Party may be violating my/our obligations to assist Medicare in coordinating benefits to pay claims correctly and promptly.
Section II. Engagement (subject to security of employment, priorities of employment and acquisition of tenure)
Section II. Section II of the firefighters’ pension shall apply to all employees hired after May 28, 1992, Section II of the pension plan shall include, and the current pension ordinanc- es of the City shall be modified, to reflect the following concepts:  Non-Service related disability - same as Section I  Widows and survivors benefits - same as Section I  Income Offset - same as Section I  Retirement after 20 years - 50%  Retirement after 30 years – 75% (2% per year from 21 to year 25, and 3% per year from 26 and 30 years of service not to exceed 75% total.  No smoking as a condition of employment  Mandatory physical fitness program for all employees hired after May 28, 1992  Age at hiring - no less than 21 years of age and no greater than 30 years of age  Pension benefit based on the last three years of service. Effective January 1, 2005, pension benefits will be based upon the last year of service, which benefits shall be calculated by using daily pro-ration.  Any employee retiring between July 1, 2005, and September 18, 2005, shall have his or her pension calculated at 50% of creditable income for 20 years of service plus 3% for each year of service between years 21 and 30 to a maximum of 80% (pro- rated daily for partial years of service). After September 18, 2005, no employee shall retire at a percentage higher than 75%.  COLA capped at 3% annually  66⅔% for job-related disabilities of heart, lung, cancer and Social Security qualified disabilities in the same manner as prescribed in Section 4 (d) above.  Conclusive presumption language as in the present collective bargaining agreement  Funding for Section II Pension shall be 1/3 of the cost by the employee and 2/3 by the City. The initial contribution is expected to be 11% by the employee and 22% by the City.
Section II. E. of the Agreement is hereby amended, in its entirety, to read as follows:
Section II. TERM OF AGREEMENT is hereby amended extending the term five years from May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2025.
Section II. 8. Quorum; Voting...................................................................14