Miscellaneous Leaves Sample Clauses

Miscellaneous Leaves. 18.17 The University shall grant a leave of absence with pay and without loss of benefits for one (1) working day to attend the post-secondary graduation of the member’s or member’s spouse’s child. Family Responsibility Leave
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Miscellaneous Leaves. L31.1 Application for Miscellaneous Leave shall be made to the Executive Superintendent of Employee Services or designate. The Teacher shall notify the principal at the time the application is made and whenever possible shall make the application at least five days prior to the day for which the leave is requested.
Miscellaneous Leaves. 1. Permanent employees covered by this Agreement shall be granted at their request a non-paid leave of absence for care of own child not to exceed one (1) year provided said child is under 13 years of age and is in need of parental care due to serious illness or injury. Such leave shall be granted for not less than two (2) months. The employee shall upon request provide documented verification of illness or injury of said child and duration of said illness or injury. If an employee is eligible, the medical benefits described in Article 8, Section R, Family and Medical Leave, shall be applied concurrently.
Miscellaneous Leaves. Miscellaneous leave may be granted by the Superintendent of Human Resources or designate to a teacher without loss of salary, sick leave, benefits, experience, or seniority but with the teacher assuming the cost of the occasional teacher if required and called to replace the teacher on leave. Such leaves shall be granted for the purpose of:
Miscellaneous Leaves. (a) An Employee shall be entitled to leaves with pay and without loss of seniority for up to three (3) working days per school year for the following purposes and subject to the restrictions indicated:
Miscellaneous Leaves. 1. Court and Jury Leave: Employees required by legal process or required by the County to appear in any court or before the Grand Jury as a juror or witness in a criminal or civil case during his/her work shift shall receive full compensation as though he/she were actually on the job during such time. He/she shall claim any jury, witness, or other fee to which he/she may be entitled by reason of such appearance and pay such fees, except mileage, to the County Treasurer within three (3) working days of receipt, to be deposited in the applicable fund of the County. An employee working other than a day shift appearing in court for the stated reasons for four (4) hours or more will be given his/her next regular shift off with pay providing that the employee meets all other conditions of this Section. Employees appearing in court for the stated reasons on scheduled twenty-four (24) hour periods off shall retain any and all remuneration as may be authorized for such appearances. Notation will be made on the time and attendance report for the shifts of court leave granted to the employee while absent from his/her regular scheduled duties. If the employee is not selected for jury duty or is released from testimony, he/she shall return to duty if released during scheduled work shift hours. In those cases where an employee elects to retain jury duty or witness fees such time shall not be counted as time worked for the purpose of determining overtime, and the employee will not be considered on court leave for the time absent from work. No civil case shall be covered by this Article in which the employee has an interest. In accordance with NRS 6.190, a person is summoned to appear for jury duty, the employer and any employee, agent or officer of the employer shall not, as a consequence of the person’s service as a juror or prospective juror:
Miscellaneous Leaves. A Member shall be entitled to leaves with pay and without deduction from accumulated sick leave account for up to three (3) school days per year for the following purposes and subject to the restrictions indicated:
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Miscellaneous Leaves a) The granting of all miscellaneous leaves, their duration, the number of employees on leave at any time and acceptable reasons for granting leaves will be at the discretion of the Employer.
Miscellaneous Leaves. (a) Personal leave without pay may be granted by the Superintendent to meet serious personal problems.
Miscellaneous Leaves. (a) The Employer may grant a leave of absence with pay to a Teacher on special or compassionate grounds. These leaves shall be limited to:
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