Witness fees definition

Witness fees means compensation paid by the board to persons appearing pursuant to subpoena or at the request of the state of Iowa, for purposes of providing testimony on the part of the state of Iowa. For the purposes of this rule, compensation shall be the same as outlined in Iowa Code section 622.69 or 622.72 as the case may be.
Witness fees means the amount of money paid to a witness as compensa- tion for attendance at a judicial or ad- ministrative proceeding.

Examples of Witness fees in a sentence

  • All Jury pay or Witness payments received by the employee from the Courts or otherwise, shall be reimbursed to the Company by endorsement of Jury Duty cheque and/or Witness fees to the Company.

  • Witness fees and travel expenses for persons other than Department or supervising agency employees are the responsibility of the party requesting the subpoena.

Related to Witness fees

  • Fees means all amounts payable pursuant to, or referred to in, Section 4.1.

  • Litigation Expenses means costs and expenses incurred in connection with commencing, prosecuting and settling the Action (which may include the costs and expenses of Plaintiffs directly related to their representation of the Settlement Class), for which Lead Counsel intends to apply to the Court for reimbursement from the Settlement Fund.

  • Legal Costs of a person means legal costs incurred by that person in defending an action for a Liability of that person.

  • Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses as used above, shall mean all fees and expenses of attorneys, including but not limited to the fees and expenses of the Company’s or its affiliates’ in-house attorneys providing legal advice on coverage questions and/or defending the Company or a Legal Entity in coverage litigation, and fees and expenses of staff counsel in the defense of policyholder claims. Such Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses for in-house attorneys and staff counsel shall be calculated at the rate for such attorneys plus the expenses incurred by such attorneys, but excluding office expenses of the Company and its affiliates and salaries and expenses of their other employees which constitute Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense.