Service Providers definition

Service Providers has the meaning set out in Section 9(e).
Service Providers means Citi Fund Services Ohio, Inc., Foreside Financial Group, LLC, J.P. Morgan Investor Services Co., SEI Investments Distribution Co. and SEI Investments Company.

Examples of Service Providers in a sentence

The information is returned as a series of “key=value” strings so that it is easily extensible by Service Providers.

If you support a “single sign-on” (SSO) or similar campus-wide system to allow a single user authentication action to serve multiple applications, and you will make use of this to authenticate people for InCommon Service Providers, please describe the key security aspects of your SSO system including whether session timeouts are enforced by the system, whether user-initiated session termination is supported, and how use with “public access sites” is protected.

To meet the in- creasingly stringent requirements on the efficiency and per- formance of wide-area backbone networks (WAN), Internet Service Providers (ISP) hence spend billions of dollars on en- hancing their infrastructure by building access points across the world and interconnect them using high-speed fiber optics.

Service Providers are trusted to ask for only the information necessary to make an appropriate access control decision, and to not misuse information provided to them by Identity Providers.

The Internet has experienced a tremendous growth in its size and complexity in the last few years; it connects today thou- sands of Autonomous Systems operated by different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), companies and universities.

More Definitions of Service Providers

Service Providers means the Manager, or any member of the Manager Group that the Manager has arranged to provide the Services to any Service Recipient.
Service Providers means U.S. Bank, its affiliates, any processor or other third party that we have engaged to provide remittance capabilities, equipment, or other services in connection with any Online Service. This includes any agent, independent contractor, or subcontractor of any of the foregoing. You agree that we have the right under this Agreement to delegate to Service Providers all of the rights and performance obligations that we have under this Agreement, and that the Service Providers will be third party beneficiaries of this Agreement and will be entitled to all the rights and protections that this Agreement provides to us.
Service Providers means architects, landscape designers, engineers, construction workers and other workers who are required to carry out landscape and ecological improvement work under the Client’s project;
Service Providers means the Manager, other members of the Manager Group and any other entity or individual that the Manager has arranged to provide the Services to any Service Recipient;
Service Providers means Telecom service provider licensed under Section 4 of the Indian Telegraph Act 1885 for provision of service
Service Providers means the Servicer, the Trustee, the Independent Member, the Calculation Agent, the Paying Agent, the Registrar, the Operating Bank and any Person that becomes the Servicer, the Trustee, the Independent Member, the Calculation Agent, the Paying Agent, the Registrar or the Operating Bank in accordance with the terms of the applicable agreement and, subject to the written approval of the Noteholders of a majority of the Outstanding Principal Balance of the Senior Class of Notes, any other Person designated as a Service Provider by the Issuer.