Equipment Required Sample Clauses

Equipment Required. The equipment required for the performance of Company ------------------ Australian Affiliate obligations under this Amendment 2 shall be as specified in Exhibit E. Further, such equipment shall be deemed included in the defined term "Designated CPU" of the Agreement.
Equipment Required. CRPUSD acknowledges that computers and other equipment are critical to the success of its Computer Science Immersion Schools, and that CRPUSD is responsible for the purchasing and maintenance of this equipment. CTTF recommends that each school have a Computer Lab with non-Chromebook computers (such as Macbooks or PCs). CTTF recommends 1:1 Laptops as optimal, but a more limited implementation featuring fewer Laptops could be facilitated. Additional specific equipment recommendations can be made by CTTF to CRPUSD upon completion of a full inventory and district vision alignment recommended for January to allow for any procurement needs to be processed before implementation begins.
Equipment Required. When an employee is required to bring an Astro radio or other specified equipment, start of watch is generally when the employee checks out the required equipment at a work place. Note: Equipment provided at the event is not considered "required" for the purpose of determining start of watch. Additionally, an employee required to obtain equipment may not be the same employee who is required to return such equipment, e.g., the employee who obtained the equipment is held over to complete a booking and reports, and a supervisor designates another employee to return the equipment to a specific location. Exception: On occasion, employees may be required to bring an Astro radio to the event and will be supplied with fresh batteries at the event. In this case, the employee, if given permission by the employee's supervisor, may elect to take the Astro radio home after the employee's last shift and report directly to the special event. Start of watch would either be roll call or early report as specified.