Equipment Required Sample Clauses

Equipment Required. CRPUSD acknowledges that computers and other equipment are critical to the success of its Computer Science Immersion Schools, and that CRPUSD is responsible for the purchasing and maintenance of this equipment. CTTF recommends that each school have a Computer Lab with non­Chromebook computers (such as Macbooks or PCs). CTTF recommends 1:1 Laptops as optimal, but a more limited implementation featuring fewer Laptops could be facilitated. Additional specific equipment recommendations can be made by CTTF to CRPUSD upon completion of a full inventory and district vision alignment recommended for July to allow for any procurement needs to be processed before implementation begins.
Equipment Required. The equipment required for the performance of Company ------------------ Australian Affiliate obligations under this Amendment 2 shall be as specified in Exhibit E. Further, such equipment shall be deemed included in the defined term "Designated CPU" of the Agreement.
Equipment Required. When an employee is required to bring specified equipment, start of watch is generally when the employee checks out the required equipment at a work place. Note: Equipment provided at the event is not considered "required" for the purpose of determining start of watch. Additionally, an employee required to obtain equipment may not be the same employee who is required to return such equipment, e.g., the employee who obtained the equipment is held over to complete a booking and reports, and a supervisor designates another employee to return the equipment to a specific location. Exception: Employees are required to bring a Department radio to the event and will be supplied with fresh batteries at the event. In this case, the employee may elect to take the Department radio home after the employee's last shift and report directly to the special event. Start of watch would either be roll call or early report as specified.
Equipment Required. Mobile technology shall be used. Contractor shall utilize license plate recognition (LPR) equipment and the latest efficient parking technologies. No specific equipment or software is required; however, software must be able to provide information that can be utilized by the City’s Xxxxx Xxxxx and Court Software systems. AMENDMENT 6, EXHIBIT B CONSIDERATION Original Contract $519,489.40 Year one and two of contract Amendment 2 $0.00 Removal of 3rd party collection agency Amendment 3 $12,000.00 Added additional patrols Amendment 4 $0.00 Year Date Extension Amendment 5 $9,372.00 Addition of Riverside Blvd Enforcement for Summer 2018 Amendment 6 $298,802.24 FY'18 Renewal $312,871.88 FY'19 Renewal $3,420.00 Increased Management Fee for use of PermitPoint and License Plate Recognition (LPR) $9,600.00 Increase monthly permit fees/permit sold $1,177,785.92  Increased monthly management fees for the use of PermitPoint virtual monthly permitting and LPR patrolling technology: $285.00 per month for a total cost per year of $3,420.00  Increase of monthly permit fees ($1.00 per permit sold, per account; up to a maximum of $5.00 per account). This fee will vary per month based on the amount of permits. Estimated cost per month is $800, cost per year shall not exceed $9,600.00 Monthly Management Fees for 0000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx XXXXXXX XXX H T T E XXXXXXX XXX X XX RD 0XX XX 0XX XX XX 0XX XX XXXXX AVE PORTLAND AVE 0XX XX 0XX XX XXXXXX XX XXXXXX AVE 1ST ST XXXXX AVE 7TH ST 4TH ST GROVE RD HIGHWAY 97 NEWPORT AVE VERMONT PL XXXX RD VERMONT PL 6TH ST ROCKLYN XX XXXXXX BLVD XXXXX XX LAFAYETTE AVE PINECREST CT XXXXXX ST WALL ST XXXXXXX AVE XXXXXXXXX AVE OREGON AVE MINNESOTA AVE XXXXXXXX ST HILL ST NONAME ROAD 18 XXXXXXX 00 XXXXXXXXX XXXX IRVING AVE TUMALO AVE LOUISIANA AVE KANSAS AVE STATE ST CONGRESS ST GREELEY AVE IDAHO AVE XXXXXXXX ST PARK PL KANSAS AVE BROADWAY ST HUNTER XX XXXXXXXX ST SHASTA XX XXXXXXXXX PL LAKE XX XXXXXX ST FLORIDA AVE XXXXXXXX XX ADO AVE Y A W H G I H XXXXX XX BOND ST LAVA XX XXXXXXXXXXX ST XXXXXXXX ST DELAWARE AVE COLORADO AVE XXXXXX AVE ARIZONA AVE COLOR This map is for reference purposes only. The infor mation was derived from Deschutes County GIS and City of Bend land records. Care was taken in the creation of this map, but it is provided "AS IS." Plea se contact the City of Bend to verify map information or to report any errors. Map prepared by City of Bend GIS \GISPro jects\Downtown\ Downtown Bend Parking Distict Boundary January 2019
Equipment Required. All snowmobiles operated within the City shall have the following equipment:
Equipment Required. Mobile technology shall be used. No specific equipment is required; however, software must be able to provide information that can be incorporated into the City’s system.
Equipment Required. Fees applicable from: 1st January 2012 Equipment Available Rate Qty Fee Large folding tables, seat 8 (each) 12 £2.50 Small folding tables, seat 6 (each) 10 £1.50 Stackable grey plastic chairs (each) 100 £0.50 Lot price for 12 tables and 100 grey plastic chairs £50.00 Crockery (per item) £0.25 Crockery (lot) £15.00 Cutlery (per place setting) £0.25 Cutlery (lot) £10.00 Pump action thermos 2 poa Total £
Equipment Required. 1. Macintosh computer with SCSI card, running OS 8.6 or later.
Equipment Required. VisitCom will provide Location with the following equipment (on a per-workstation basis) at a monthly rental fee as outlined in Section 5(a) herein:
Equipment Required. The Service Provider shall submit a list of equipment that will be utilized to accomplish the work, defined as the industry standard for the P.T.O. horse power needed for the make and model of mower, the size of the bucket or for any other attachment used, and shall be prepared to have equipment inspected and approved by the City's Representative. Category II and III require a digital camera and all weed mowings and rubbish removal must have a digital photo taken prior to the weed mowing and rubbish removal. The City Representative shall make the final determination if the equipment made available by the Service Provider is sufficient to perform the work satisfactorily in a timely means. Inspections of equipment may be performed by the City Representative at any point during the contract. There are four (4) categories to be bid on, and a Service Provider may bid on any or all of the four categories: