CLOUD SERVICE Sample Clauses

CLOUD SERVICE. The Cloud Service offering, is described below and is specified in an Order Document for the selected entitled offerings. The Order Document will consist of the Quotation that is provided and the Proof of Entitlement (XxX) you will receive confirming the start date and term of the Cloud Services and when invoicing will commence.
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CLOUD SERVICE. 1. クラウドサービス
CLOUD SERVICE. 1.1. SAP Analytics Cloud is available in the following editions: SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, professional edition; SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, standard edition; and SAP Analytics Cloud for business intelligence. The functions included in each of these editions and for specific data center locations are described in the feature scope description found in the Documentation. Each edition must be ordered separately on an Order Form. For purposes of this Supplement, the Cloud Service shall mean those editions specified in an Order Form.
CLOUD SERVICE. The Cloud Service provides a suite of solutions to support retailers to transact with consumers in a brick and mortar environment (typically B2C).
CLOUD SERVICE. 2.1. The Cloud Service includes features to enable End Users for self-service product configuration, product bundling, guided selling and interactive pricing, leveraging configuration models, pricing data, originating from a back-end system.
CLOUD SERVICE. The Cloud Service will offer a cloud-based archiving and document access for SAP Business Suite and S/4HANA customers, giving SAP customers an option to archive their documents in the cloud.
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CLOUD SERVICE. The Cloud Service automates and standardizes the accounting reconciliation process.
CLOUD SERVICE. 1. クラウドサービス The Cloud Service supports customers to build intelligent bots which emulate human users and automate manual processes. The Cloud Service is a hybrid solution comprised of three components: 「クラウドサービス」は、顧客が、人間のユーザーをエミュレートしてマニュアルのプロセスを自動化する、インテリジェントなボットを構築するためのサポートを行う。「クラウドサービス」は、以下の 3 要素で構成されるハイブリッドソリューションである。
CLOUD SERVICE. The Cloud Service extends the SAP Account Substantiation and Automation offering to allow accountants to match data from multiple data sources, automatically reconcile high-volume transactions, automatically create, validate, and post journals from multiple sources, automate task and job scheduling, execution, and monitoring of close activities, and more.
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